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  1. Keep senior citizens moving

  2. Fewer Americans seek cancer screenings

  3. People across the Tri-State, the nation try to recover from winter storm Euclid

  4. Baby recliner recalled

  5. Man arrested in Newtown, Ohio burgalry/arson case

  6. Friends and family remember an 18-year-old Mason girl who died in a Dec. 26 accident

  7. The storm is subsiding but travel delays remain

  8. Snowstorm aftermarth

  9. Snowstorm impacts local businesses

  10. Your Thursday evening forecast

  11. Tips for driving on black ice

  12. Watching Out for Black Ice

  13. Butler County gets blasted by snow

  14. Neighbor furious at N.Ky. explosion

  15. Holiday Travelers Heading Home Early to Avoid the Winter Storm

  16. Car dealer gives gifts to low-income kids

  17. Last Minute Shoppers Are Out in Full Force

  18. Gas Prices in Tri-State on the Rise

  19. Balancing holiday happiness and loss during the holiday season

  20. Discussing how to deal with grief during the holidays with Father Greg Friedman

  21. What are your plans for the New Year?

  22. Your top local business headlines

  23. Symmes Township Teen Creates Light Show to Help Newtown, Ct. Families

  24. "Awaited" Christmas Show at Crossroads Church

  25. Pet Pals

  26. Downtown Shopping for the Holidays

  27. Top Things to Do In The Tri-State

  28. Study uses potatoes to find out if cellphones should be allowed on planes

  29. High winds, winter weather cause thousands of power outages across Greater Cincinnati

  30. Three charged in deadly Indy explosion

  31. Last minute shopping across the Tri-State

  32. President Obama, Republican leaders speak on fiscal cliff

  33. Would you eat genetically engineered meat?

  34. Holiday travel begins

  35. Crystal Faulkner interviews Greg Hardman of Christian Moerlein

  36. Crystal Faulkner interviews a top name in local business

  37. An up-to-date look at recent travel weather

  38. Delta is looking to hire up to 400 flight attendants

  39. NRA responds to Newtown, Conn. shooting

  40. Ohio governor sends $1M to organizations that aid hungry people

  41. President Obama discusses the fiscal cliff

  42. Local reaction to the NRA's plans for curbing school shootings

  43. Officials from Ohio, Ky. react to NRA statement

  44. Glen Este HS battled Facebook threat

  45. Extreme holiday decorating

  46. Tax planning in Decemeber?

  47. Granparents scam out

  48. New unemployment numbers released

  49. Three people charged in Ind. explosion

  50. Update on talks regarding 'fiscal cliff'

  51. Family remains in holiday spirit after vandals destroy decorations

  52. Family presents check for more than $11K to St. Agnes in honor of their daughter

  53. Website set up to help people cope with Newtown tragedy

  54. Alleged robber charged in Lockland case

  55. Molotov cocktail thrown into Bond Hill barbershop

  56. One week since the shooting in Newtown, Conn.

  57. Students in Bond Hill remember victims of Sandy Hook school shooting

  58. Holiday travel updates from CVG

  59. Glen Este HS student wanted to see what would happen when she made a school threat

  60. Gifts for Reds fans

  61. How will the winter weather impact you?

  62. Duke Energy addresses the winter power outages

  63. Police search for Millvale shooting suspect

  64. Services continue for those that died in Newtown, Conn.

  65. John Matarese breaks down all the last-minute holiday shopping issues

  66. Winter weather affects Tri-state

  67. Winter weather plagues the Tri-State

  68. High winds knock out power to Tri-Staters

  69. Kentucky considers early voting

  70. Cincinnati's chief of police is on board with an idea to restrict gun sales

  71. Target has a tough return policy

  72. GM recalls pickup trucks

  73. Gas prices up for busy holiday weekend

  74. Local blogger promotes '26 Acts of Kindness' for Newtown

  75. Camry, other Toyota cars perform poorly during crash test

  76. Chicago inmates scale prison wall, take cab to escape

  77. Home sales, prices up in Tri-State

  78. Jeff Ruby won't face charges

  79. Unlikely Santas: Vets give out toys from behind bars

  80. Woman arrested in Waffle House robberty

  81. House votes tonight

  82. University of Cincinnati Medical Center plays Santa for needy kids

  83. Conjoined twins separated in City of Brotherly Love

  84. Ryle HS teen succumbs to injuries from wreck

  85. Cincinnati's police chief reacts to the possible winter weather

  86. Big sales, longer hours

  87. Funerals continue in Newtown

  88. The latest news on the winter weather expected in the Tri-State

  89. Details on the Michelle Mockbee murder case

  90. Rumors of a threat at a local high school spread via social media

  91. Grand jury indicts 21-year-old woman accused of murdering her boyfriend in N.Ky.

  92. Fairfield bus crashes into area home after accident

  93. Christmas Song

  94. Turpin basketball player on ESPN Top Ten

  95. How worship communities are helping those cope with the Newtown tragedy

  96. How can you help the victims of the Newtown tragedy? 9 On Your Side is here to help

  97. Coach Cronin reacts to play at U.S. Bank Arena

  98. Parenting a child with autism

  99. How does Santa avoid the flu?