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MiMi's Restaurant And Buttercup Bake Shop DoTube's Pick Of The Week

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Published on Mar 16, 2012

A Gypsy Review Of MiMi's Restaurant And Buttercup Bake Shop Located In NYC Is The DoTube's Pick Of The Week.

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Any time people ask me what is my race I ask them to guess? 95% of the time they say Spanish or Puerto Rican and 5% says Italian.

I love to watch their face when I tell them I'm a (Russian Gypsy!) I wish there was a bookie where I could place a bet that they would ask the next question because I would be a very rich man.

WHAT IN THE WORLD IS A RUSSIAN GYPSY? Well, since gypsies do not have their own country hence the word "gypsy". This is not an easy question to answer. YOU maybe asking the same question?

Well, I will give the answer I give everyone (GOOGLE IT ) because I'm not a 100% sure myself. But there is one thing I'm a 100% sure of about the gypsy culture in America we love our Food real Spicy!!

Cherry Peppers.. Black Pepper... Cayenne Pepper.. Crushed Pepper.. Jalapeno and Habanero's are the first ingredient in every recipe. I guess it's the Russian side of us. And if we can find a Restaurant that can provide dishes' with this type of spicy heat we flock to it.

This is why MiMi's on 52nd and 2nd Ave. is my pick of the week. Even though, it's in the heart of New York City when you walk into MiMi's it gives you that neighborhood feel where everyone know each others names. I love the ambience.

Did someone holler NORM! when I walked in?

MiMi's is lilted with year round Christmas lights and table top candles and a campy piano player who if you tip him right he will play an old gypsy torch song.

If the gypsies only took one thing from Hollywood style mafia it would be this ( "T-o.. I-nsure.. P-romptness" ) TIP!

Because YOU get what you pay for. Therefore, TIP Everyone! So, in mafia style we walk right in the kitchen and tip the cook to insure the best cut meats and special attention to our order.

Now, for the non spicy eaters here's my suggestions.. start off with the garden salad and their house blue cheese dressing which is thick and rich with chunks of real blue cheese.

For an appetizer try their mushrooms stuffed with prosciutto and covered in a mild marinara sauce. Their shell pasta Fettuccine Alfredo with Bacon and onions is perfect for the kiddies as well as the whole table.

But of course, this is the real reason the gypsies go to MiMi's and also see why you tip the cook. Their 14 oz NY strip steak and center cut pork chops both cooked to perfection in Hot Cherry red and green peppers that's so spicy your lips has a slight burning sensation an hour after your done eating! These dishes are something YOU have to try if you're a hot spice lover like a gypsy.

But of course, we can only suffer the heat for so long before we need something sweet to cool us off. That's why I'm glad when you walk out of MiMi's across the street and to the left is The Buttercup Bake Shop which is the sister shop to the famous Magnolia Bakery.

YOU do not want to miss this place because they have some of the most exotic flavors and toppings in the world! They are not only the beautiful Cup Cakes YOU ever seen they are also the most tasty.

The Buttercup Bake Shop also has delicious cakes pastries cookies and pies. But if I had to choose one dessert it would have to be their famous Banana Pudding with real sliced banana and vanilla wafers it's to die for! !

So come with me on a real Gypsy Food Tour and watch my video review of MiMi's And The Buttercup Bake Shop In NYC.

MiMi's Restaurant And Buttercup Bake Shop DoTube's Pick Of The Week

Enjoy. Leave Comments, Rate And SHARE!

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