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  1. Raving Rabbids to the moon: Mayday!

  2. Raving Rabbids testing car: Must see

  3. Raving rabbids mess up history

  4. Cute: country kittens crushing cows

  5. Tom & Jerry : cheese chase

  6. Penguins attacked by fierce Killer Whale

  7. Must see: ridiculous Japanese pizza song

  8. Cute chicks to serve / Vizzavi.

  9. Very cute hippo ad for a Swiss Zoo

  10. Epic shark attack in the living room

  11. New western movie with a trick

  12. Open your mouth, Christmas shit is ready for you

  13. Animated Coca cola coke factory full version ad

  14. Coke commercial - Road to Happiness Factory (full version)

  15. [Private Video]

  16. Wild and Sexy : animal dance

  17. Singing Oasis fruits

  18. [Private Video]

  19. Jim Henson flattens Flat Eric on his bum

  20. Vietnam revisited: an army of singing cows

  21. Kinder Man or Humpty Dumpty ? ChocoDoobie!

  22. Ryan Giggs kidnapped and cloned / Reebok Doppelganger

  23. Superhero gets his pants off with a blonde: Boombastic !

  24. Vintage smoking ad with the Flintstones

  25. Gigantic haircut by manga artist Takehiko Inoue.

  26. Revolution: Red vs. Green fight, who wins ?

  27. SUPERBOWL 2011: Dragon fireworks

  28. Battling Macy's parade balloons over New York

  29. Did cavemen drink milk or beer ? Dinosaur answer

  30. Stop-motion : thousands of rabbits in New York

  31. Weird spanish germs eaten by duck ?

  32. Very weird furry animals: Adult red riding hood?

  33. Taz tornado hits desert/ Chevrolet ad

  34. Weird potato head stars in Burger King attack ad

  35. Squirrel is a mad football nut / Carlsberg

  36. Massive insect heist spills Coke in nature

  37. Watch out! Toys come alive at night

  38. Crazy fruity Indian water dance /Oasis

  39. Baby monster loves crunchy humans!

  40. Filipino fairy tale: what will a good deed get you ?

  41. [Private Video]

  42. Vince Carter vs. nuclear time bomb

  43. Willi Waller loses his family

  44. [Private Video]

  45. Gory funnel splats guy: Maurice Green & Thierry Henry

  46. BMX extravaganza: riding the line/Mc Donald's

  47. Forest animals melody /Radio donna ad.

  48. Peach and apricot crushing kiss/Oasis fruits

  49. Mythical Roller babies clip

  50. Terrifying octopus attack on peaceful beach

  51. David Beckham as the Terminator

  52. Monster map

  53. Fluffy angel cloud: extremely mysterious ad

  54. [Private Video]

  55. Willi Waller the caveman gets eaten !

  56. Catherine Deneuve's boyfriend: slimy and disgusting

  57. Slobbering Monster vs Teddy Bear: the clash

  58. Slim Jim in World of Warcraft: dragon vs. warrior

  59. Plastic dog reincarnated: Born to be alive

  60. Cute 2010 World Cup animation / Guardian.

  61. Argentinian Laser and rocket soup launch

  62. [Private Video]

  63. [Private Video]

  64. Ladies room: comparing dildos

  65. Dick's around the world