1. Election Matters: No Benefit to Romney Yet From Americans' Declining Economic Confidence

  2. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Gender and Age Make a Difference in 2012 Race

  3. Obama Leads in the East, Romney in the South

  4. Election Matters: The Campaign Ad Flood and the Demographic Divide

  5. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Swing States Inundated With More Campaign Ads

  6. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Assessing Obama's Re-Election Chances

  7. Election Matters: Impact of the Healthcare Decision and the Influence of First Ladies

  8. Economic Confidence Declines for Fourth Consecutive Week

  9. Election Matters: Hispanics' Political Preferences and Declining Economic Confidence

  10. Obama Wins on Empathy, Romney on Ability to Manage Government

  11. Nearly One in Five Americans Would Not Vote for a Mormon Presidential Candidate

  12. Election Matters: The Veepstakes and Immigration

  13. Americans' Low Satisfaction With the U.S. and the Implications for Obama

  14. Election Matters: Obama's Not-so-Bad Week and the Pending Healthcare Ruling

  15. Obama Generates More Positive and Negative Views Than Romney

  16. Obama's Approval Rating Continues to Hint at a Close Election

  17. Election Matters: The May Jobs Report and What's Inhibiting the American Dream

  18. Election Matters: Using History to Assess Obama's Re-Election Chances

  19. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Religion Relates to Presidential Preference

  20. Most in U.S. OK With Birth Control, but Democrats, GOP Divided on Other Moral Issues

  21. Election Matters: Obama and Romney Have Starkly Different Economic Strengths

  22. More Americans See Better Economic Future Under Romney Than Obama

  23. Nonwhites, Nonreligious Support Obama; Whites, the Religious Are for Romney

  24. Election Matters: Americans' Election Predictions

  25. Editor-in-Chief Insights: More Americans Want to Be Rich

  26. Obama Ahead in Likability, Romney in Ability to Manage Government

  27. Election Matters: Swing-State Dynamics and Views on Same-Sex Marriage

  28. Hispanic Catholics Pro-Obama, Non-Hispanic Catholics Pro-Romney

  29. Obama's Approval Rating on Edge of Historical Re-Election Threshold

  30. Election Matters: The Next Phase of the Presidential Election

  31. One-Third in U.S. Expect Housing Prices to Increase, a Decade Low

  32. The Highly Religious Choose Romney, the Less Religious, Obama

  33. Election Matters: Six Key Ways to Forecast the Presidential Election

  34. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Congressional Approval Up Slightly

  35. Election Matters: Presidential Race Off to a Close Start

  36. Election Matters: Answers to Top Polling Questions

  37. Republicans, Democrats Differ on Energy and Environmental Proposals

  38. Editor-in-Chief Insights: In the U.S., the Economic Scene Is Improving

  39. Election Matters: Obama Leads Romney Among Female Voters

  40. For Americans, Economic Growth Still Wins Out Over Environment

  41. Five Need-to-Know Findings About Americans' Views on the Healthcare Law

  42. Election Matters: The Healthcare Vote

  43. Politics Affect Americans' Views of the Cause of Warm Weather

  44. Election Matters: Debunking Conventional Wisdom on Gas Prices and Gingrich

  45. Republicans' Enthusiasm About Voting for GOP Candidates Relatively Low

  46. Editor-in-Chief Insights: More Americans Satisfied With the Direction of the U.S.

  47. Election Matters: Things Looking Up for Obama

  48. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Americans Divided on Military Spending

  49. Democrats More Enthusiastic About Obama Than GOP Is About Romney

  50. Election Matters: Romney Makes a Breakthrough

  51. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Election 2012's Attention Deficit

  52. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Key Issues for Voters

  53. Topsy-Turvy GOP Race

  54. Election Matters: Resurgent Romney

  55. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Santorum's vs. Romney's Strength

  56. Election Matters: Santorum's Stamina and the Best Rectestent President

  57. Gallup Event: Religion, Wellbeing, and Health -- Part 1

  58. Gallup Event: Religion, Wellbeing, and Health -- Part 2

  59. Election Matters: Santorum's Rise and the Contraception Controversy

  60. Majority of Americans View China as the World's Leading Economic Power

  61. Obama's Approval Ratings Lowest on Deficit, Economy, Foreign Trade

  62. Election Matters: Why Being a "Massachusetts Moderate" May Not Be Bad

  63. States in East Are Most Democratic; in West, Most Republican

  64. Obama Approval Highest in D.C., Lowest in Utah

  65. Election Matters: Strengths, for Now

  66. Majority of Americans Want Government to Act on Home Foreclosures

  67. State of the Union's Key Focus Syncs With Americans' Priorities

  68. Election Matters: Topsy-Turvy GOP Contest Continues

  69. Take a Tour of the New Gallup.com

  70. Election Matters: Huntsman's Exit Does Not Help Others

  71. Slightly More Americans Prefer Obama Than GOP Steer U.S.

  72. Americans' Top Worries About the National Economy

  73. Election Matters: Romney Breaks 30% Barrier

  74. Three Positive Signs for Obama's Re-Election Chances

  75. Four Post-Iowa Need-to-Know Insights

  76. Election Matters: Post-Iowa Insights

  77. Election Matters: Top 10 Findings From 2011

  78. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Still Top Most Admired List

  79. Gingrich Well-Liked by Republicans, Not by Democrats

  80. Gingrich Loses Lead, Now Tied With Romney

  81. Election Matters: Gingrich Falls Victim to Rainbow Curse

  82. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Gingrich Still Leads Romney

  83. Election Matters: Obama Faces Tough Swing State Landscape

  84. Americans Down on Congressional Incumbents

  85. Gingrich Has Edge Among Older, More Conservative Republicans

  86. Election Matters: GOP Voters Back Gingrich; Obama's Bad News

  87. Americans Fine With Frequency of Cancer Screening Tests

  88. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Gingrich Rises to the Top

  89. Election Matters: Gingrich Sets Himself Apart

  90. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Implications of Supercommittee Failure

  91. Newt Rises, Romney Steady, and Cain Sinks in GOP 2012 Race

  92. Election Matters: The Dynamics Behind Gingrich's Rise

  93. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Concern About U.S. Health Problems, Then and Now

  94. Dramatic Shifts in Positive Intensity

  95. Election Matters: Why Romney Could Win -- or Lose

  96. Editor-in-Chief Insights: GOP Preferences vs. Predictions

  97. Election Matters: Good and Bad Signs for Cain

  98. Religion Still an Important Predictor of Political Preferences

  99. Editor-in-Chief Insights: Five Key Questions About the GOP Race