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    State of the Union Preview

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    Top Fed Official Makes Strong Pitch for More Aggressive Housing Policies

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    Rep. Gerry Connolly Questions at Nuclear Regulatory Commission Hearing

  4. 194 Thumbnail

    Ranking Member Cummings Opening Statement -- Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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    Giving Voice To Victims

  6. 196 Thumbnail

    Main Street VS Wall Street

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    Investigation of For-Profit Colleges CEO Pay

  8. 198 Thumbnail

    Ranking Member Cummings Announces Investigation of CEO Pay at For-Profit Colleges

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    Keynote Address on Executive Compensation

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    Need For Payroll Tax Cut For Middle Class

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    Ranking Member Cummings Presses HHS IG On Medicaid Fraud

  12. 202 Thumbnail

    Ranking Member Cummings -- Hearing on Medicaid Fraud Witness Questions

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    Rep. Tierney Questions Witnesses At Subcommittee Hearing on Iraq and Afghanistan

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    Cummings Calls for Minority Day of Hearings with Human Trafficking Victims and Their Advocates

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    Congressman Gerry Connolly Witness Questions Human Trafficking Hearing

  16. 206 Thumbnail

    Ranking Member Cummings Witness Questions

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    Marchelle Wood talks about tragic death of her daughter

  18. 208 Thumbnail

    Ed Slattery tells heartbreaking story

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    Cummings Continues to Press Investigation of Gray Market Drug Companies

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    Rep. Gerry Connolly Amendment Full Committee Business Meeting

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    Tierney & DeMarco on Principal Reduction

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    Highlights of Ranking Member Cummings Opening on Executive Compensation

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    Leads Charge On Fannie & Freddie

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    Rep. Dennis Kucinich Questions VA AG on EPA Regs

  25. 215 Thumbnail

    Rep. Connolly Questions Full Committee Hearing on EPA Regs

  26. 216 Thumbnail

    Congressman Connolly Questions VA AG on EPA Regs

  27. 217 Thumbnail

    Congressman Connolly Full Committee Hearing MACT Rule

  28. 218 Thumbnail

    Rep. Connolly Opening Statement MACT Rule

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    Cummings Honored As "Federal Champion of the Year"

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    Ranking Member Cummings On Housing Foreclosure Bashir Live

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    NBC Nightly News Cummings "Gray Market" Investigation

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    Ranking Member Cummings -- CBS Face The Nation

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    Rep. Yarmuth Amendment

  34. 224 Thumbnail


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    Rep. Maloney Questions at ATF Hearing

  36. 226 Thumbnail

    CBS Evening News Story on Cummings Gray Market Investigation

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    Consideration of Postal Amendment Offered by Rep. Connolly

  38. 228 Thumbnail

    Congressman Gerry Connolly Opening Statement Postal Mark Up

  39. 229 Thumbnail

    Congressman Steve Lynch Statement at Postal Service Mark up

  40. 230 Thumbnail

    Cummings Calls for Bipartisan Postal Service Reform Compromise

  41. 231 Thumbnail

    Cummings Talks Fast & Furious CNN John King USA

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    Rep. Tierney Opening Statement Subcommittee Hearing On Status Report On Iraq Transition

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    Ranking Member Cummings Opening Statement CAFE Standards

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    Cummings Investigates "Gray Market"

  45. 235 Thumbnail

    Cummings Investigates "Gray Market" via WJZ in Baltimore

  46. 236 Thumbnail

    Cummings Investigates "Gray Market" via WBAL Baltimore

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    Opening Statement of Congressman John Tierney Final Report of the Commission on Wartime Contracting

  48. 238 Thumbnail

    Opening Statement Ranking Member Cummings Hearing on Final Report Commission on Wartime Contracting

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    Ranking Member Cummings Talks About The Importance Of Innovating The USPS

  50. 240 Thumbnail

    Rep. Lynch Offers Amendment Subcommittee Markup Postal Service Legislation

  51. 241 Thumbnail

    Rep. Steve Lynch Opening Statement USPS Markup Hearing

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    CNN Situation Room Story On Green Jobs Hearing

  53. 243 Thumbnail

    Cummings: "Not One Scintilla Of Evidence That Admin Efforts Are Killing Jobs"

  54. 244 Thumbnail

    Rep Tierney Statement & Witness Questions: Green Jobs

  55. 245 Thumbnail

    Rep. Jim Cooper Talks At Green Jobs Hearing

  56. 246 Thumbnail

    Cummings Opening Statement Green Jobs

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    Press Conference To Introduce Innovate To Deliver Act (Part II)

  58. 248 Thumbnail

    Press Conference To Introduce Innovate To Deliver Act (Part I)

  59. 249 Thumbnail

    Ranking Member Cummings Statement on HR 2309

  60. 250 Thumbnail

    Tierney Questions Witnesses During Afghanistan Contracting Hearing

  61. 251 Thumbnail

    Tierney Opening Statement on Defense Department Contracting in Afghanistan

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    Ranking Member Elijah Cummings Floor Statement on NLRB Bill

  63. 253 Thumbnail

    250+ Days and Oversight Republicans are Finally Announcing Their Jobs Plan: Import More Snakes

  64. 254 Thumbnail

    Statement of Ranking Member Elijah Cummings at September 13 Subcommittee hearing

  65. 255 Thumbnail

    Congressman Cummings On What To Expect In Jobs Speech

  66. 256 Thumbnail

    Rep. Cummings Discusses Hurrine Irene - MSNBC's "Martin Bashir"

  67. 257 Thumbnail

    Ranking Member Cummings On GOP Job Plan

  68. 258 Thumbnail

    RM Cummings on SOTU, discussing President Obama

  69. 259 Thumbnail

    Rep. Cummings Opening Statement at ATF Hearing

  70. 260 Thumbnail

    Del. Norton questions witnesses during the ATF hearing

  71. 261 Thumbnail

    Rep. Connolly witness questions during ATF hearing

  72. 262 Thumbnail

    Ranking Member Cummings Discusses the January 26th OGR Committee Hearing

  73. 263 Thumbnail

    Rep Cummings on Morning Joe 3 31

  74. 264 Thumbnail

    Rep. Cummings and other Committee Members on Maddow

  75. 265 Thumbnail

    Chairman Issa agrees to issue joint letters

  76. 266 Thumbnail

    Congressman Cummings Offers Motion To Subpoena Banks

  77. 267 Thumbnail

    Forum Opening Statement

  78. 268 Thumbnail

    Ranking Member Cummings on Morning Joe

  79. 269 Thumbnail

    Ranking Member Cummings talks about Operation Fast and Furious

  80. 270 Thumbnail

    RM Cummings and Rep. Connolly discuss witnesses

  81. 271 Thumbnail

    MS Governor Barbour discusses oil speculation

  82. 272 Thumbnail

    Congresswoman Maloney questions MS Gov. Barbour

  83. 273 Thumbnail

    Congressman Cummings questions MS Governor Barbour

  84. 274 Thumbnail

    Congressman Cummings questions witnesses regarding Official Time

  85. 275 Thumbnail

    Cummings on Morning Briefing

  86. 276 Thumbnail

    RM Cummings on Bloomberg News

  87. 277 Thumbnail

    Congressman Cummings discusses Foreclosures on Bloomberg TV