1. 534

    Governor Chris Christie YouTube Rewind

  2. 535

    Governor Christie: Ben Bernanke, Bill Clinton and Larry Summers Agree With Me

  3. 536

    Governor Christie: I Do This As My Tribute To My Mother

  4. 537

    Governor Christie: You Are A Great Example Of Being Reasonable

  5. 538

    Governor Christie: It's Going To Be A Rough And Tumble 25 Days

  6. 539

    Governor Christie: To Hell With The Consequences

  7. 540

    Governor Christie: These Last 30 Days Of The Legislative Session Are Insane

  8. 541

    Governor Christie: You Have To Be Able To Walk And Chew Gum

  9. 542

    Governor Christie: Bruce Harris Was Never Given A Chance

  10. 543

    Governor Christie On Bruce Harris Recusal: Democrats Just Make Stuff Up

  11. 544

    Governor Christie On Bruce Harris: He Merits Their Vote

  12. 545

    Governor Christie Welcomes Amazon To New Jersey

  13. 546

    Governor Christie: Making Newark The Best City It Can Be, Makes New Jersey Better

  14. 547

    Governor Chris Christie Invites All To Come And "Do AC"

  15. 548

    Governor Christie: If They Give Bruce Harris A Fair Chance, He Will Be Confirmed

  16. 549

    Governor Christie: Stop Talking Down This State And Its People

  17. 550

    Governor Christie: We Don't Want Washington DC Politics Here

  18. 551

    Governor Christie: They Had To Call The Dr. Kevorkian Of The Numbers

  19. 552

    Governor Christie: Building Relationships And Working Together To Get Things Done

  20. 553

    Governor Christie On Bipartisanship In New Jersey

  21. Governor Christie and Mayor Booker: Don't Worry, We've Got This

  22. 555

    Governor Christie: No Chance That's Going To Happen

  23. 556


  24. 557

    Governor Christie On Tenure Reform: It's About Valuing Teachers

  25. 558

    Governor Christie: I've Never Met A Teacher Who Wouldn't Help

  26. 559

    Governor Christie To Hardworking Teacher: I Honor You

  27. 560

    Governor Christie: Please Excuse Peter From School, He Was With Me

  28. 561

    Governor Christie: This Is A Fight I Really Want

  29. 562

    Governor Christie: I Have To Rearrange My Sock Drawer

  30. 563

    Governor Christie On Education: It's Time To Make A Change

  31. 564

    Governor Christie: The Answer Is No

  32. 565

    Governor Christie: Democrats Hope You Don't Read The Fine Print

  33. 566

    Governor Christie To The New Jersey Nets: Goodbye

  34. 567

    Governor Christie: One Simple Act Can Save Many, Many Lives

  35. 568

    Governor Christie: Jessica Is A Perfect Example Of How Precious Life Is

  36. 569

    Governor Christie: I Would Never Fall Asleep During A Springsteen Show

  37. 570

    Governor Christie: Senator Lautenberg Didn't Know The Facts

  38. 571

    Governor Christie: I'm Just Looking To Be Me

  39. 572

    Governor Christie: Employment First Is A Change In Mindset

  40. 573

    Governor Christie On Democrats' Obsession With Raising Taxes

  41. 574

    Governor Christie Congratulates Cami Anderson

  42. 575

    Governor Christie On Homelessness: We Need To Do Better

  43. 576

    U.S. Senate Hearing On Port Authority of New York / New Jersey

  44. 577

    Governor Christie: This Is Who I Am

  45. 578

    Governor Christie: You Elected Me To Take On The Big Problems

  46. 579

    Governor Christie's Speech at the George W. Bush Institute Conference

  47. 580

    Governor Christie: If I'm Not Your Cup Of Tea, Vote For Somebody Else

  48. 581

    Governor Christie: Our Job As Leaders Is To Get Things Done

  49. 582

    Governor Christie: If You Want To Feel Like A Millionaire, Come To New Jersey

  50. 583

    Governor Christie: All You Need To Know About Politics In New Jersey

  51. 584

    Governor Christie: I'm Not Looking To Be Loved

  52. 585

    Governor Christie: If You Can Do This In New Jersey, You Can Do It Anywhere

  53. 586

    Mashup Video: Local TV Coverage of Governor Christie's Trip to Israel

  54. 587

    Governor Chris Christie Meets With Israeli President Shimon Peres

  55. 588

    Governor Christie And Family Meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

  56. 589

    Governor Chris Christie: We're Leading and Making the Tough Choices

  57. 590

    Governor Christie to Bruce Springsteen: Meet Me In Atlantic City

  58. 591

    Governor Chris Christie: Atlantic City Has A Strong And Bright Future

  59. 592

    Governor Chris Christie: This Was a Circus, Not a Judicial Hearing

  60. 593

    Governor Chris Christie: They Forgot Their Oath, I'm Not Forgetting Mine

  61. 594

    Garden State Equality's Steve Goldstein: Proud to Stand with Governor Christie on Bruce Harris

  62. 595

    Governor Christie Announces Partnership with Freedom House to Support Homeless Veterans

  63. 596

    Governor Christie's Urban Scholarship Program Extends Promise of Higher Education Opportunity

  64. 597

    Governor Chris Christie: Teachers Deserve A Union As Good As They Are

  65. 598

    Governor Christie on Transforming Higher Education: We Will Create 3 Centers of Excellence

  66. 599

    Governor Chris Christie in Kearny: I'm Going to Fight For You

  67. 600

    Governor Christie: We've Got Some Room To Negotiate

  68. 601

    Governor Chris Christie: C'mon Get Happy

  69. 602

    Governor Chris Christie in Bordentown: Miracles Happen Every Day

  70. 603

    Governor Chris Christie: Democrats Want to Cut Taxes? Amen! I'm All In!

  71. 604

    Governor Chris Christie: I'll Never Complain... This Job's No Tougher Than Yours

  72. 605

    Governor Christie's Tax Cut is Turning Trenton Upside Down (Senator Codey Edition)

  73. 606

    Governor Christie Announces Bipartisan Legislative Fix to New Jersey's Anti-Bullying Law

  74. 607

    Governor Christie and Legislative Democrats Agree on Revenue Projections & Tax Cuts

  75. 608

    Governor Christie's Tax Cut is Turning Trenton Upside Down (Senator Paul Sarlo Edition)

  76. 609

    Governor Christie: When We Make Promises, We Deliver

  77. 610

    Governor Christie: You're Gonna Get Tax Relief in 2012

  78. 611

    Governor Christie on Senator Sweeney's Income Tax Credit

  79. 612

    Governor Christie's Tax Cut is Turning Trenton Upside Down (Senator Loretta Weinberg Edition)

  80. 613

    Governor Chris Christie on Morning Joe's Education Town Hall, Part 1

  81. 614

    Governor Chris Christie on Morning Joe's Education Town Hall, Part 2

  82. 615

    Governor Christie on Morning Joe's Education Town Hall, Part 3

  83. 616

    Attorney General Chiesa on Governor Christie's Drug Court Program: "This Just Makes Sense"

  84. 617

    Governor Chris Christie Announces Expanded Drug Court Program

  85. 618

    Governor Chris Christie in Westwood: Give Him Extra Credit

  86. 619

    Governor Chris Christie: Investing in Higher Education is an Economic Issue

  87. 620

    Governor Chris Christie in Westwood: Drug Addiction Can Be Treated

  88. 621

    Governor Christie on Tax Relief: It's Not A Gimmick

  89. 622

    Governor Chris Christie: Getting Smart About Drug Treatment

  90. 623

    Governor Christie on Face the Nation: WARNING: Tax Cut in New Jersey Might Cause Disorientation

  91. 624

    First Lady Mary Pat Christie Names Malcolm Sutherland-Foggio a New Jersey Hero

  92. 625

    Governor Chris Christie on Imus: You Know Me, I'm Not A Wallflower

  93. 626

    Governor Chris Christie: Bask In The Glory Of That Statement

  94. 627

    Governor Christie on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight: Politics is the Art of Possible

  95. 628

    Governor Christie on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight: Only In America

  96. 629

    Governor Chris Christie: We Need All Hands on Deck

  97. 630

    Governor Christie: Why Not Cut Income Taxes?

  98. 631

    Governor Chris Christie On Mandatory Drug Treatment: Let's Not Turn Our Backs

  99. 632

    Governor Chris Christie on K-12 Education: We Cannot Accept Failure