1. This is the 9/11 Comment that Bill Maher was fired for - Political Correctness at all time high

  2. Documentary of Rothschild's Family Fortune - Where it came from and who helped them get it

  3. County Sherriffs Supporting Civilians - Handing out Weapons to defend against DHS Brutality!

  4. Neighbours to the Osama bin Laden Compound swear on their lives he did not live there

  5. Peter Schiff, Investment Advisor, Updates Community on Canada's plan to trade up for China

  6. Noam Chomsky delivers the case that Barack Obama is a Fraud - He has lied to the people

  7. Raw Video of President Obama boarding the Private Jet to Israel - The red carpet stairway

  8. Breaking News 03/19/2013: Plane Crash Investigation - Steve Davis killed, Black Box recovered

  9. Nigel Farage gets fined 3000$ for telling the truth! - In other news, perjury now grounds for bonus!

  10. Nigel Farage, UKIP Leader, Defender of the North Realm - More BBC attempted Slander

  11. Nigel Farage - This is change you can vote for! - Bi-Election Question period

  12. Nigel Farage drops the truth bomb! - "They are trying to create the United States of Europe!"

  13. Fighter Jet shot down in Syria - More details on the pilot

  14. Ron Paul is Bill Maher s New Hero

  15. JAPAN The Earthquake 15 Minutes Live Cam

  16. The Immigration Debate SuperNews

  17. Sean Hannity gets owned by Juan Williams trying to bring stereotypes into the debate

  18. Ron Paul talks about Jon Stewart on Live Radio Talk Show

  19. Modern Family Fiesta Bowl Feud ESPN video with Eric Stonestreet

  20. Ron Paul Debates War on Drugs Supporter on Live CNN News

  21. Obama advisor Hilary Rosen gets down in the mud with the Romneys: "He doesn't see us as equals"

  22. Ron Paul hits a snarky federal reserve touting news anchor with some hard truths on national TV.

  23. Ron Paul leaves CNBC speechless: "Gas could cost a dime, it's a money issue" (inflation and debt)

  24. Ron Paul booed for telling 9/11 truth. CIA and Military agree with him, that isn't good enough?

  25. Congressman Ron Paul discredits Quantitative Easing. Ben Bernanke caught transferring wealth again.

  26. Ron Paul leaves Neil Cavuto in his wake. Fiat money is doomed to fail, we need a gold standard.

  27. "Ron Paul is great on foreign policy and the drug war!" - Bill Maher crushes Anderson Cooper!

  28. "Ron Paul's movement is growing rapidly!" Senator Tom Davis endorses Freedom!

  29. RARE: Peter Schiff drops a Truth Bomb on CNBC

  30. Ron Paul leaves News Anchor speechless: Morning Joe gets hit with a Truth Bomb

  31. Ron Paul drop kicks Rick Santorum: "You're being Overly Sensitive"

  32. Stephen Colbert RARE - Breaks Character and endorses RON PAUL!

  33. RON PAUL IGNORED AGAIN - CNN Forced To Ask Ron Paul After Crowd Boo's

  34. BLATANT CENSORSHIP by CNN of Soldier Supporting Ron Paul's Foreign Policy