1. UCL Flaxman and Octagon Galleries unveiled

  2. President of UCLU American Society on 2012 US Election

  3. Why Obama won and Republicans are out of touch - Professor Iwan Morgan, UCL

  4. Terracotta Army sophisticated like Toyota assembly (UCL)

  5. What is serendipity? (UCL)

  6. UCLU Welcome Fair 2012: sights and sounds

  7. London's Black Artists and Models in the Jazz Age (Drawing over the Colour Line, UCL Geography)

  8. Welcome to UCL (dubstep)

  9. The Long Legacy: London 2062 (UCL)

  10. Studying development in Ethiopia (UCL)

  11. Transport and the Olympic Legacy (UCL)

  12. Robotic performance at Tate Modern

  13. Not for profit: UCL Alumni Professional Networking event

  14. How to get a book published: UCL Alumni Professional Networking Event

  15. Digital media: UCL Alumni Professional Networking Event

  16. PR, Journalism & Broadcasting: UCL Alumni Professional Networking Event

  17. Why do we hold separate Paralympic and Olympic events? (UCL)

  18. Rethinking assessment (UCL)

  19. Crick's Olympics science tricks (UCL)

  20. Olympian minds: can we train our brain for success in sports & other fields? (UCL)

  21. Discovery of a new hybrid neutron star (UCL)

  22. How the coalition government works (UCL)

  23. Optimising performance: Success for our athletes, health for our nation

  24. The pursuit of Olympic ideals (UCL)

  25. How we learn to laugh - Professor Sophie Scott (UCL)

  26. Balancing your protein - what we can learn from flies (Dr Matt Piper, UCL)

  27. Healthy Cities: Dr Julio Dávila on sanitation (UCL)

  28. Healthy Cities: UCL-Lancet Commission

  29. Chewing - it's not just for mammals (UCL)

  30. Who stole my milk? Exploring student homes (UCL)

  31. Vincula - Slade/UCL Art Museum exhibition

  32. Rowing for gold (UCL)

  33. Restoring vision in night blind mice (UCL)

  34. UCL & London - Google Earth fly-through

  35. Michael Porter on value-based health care delivery

  36. Should motorway speed limits be raised to 80mph? (UCL)

  37. in2ScienceUK - helping school students get to university (UCL)

  38. BEEFCAKE: gay men and the body beautiful (UCL)

  39. UCL Australia

  40. Art by Animals (UCL)

  41. Conserving Turkmenistan & Bosnia's national treasures (UCL)

  42. Reanimating Sierra Leone's cultural heritage (UCL)

  43. UCLU Charity Concert in the Quad

  44. Haemophilia gene therapy breakthrough (UCL)

  45. Prof Jayati Ghosh on economic growth & women's health - UCL Lancet Lecture 2011

  46. Did democracy cause the US Civil War? (UCL)

  47. Body in pieces: saving medical collections (UCL)

  48. Searching for life on Mars via Iceland (UCL)

  49. I can't imagine my life without UCL in it...

  50. Britain's legacy of slavery (UCL)

  51. Word and image: a vision of the Early Modern world (UCL)

  52. The potential of amniotic fluid stem cells (UCL)

  53. LGBT @ UCL

  54. Turning scientific discoveries into patient treatments (UCL)

  55. Adventures in Public Engagement (UCL)

  56. Slade MA/MFA Show 2011 (UCL)

  57. History & chemistry of smoking (Science of Cannabis) (UCL)

  58. Plasma universe (UCL)

  59. Thames Discovery Programme - 10 (UCL)

  60. Legacy of eugenics: mini-lecture (UCL)

  61. All you need is a ball & a wall (UCL)

  62. Crossing arms reduces pain: mini-lecture (UCL)

  63. Robots: the future of building? (UCL)

  64. Thames Discovery Programme - 9 (UCL)

  65. When art meets astronomy (UCL)

  66. Alumni Professional Networking: Entrepreneurship (UCL)

  67. Chomsky: new world order since WWII (UCL)

  68. Chomsky: is Iran a threat? (UCL)

  69. Chomsky: austerity, education & healthcare (UCL)

  70. Chomsky: lessons of Cuban Missile Crisis (UCL)

  71. Chomsky: US opposes democracy in Arab world (UCL)

  72. Noam Chomsky - UCL Rickman Godlee Lecture 2011

  73. Moving the UCL Grant Museum

  74. 'Thunder thighs' dinosaur discovered (UCL)

  75. Big City Sleep (UCL)

  76. Transcribe Bentham (UCL)

  77. Carmen re-imagined (UCL)

  78. Putting research into policy (UCL)

  79. Umodzi (Together) (UCL)

  80. Thames Discovery Programme - 8 (UCL)

  81. Landmark larynx transplant (UCL)

  82. Teaching & Learning at UCL

  83. Psychology of financial markets: mini-lecture (UCL)

  84. Tackling the spread of HIV in South Africa (UCL)

  85. Prosthetics for animals and humans - medical breakthroughs (UCL)

  86. Inside Nature with Dr Henry Gee (UCL)

  87. Reducing the Size of the House of Commons and Equalising its Constituencies (UCL)

  88. Sir Christopher Kelly - MPs' Allowances and Expenses (UCL)

  89. Dr Tony Wright MP on Reforming Parliament (UCL)

  90. The Constitutional Debate about Scotland's Future (UCL)

  91. Alumni Professional Networking: Politics & Government (UCL)

  92. Why buttons go bad (UCL)

  93. Announcing UCL's new campus in Qatar (2010)

  94. Colouring the Invisible (UCL)

  95. Studying China (UCL)

  96. Mini-lecture: London's Black history (UCL)

  97. Stem cells: the future of medicine? (UCL)

  98. UCL Spirit

  99. Students with ambition (UCL)