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Christian Jesus SONGS,CHRISTIAN PRAISE worship songs.Christian song,Victorious! Victory in Jesus.

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Published on Sep 21, 2012

VICTORIOUS! CHRISTIAN Praise JESUS MUSIC. Inspirational CHRISTIAN SONGS. Worship JESUS praise songs, LOVE WINS VICTORIOUS! Christian songs.YOUTUBE MUSIC VIDEOS, CHRISTIAN SONGS OF PRAISE AND WORSHIP,NEW CHRISTIAN MUSIC VIDEO. VICTORY IN CHRIST, Jesus is victorious, New inspirational Christian song for 2013. Jesus Christ has the victory! CHRISTIAN WORSHIP MUSIC SONGS about victory in Christ.

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LOVE WINS VICTORIOUS! Christian worship music song. JOYFUL CELEBRATION, BEAUTIFUL NEW CHRISTIAN PRAISE AND WORSHIP MUSIC RELEASE WITH WORDS AND LYRICS on screen, all about love! New Christian worship music for 2012 Get ready to tap your feet and shout for joy! Celebrate the amazing finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ with this stunning, joyful Christian worship music song, from the Christian music album 'Stars Like Needles' by Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson. A brand new Christian music release for 2012, one of the most exciting, foot tapping hand clapping worship music videos around today. Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson is an unsigned Christian artist self promoting his latest work.

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The roots of this song are quite disturbing, without wanting to go into too much detail there was a horrible shooting in Europe last year in which a young girl's entire family were murdered in the family car. Christian worship music song might not be your first thought here...She escaped only because her family were on top of her being killed as she lay protected underneath them.

Words on-screen.

When such horrendous things happen I find myself having to ask, what could it mean, how can something so vile happen in our world? It's very hard not to be angry with God for not being there... The crack in the pane is a reference to the car windows which were broken and cracked, and I expanded the reference into a metaphor about how there could be any tiny light in such a dark situation. And yes it is just a crack, just a chink of light but there is something: for all of the horror and the vileness, those people gave their lives to save a little girl. In their deaths they gave an incredible gift of love, to use their bodies to protect their treasure, and she lived. It seemed to me that this is exactly what Christ Jesus did for us, and it's the same beauty we see in what is in fact an awful gospel truth, the bloody murder and death of an innocent man for our protection and life. Love has the victory in the end, at the end of it all, and after all, when it is finished, love wins. Now shall we sing a Christian music worship song praising Jesus?

Christ has the Victory, and holds the keys to death and hades. Forgive me if I've got that slightly wrong I haven't looked it up in the Bible before writing it.

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