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  1. Dancing policeman: America's most entertaining traffic cop

  2. Drag Queen Olympics in Amsterdam

  3. Eagle snatching baby video: Students behind the hoax speak out

  4. Activists scale the side of the Louvre Museum in Paris

  5. Calls for spitting ban in Burma

  6. Boiling water freezes instantly in Siberia's -41C weather

  7. Truck carrying cows flips over and sends the herd flying

  8. Andrew Mitchell kisses police officer after visit

  9. Connecticut shootings: Rise in demand for body armour for children

  10. Bizarre skulls found at Mexican burial ground

  11. Shocking video: Male penguin eats its newly-hatched chick

  12. Ikea monkey Darwin: Owner protests for his return

  13. Mayan apocalypse: Cold war bunker hosts doomsday party in Moscow

  14. One Pound Fish man releases Christmas single

  15. Soyuz spacecraft blasts off for space station

  16. Andrew Mitchell insists CCTV clears him over 'plebgate'

  17. Dormant Russian volcano erupts, spewing lava and ash

  18. CCTV of China school knife attack

  19. Cute rare baby white lion cubs born in Ukraine

  20. Therapy dogs help traumatised children in Newtown

  21. Mudslide derails train in Washington

  22. Japanese man becomes oldest person in the world

  23. Reporter attacked by clown during interview

  24. Dog has surgery after swallowing Christmas lights

  25. Santa Claus' annual Christmas message to the world

  26. Amazing technology: Mind-controlled robotic arm

  27. Newtown survivor's story: Man finds six schoolchildren on doorstep

  28. Two NASA spacecraft crash land the Moon

  29. Connecticut shooting: Demonstration for stricter gun laws in Washington DC

  30. New York Giants pay tribute to Newtown massacre victims

  31. Candlelight vigil for Newtown massacre victims

  32. Syria's Civil War: Shelling of Syrian town kills 25

  33. Elves from FC Santa Claus play football in the Arctic snow

  34. Royal hoax: Funeral takes place for Jacintha Saldanha

  35. Santas cycle through Rome

  36. Connecticut Shooting: More details on gunman Adam Lanza revealed

  37. Victoria Pendleton and Rebecca Adlington at SPOTY: What are their Christmas plans

  38. Vodka saves frostbitten elephants from freezing to death in Siberia

  39. Thousands of runners take part in Rio Colour Run

  40. Mo Farah does the Mobot with his family at the Sports Personality of the Year awards

  41. Louis Smith at SPOTY: Girls love my new soft hands!

  42. Duchess of Cambridge backstage at SPOTY: She chats shoes with Jessica Ennis!

  43. Christmas dog parade in Peru

  44. Ferocious Cyclone Evan hits Fiji

  45. Building collapse kills woman in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, east China

  46. Barack Obama returns from Connecticut shooting vigil

  47. Tom Daley at SPOTY: 'I cannot wait for new reality show Splash'

  48. CONNECTICUT SHOOTING: Police warn against false reporting

  49. CONNECTICUT SHOOTING: President Obama attends Newtown vigil

  50. Amazing: Well-trained dog rides a bike

  51. CONNECTICUT SHOOTING: Teacher Victoria Soto hailed a hero

  52. CONNECTICUT SHOOTING: Police audio reveals deadly rampage

  53. CONNECTICUT SHOOTING: Father of child victim Emelie Parker pays emotional tribute to his daughter

  54. Connecticut shooting: Newtown police radio

  55. Shootings update: Police say gunman Adam Lanza forced his way into school

  56. Connecticut shootings: Governor Daniel Malloy's emotional address at vigil

  57. Connecticut shootings: Obama dedicates weekly address to victims

  58. Connecticut shooting sparks renewed debate over gun control

  59. Hoaxed nurse Jacintha Saldanha family's emotional tributes

  60. Connecticut residents shocked by deadly Newtown shootings

  61. Connecticut shooting: Survivors of the Sandy Hook shooting react

  62. Connecticut shootings move US President Barack Obama to tears

  63. Connecticut shooting: Police release new information

  64. Connecticut school shooting: Eyewitnesses describe incident

  65. Dog in China drives scooters, skateboards and bicycles!

  66. World Pie Eating Championships takes place in Wigan

  67. North Korea rally to mark rocket launch

  68. Prisoners stage dramatic protest at Bolivian jail

  69. Worst Gangnam Style ever? London's sewermen release hilarious cover

  70. Meerkats open their Christmas presents at Australia's Taronga zoo

  71. Mayan doomsday: Chinese farmer builds safety capsules for apocalypse

  72. Giant straw Christmas goat in Sweden is burnt down...once again

  73. Handcuffed police suspect steals squad car in Texas

  74. Volcano in Russia illuminates the night sky in beautiful lava light show

  75. Riots erupt in Buenos Aires, Argentina after controversial court ruling

  76. Brawl erupts in Ukrainian parliament, Klitschko watches from sidelines

  77. Cigarette stickers for sale in Australia that cover graphic packet images

  78. Syrian Civil War: Aleppo neighbourhood devastated by violent clashes

  79. Argentinian riots: Boca Juniors football fans clash with police

  80. Oscar Pistorius races a horse in Qatar

  81. MPs chainsaw down parliament fence in Ukraine

  82. Sitar player Ravi Shankar dies aged 92

  83. @Pontifex: Pope Benedict sends his first tweet on Twitter

  84. North Korean rocket filmed mid-flight

  85. Chinese girl writes with both hands simultaneously

  86. Twelve couples in Hong Kong marry on 12.12.12

  87. CCTV: Embarrassing accidents in train stations released by Network Rail

  88. Manny Pacquiao says he will 'rise again' after knockout defeat to Juan Manuel Marquez

  89. Gas pipeline explosion near Charleston, West Virginia

  90. 7-year-old and 11-year-old boys accused of attempted gun point robbery in Portland

  91. North Korea launches long range rocket

  92. Giant rubber duck swims the River Thames

  93. Santa swims with sardines in South Korea

  94. Sean Penn at vigil for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

  95. Hundreds of semi-naked people take part in Santa Speedo Run in Boston

  96. Wheelchair basketball brawl in Turkey

  97. Family of nurse Jacintha Saldanha thank public for support

  98. Monkey in a coat spotted at Ikea, Toronto

  99. Brave winter swimmers dive into freezing waters in North China