1. Boxer Testifies on Legislation to Designate Distinguished Flying Cross National Memorial

  2. Boxer Speaks on the Need to Address Gun Violence and Protect Schools

  3. Boxer Speaks on the Need to Protect and Preserve Medicare

  4. Boxer Testifies on Sexual Assault in the Military

  5. Boxer Speaks on the Paycheck Fairness Act

  6. Boxer Speaks on the Need to End Gun Violence

  7. Boxer Speaks on the Need to Defend the Middle Class

  8. Senator Boxer on Middle-Class Tax Cuts

  9. Senator Boxer on the Fiscal Cliff

  10. Senator Boxer Urges Reauthorization of VAWA on its 18th Anniversary

  11. Senator Boxer Speaks on the Floor on the Devastating Impacts of the Ryan Budget

  12. Senator Boxer Discusses New Preventive Health Care Benefits For Women

  13. Angela Esquivel Tells Her Moving Story

  14. Senator Boxer Speaks on the Floor on Protecting All Women from Violence

  15. Senator Boxer Speaks Out on the Benefits of the Health Care Law

  16. "Happy 237th birthday to the Army

  17. Senator Boxer and Cally Houck Speak Out on Rental Car Safety Pledge

  18. Senator Boxer Speaks In Support of Equal Pay

  19. Senator Boxer Urges House to Pass Senate's Bipartisan Violence Against Women Act

  20. Senator Boxer Calls on Republicans to Join Effort to Reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act

  21. Senator Boxer Calls for an End to Tax Breaks for Big Oil

  22. Senator Boxer Pays Tribute To Senator Mikulski, The Longest Serving Woman In Congress

  23. Senator Boxer Joins Colleagues in Condemning the Blunt Amendment

  24. Senator Boxer On Republican Support For The Extreme Blunt Amendment

  25. Senator Boxer Criticizes Recurring GOP Attacks on Women's Health

  26. Senator Boxer Speaks Out Against Extreme Attacks on Women's Health Care

  27. Senator Boxer Joins Yankees Star Mark Teixeira to Discuss Physical Activity and Afterschool Programs

  28. Senator Boxer On Republican Efforts to Limit Women's Access to Birth Control

  29. Senator Boxer Joins Democratic Colleagues to Defend Women's Health

  30. Senator Boxer Speaks on Floor on Attacks on Women's Health

  31. Senator Boxer On Komen Foundation's Decision to Continue Funding to Planned Parenthood

  32. Senator Boxer Discusses Komen Foundation's Decision to Cut Funding to Planned Parenthood

  33. Protecting Children from Abuse and Violence

  34. Boxer Speaks at ceremony Honoring Japanese-American World War II veterans

  35. Senator Boxer Calls for Immediate Disaster Relief

  36. Senator Boxer Speaks on Supporting Jobs by Ending the FAA Shutdown

  37. Senator Boxer Discusses the Need for Fair Deficit Reduction

  38. Senator Boxer Speaks on Senate Floor for Fair Deficit Reduction

  39. Senator Boxer Discusses the News Corp. Hacking Scandal with Lawrence O'Donnell

  40. Senator Boxer Speaks on Her Legislation Addressing Failing Infrastructure at Military Schools

  41. Senator Boxer Speaks Out Against Republican Plan to "Cut, Cap and Kill" Medicare

  42. Senator Boxer Joins Colleagues to Introduce Bill to Protect Peace Corp Volunteers

  43. Senator Boxer Discusses Afghanistan in Senate Foreign Relations Commitee Hearing

  44. Senator Boxer Discusses the Future of Our Mission in Afghanistan

  45. Senator Boxer Discusses Democratic Jobs Agenda with Lawrence O'Donnell

  46. Senator Boxer Supporting Leon Panetta

  47. Senator Boxer Speaks on Bipartisan Jobs Bill

  48. Senator Boxer Supporting Nurses and Patient Care

  49. Boxer on MSNBC Defending Seniors and Women from Republican Budget

  50. Boxer Joins Democratic Women to Speak Against Devastating Impacts of Republican Budget

  51. Boxer Speaks Against Republican Budget Which Ends Medicare As We Know It

  52. Boxer Speaks in Support of Nomination of Goodwin Liu

  53. Senator Boxer Speaks on Protecting Public Safety

  54. Boxer Supporting Nomination of Judge Edward Chen

  55. Boxer Speaks on Death of Osama bin Laden

  56. Standing Up for Women's Health

  57. Boxer Speaks Out Against Continued GOP Assault on Women's Health

  58. Boxer Joins Senate Democratic Women Defending Women's Health

  59. Boxer Rallies for Women's Health

  60. Boxer Discusses Potential Government Shutdown

  61. Boxer Urges House to Pass 'No Budget, No Pay' Bill

  62. Boxer Remembers Geraldine Ferraro

  63. Boxer Joins MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell to Discuss Nuclear Safety

  64. Boxer Urges Nuclear Regulatory Commission Review of US Nuclear Power Plants

  65. Boxer Speaks in Defense of Clean Energy and our Health

  66. Boxer Defends Social Security

  67. Senator Boxer on Cuts to Homeless Veterans in House Republican Budget

  68. Senator Boxer Speaks on Cuts to Public Health, Environment in the House Republican Budget

  69. Senator Boxer Urges Speaker Boehner to Pass No Budget, No Pay Bill

  70. Senator Boxer on Confirmation of Judge Battaglia

  71. Boxer Speaks on Threats to Women, Families and the Environment in GOP Budget

  72. Senator Boxer Speaks at Event Honoring Women in Military

  73. Boxer Supporting Military Families' Finances

  74. Boxer Speaks on Legislators' Pay During Shutdown

  75. Senator Boxer Speaks on FAA Legislation

  76. Senator Boxer on Confirmation of Judge Davila

  77. Senator Boxer on Protecting Women's Health

  78. Senator Boxer on Airline Consumer Protection Bill

  79. Senator Boxer Sworn in for Fourth Term

  80. Senator Boxer on DADT Repeal

  81. Senator Boxer Speaks on START Treaty

  82. Repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell

  83. Senator Boxer on DADT and DREAM Act

  84. Boxer Fights for Small Business Jobs

  85. Video of BP Oil Spill #4 of 4

  86. Video of BP Oil Spill #3 of 4

  87. Video of BP Oil Spill #2 of 4

  88. Video of BP Oil Spill #1 of 4

  89. Senator Boxer On Mammograms, Women's Health and Health Care Reform

  90. 10-08-09: Senator Boxer on Women's Health and Reform

  91. 07-15-09: Senator Boxer on Hate Crimes Prevention

  92. 09-10-09: Senator Boxer Pays Tribute to the Late Senator Kennedy

  93. 08-06-09: Senator Boxer Urges Confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor

  94. Senator Boxer: AIG Bonuses "Disgraceful"