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  1. Marlins Give Player His First At-Bat, Seven Years Later

  2. NFL Player Claims Replacement Ref Told Him He Needed Points for Fantasy Team

  3. Dallas Cowboys Now Selling "Jerry Wipes"

  4. Giants Prank Video Goes Viral, Players Apologize for Posting

  5. 7th Grader Tossed from Pee Wee Football League for Being Too Big

  6. A-Rod's $38 Million Miami Mansion on the Market

  7. NFL's First Female Ref Was One-Time Judo Champ

  8. Olympic Runner Booted from Team for Sleeping With His Wife

  9. LSU Offers Scholarship to Middle School Football Player

  10. Critics Speculate Drug Use Following Chinese Swimmer's Record Win

  11. Speedo Redesigns Olympic Swimsuits After LZR Ban

  12. Athletes Say Olympic Village is Sex Heaven

  13. Olympic Athlete Spotlight: 15-Year-Old Swimmer is Youngest Member of Team USA

  14. Soccer Star  Ronaldinho Dropped by Coke After Drinking Pepsi

  15. Rugby Player Pees In Pants to Push Away Opponents

  16. Alex Rodriguez, Albert Pujols Named Most Overrated Position Players in MLB

  17. Blade Runner Gets Set to Make Olympics Debut

  18. Women's Tennis Cracks Down on Players Who Grunt

  19. Racist British Soccer Fans Shock Hometown Athletes

  20. Coin Toss May Determine Entry into 2012 Olympics for Two Runners

  21. Basketball Players Make Fashion Statement with Lensless Eyeglasses

  22. Euro 2012: Racism, Violence Continue to Dominate Tournament

  23. Pacquiao Fans Claim Bradley Match Was Fixed; Promoter Wants Investigation

  24. Cow Fighting Season in Switzerland

  25. Commercial Warns Dutch Wives of Dangerously Beautiful Ukrainian Women

  26. Metta World Peace Turns Violent