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  1. FDA Proposes E-Cigarette Regulations

  2. State Attorneys General Petition Retailers to Snuff Out Tobacco

  3. Explaining the new Auvi-Q Epinephrine Auto-Injector

  4. Electronic Cigarettes Popular But Unproven

  5. Legislation to Help Returning Vets Suffering from Post-Deployment Lung Disease

  6. Asthma cases surge as kids go back to school

  7. Pediatric Food and Skin Allergy Rates Rising at Alarming Pace

  8. Allergy Season Could Come Sooner Than Expected

  9. Smokers Can Expect to Die 10 Years Before Non-Smokers

  10. Colorado Quitline Tips for Kicking Tobacco

  11. Is Your Couch Toxic?

  12. National Jewish Health, Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics Target Eczema

  13. Early Diagnosis is Key for Lung Cancer

  14. Too Many Vitamins Can Be A Bad Thing

  15. Exercise-Induced Asthma

  16. Project CHANGE Hopes to Encourage Children

  17. Project CHANGE Hopes to Encourage Children

  18. National Jewish Health Researches Lung Disease in Returning Veterans

  19. National Jewish Health Researches Lung Disease in Returning Veterans

  20. Kunsberg Students Prep for Final Leg of Marathon

  21. 5 Tips for Sleeping Better

  22. Tips for Getting Your Kids to Sleep Well

  23. Signs, Symptoms and Dangers of Sleep Apnea

  24. National Jewish Health and CDC Issue Warning About Nasal Washes

  25. Some Pregnant Women Need To Get Tested For Obstructive Sleep Apnea

  26. National Jewish Health Researchers Hope 'Biofeedback' Can Control Asthma

  27. Food Allergy & School

  28. Showers Linked to Chronic Lung Disease

  29. National Jewish Health Helping to Train Physicians on Asthma Care

  30. Time to Prepare Sleep Schedules for Back-to-School

  31. New Study Highlights Increase in Pediatric Food Allergies

  32. Text Messaging to Improve Asthma Medication Adherence in Teens

  33. Research Links Toxins in War-Zone Dust to Ailments

  34. Bus Driver Goes the Extra Mile for Kids

  35. Kunsberg Students Receive Inspiration Prior to Running in Colfax Marathon

  36. Denver Zoo Orangutan Gets Help From National Jewish Health Doctor

  37. Getting a Jump on Spring Allergies Can Make all the Difference

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  40. Sleep Apnea Used as Defense in Hit-and-Run Case

  41. National Jewish Health Teams Up With Trainers For Weight Loss Program

  42. New Treatment Shows Promise for Adults with Asthma

  43. New Research Shows Potential New Adult Asthma Treatment

  44. Talking With Schools About Your Child's Food Allergies

  45. Knowing the Risk Factors of Colon Cancer

  46. Kunsberg School at National Jewish Health Benefits from Promethean Smartboard

  47. Study Shows Art Therapy's Benefits for Asthmatic Children

  48. Study Reveals Art Therapy's Benefits

  49. Dangers of Living in a Marijuana Grow House

  50. Study Shows Art Therapy's Effectiveness in Pediatric Asthma

  51. Asthma and Vitamin D

  52. New Program to Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking

  53. Health Risks of Medical Marijuana

  54. National Jewish Health Launches Walk With a Doc Series

  55. Arteries Age Twice as Fast in Smokers

  56. Broncos TE Daniel Graham Offers Asthma Tips to Kids

  57. National Jewish Health, Denver Broncos Fight Asthma in DPS

  58. Spring Allergies in Full Force

  59. FDA Considers Limits on Menthol Cigarettes

  60. Tips for Coping with Daylight Savings

  61. Get Ahead of Allergy Season

  62. Tips for Lowering Daily Sodium Intake

  63. Lowering Your Sodium Intake

  64. Tips for Lowering Your Cholesterol

  65. Weight Loss Incentive

  66. Tips for Landing that New Job

  67. Avoid Eating Too Much This Holiday Season

  68. Holiday Food Allergy Tips

  69. National Jewish Health Offers H1N1 Diagnostic Test

  70. Halloween All Year Long

  71. Kunsberg Halloween Party

  72. Connection Between Folic Acid and Asthma

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  74. Staying Hydrated During Exercise is Key to Avoiding Injury

  75. Better to Stretch After Exercising

  76. Fantasy Author Leaves $10M to National Jewish Health

  77. What you need to know about H1N1 flu and summer camp

  78. Raising Your Head at Night Can Help with Acid Reflux

  79. President Signs Anti-Smoking Law

  80. Generic Sunscreen is as Effective as Brand Name

  81. Sunscreen Helps Prevent Premature Aging

  82. Cottonwood Not Causing Your June Allergies

  83. Tips to Avoid Bee Stings

  84. Taking the Sting Out of Summer

  85. Tips for Preventing Night Allergy Symptoms

  86. Your Clothing Plays a Role in Your Night Allergies

  87. Asthma Action Plan

  88. New Medications Help Arthritis

  89. Arthritis and Obesity

  90. Picking a Date to Quit Smoking

  91. Finding an Oral Substitute can Help You Quit Tobacco

  92. Don't Use Food As a Punishment or Reward

  93. Portion Control Can Help with Childhood Obesity

  94. Colorado Quitline May Face Cuts

  95. Food Challenges Help Blake Eat Again

  96. Colorado Quitline Numbers Skyrocketing

  97. Colorado Quitline Flooded with Calls

  98. Colorado Quitline --Univision

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  100. Tips to a Restful Night's Sleep

  101. Good Environment Makes for a Good Night's Sleep

  102. Smoking Tax Providing Incentive to Quit

  103. Sleep and the Economy

  104. Peanut Allergy Hysteria?

  105. Quitting Smoking is Good For Your Wallet

  106. Latest Research on Food Allergies

  107. Food Allergies Commonly Misdiagnosed

  108. Knowing Your Allergies Can be a Big Help

  109. Nasal Washes Are Helpful to Combating Allergy Symptoms

  110. Tips to Keep That New Year's Resolution

  111. Eggs Can Be Heart Healthy

  112. Most Margarines are Heart Healthy

  113. Food Allergy or False Alarm?

  114. [Private Video]