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"Wow that was it?!" Patients are amazed by WaterLase.

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Published on May 31, 2013

The dental experience can now be done effortlessly and virtually pain free.

To find a WaterLase dentist in your area, visit us at:


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  1. 9

    Torticollis (Pain Therapy) with New ENT Diode Laser

  2. 10

    Experience the New Awesome Features of TRIOS ® 2014

  3. 11

    Webinar by Dr. Gilles Chaumanet on Lasers in Oral Implantology

  4. 12

    An Overview of Minimally Invasive Periodontal Surgery Using YSGG Laser Technology Dr. Al Falaki

  5. 13

    Economics of Owning a WaterLase by Dr. Howard Golan

  6. 14

    Diagnosing Sleep Apnea with 3D Imaging by Dr. Michael Gelb

  7. 15

    Jerry Peck- 3D CBCT and Digital Scanning

  8. 16

    Dr. Christina Do, DDS Talks about Epic Teeth Whitening

  9. 17

    Teeth Whitening with Epic Total Diode Solution from BIOLASE

  10. 18

    Dr. Howard Golan and his high-tech dental practice featured by Dental Products Report

  11. 19

    ▶ TRIOS® Color Demonstration

  12. 20

    WaterLase Technology Inspires a Sand Painting Artist at the WCLI Shanghai Symposium

  13. 21

    Dr. Christina Do, longtime WaterLase dentist, is featured on a PBS segment.

  14. 22

    Veterinary Laser: Equine Pain Therapy Procedure

  15. 23

    Veterinary Laser: Canine Pain Therapy Procedure

  16. 24

    Veterinary Laser: Exotic Pain Therapy Procedure

  17. 25

    Veterinary Laser: Canine Gingivectomy Procedure

  18. 26

    Veterinary Laser: Canine Pain Therapy and Adenoma Removal Procedure

  19. 27

    As seen on CNBC: WaterLase technology replaces the dreaded needle and drill in the dental clinic

  20. 28

    Miles above the old laser and easy to master in a day!

  21. "Wow that was it?!" Patients are amazed by WaterLase.

  22. 30

    Laser event recap from the UK

  23. 31

    Biolase Featured Practice Hinsdale Dentistry

  24. 32

    The Most Advanced Evolution of WaterLase Technology from BIOLASE

  25. 33

    Exclusive New Modular 3D Imaging Platform: NewTom VG3 from BIOLASE

  26. 34

    The WaterLase Video Contest Participant #2: Dr. Peter Elloway from Valencia, CA.

  27. 35

    Dental Laser from BIOLASE is Changing the Perspective of the Dental Visits

  28. 36

    Dental Lasers from BIOLASE: Revolutionizing Surgery in Dentistry and Medicine

  29. 37

    The WaterLase Video Contest 1st Runner Up: Cedar Dental Center

  30. 38

    The WaterLase Video Contest Winner: Tim Fruits from Laser Comfort Dentistry

  31. 39

    The WaterLase Video Contest 2nd Runner Up: Dr. Willliam Rodriguez

  32. 40

    The WaterLase Video Contest Participant #3, Dr. Keith Cooper from San Jose, CA

  33. 41

    6 Year Old All Smiles after WaterLase Treatment

  34. 42

    8yr Old Jayda and her Mom delighted with WaterLase

  35. 43

    Dr. Jose Aunon on Practicing with the Waterlase iPlus

  36. 44

    John Bernhard, Director of Marketing at BIOLASE, discusses the new EPIC

  37. 45

    No Anesthetic, Pain-free Class V WaterLase iPlus Cavity Preparation

  38. 46

    Phantom high-speed camera, capturing 45,000 frames per second here

  39. 47

    BIOLASE WaterLase iPlus 360 View YouTube

  40. 48

    Watch TRIOS Full Scan & Send in Real Time!

  41. 49

    BIOLASE Presents Dr Roger Levin on WaterLase Return on Investment - Part I

  42. 50

    Lowest Radiation BIOLASE DaVinci Imaging™ D3D™ CBCT System

  43. 51

    Dr Chris Walinski Talks About Waterlase on San Diego Living!

  44. 52

    Wireless Diode Laser: ILase 940 from BIOLASE INC

  45. 53

    Diode Lasers from BIOLASE INC are the leading soft-tissue dental lasers

  46. 54

    WaterLase Dental Laser vs Cross Contamination

  47. 55

    BIOLASE Technology on the Balancing Act

  48. 56

    BIOLASE Presents My First Laser Visit from Tooth Tales

  49. 57

    How is the high-pitched squeal of the dreaded dental drill becoming a thing of the past?

  50. 58

    Many new patients are seeking laser dentists. Learn why.

  51. 59

    Afraid of Going to the Dentist? Then They Probably Do Not Have a Waterlase.

  52. 60

    WaterLase laser dentist performs bloodless oral surgery

  53. 61

    WaterLase laser dentists can perform cavity preparations without anesthetic in most cases

  54. 62

    WaterLase dental lasers make fixing a gummy smile fast and easy

  55. 63

    WaterLase can be used by your dentist to reduce bacteria without blood or needles.

  56. 64

    Some of us have clumps of bone tissue beneath our tongue that we've always wanted to get rid of.

  57. 65

    Waterlase laser dentistry provides excellent results for patients

  58. 66

    A WaterLase laser dentist can quickly perform simple dental procedures

  59. 67

    Are your teeth too short when you smile? The amazing WaterLase dental laser can fix the issue

  60. 68

    There are several "frenum" in your mouth that MAY compromise your overall oral health.

  61. 69

    Fibroma Removal with the Waterlase MD

  62. 70

    WaterLase EndoLase tips remove debris and infected material from the root canal (in vitro example)

  63. 71

    Removal of an impacted tooth using a WaterLase dental laser

  64. 72

    WaterLase greatly reduces the pain and trauma of a traditionally difficult Root Planing procedure.

  65. 73

    WaterLase replaces other difficult, messy, painful methods for tissue troughing

  66. 74

    See the WaterLase in action during root canal decontamination

  67. 75

    Diode Lasers like EPIC™ and iLase™ can quickly expose impacted teeth or teeth that need brackets

  68. 76

    Our R&D team has put in countless hours researching WaterLase technology.

  69. 77

    We also develop innovative "radial firing tips" for use with the WaterLase

  70. 78

    Tired of canker sores, cold sores and other viral lesions in the mouth?

  71. 79

    Periodontal disease leads to bad breath, bleeding gums and numerous other health problems.

  72. 80

    One of the trickiest places to perform a cavity prep is on the edges of your front teeth.

  73. 81

    Is Your Kid Afraid of the Dental Treatments? Check Out a WaterLase Pediatric Extraction!

  74. 82

    iLase Tip Initiating

  75. 83

    WaterLase vs The Drill

  76. 84

    Our iLase™ portable diode laser is great for laser hygiene procedures.

  77. 85

    iLase Surgical Removal of Fibroma

  78. 86

    iLase Gingivoplasty procedure with only topical anesthetic and no sutures

  79. 87

    WaterLase is ideal for this sort of procedure, with little to no bleeding or pain in most cases.

  80. 88

    Increase case acceptance with your WaterLase? Absolutely!

  81. 89

    Actual WaterLase dentists describe their experiences after installing a WaterLase...

  82. 90

    Sulcular debridement is one way a dentist can treat gum disease and bad breath.

  83. 91

    Dentists' Testimonials on the Benefits of WaterLase

  84. 92

    "Tooth Tales" about Waterlase MD Dental Laser

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