1. Chip Trapper from EXAIR Corporation

  2. Reversible Drum Vac from EXAIR

  3. Super Air Knife from EXAIR Corporation

  4. Air Nozzles & Safety Air Guns from EXAIR

  5. CE Compliant Cabinet Cooler Systems from EXAIR Corporation

  6. Cold Gun Aircoolant System by EXAIR Corporation

  7. Line Vac by EXAIR

  8. E-Vac Vacuum Generator

  9. Static Elimination

  10. Adjusting an Adjustable E Vac Video

  11. Chip Vac from EXAIR Corporation

  12. Professor's Gym

  13. Escape To The Planet Of Professor Penurious

  14. Professor Penurious Gone Mad

  15. Using the Static Meter

  16. Operation and Use of the Ultrasonic Leak Detector

  17. EXAIR Ionizing Bar Cleaning and Maintenance

  18. Using The Universal Air Knife Mounting System

  19. Ion Air Gun Cleaning and Testing

  20. Reversible Drum Vac Cleaning and Refurbishing

  21. Receiver Tank Tutorial

  22. Filter / Regulator Mounting and Coupling Installation

  23. Electronic Flow Control Time Delay Settings

  24. Plumbing Kits

  25. Will It Launch.wmv

  26. Professor Prenurious in The Battle of the Professors

  27. Professor Penurious - New Lesson

  28. Professor Penurious - Madness in March

  29. Professor Penurious Strikes Again...

  30. Professor Penurious

  31. airknifesolution

  32. How To Identify A Cabinet Cooler System

  33. Chip Trapper Filter Bag Installation

  34. The Professor and The Oreo

  35. What I Do Professor Penurious

  36. Heavy Duty HEPA Vac Cleaning