1. Lucy Rose-Shiver (Let The Fire Burn-Edition)

  2. Wake Owl-Gold (It Smells Like Spring-Edition) HD

  3. Zak Stefanou-Sto Diastima Drapetes

  4. Ben Howard-I Will Be Blessed (THE STORY TELLER EDITION)

  5. Billy C.-Don't Matter No More (Road Trip with 12 Gods Edition)

  6. Giorgos Conor-Θα χαθώ (New Year's Resolution cover)

  7. Giorgos Conor-Μια κιθάρα αγκαλιά (Friends Session)

  8. Γιατί είσαι η μαμά μας...

  9. Sóley-I'll Drown (Lyrics on the Screen)

  10. Angus & Julia Stone-Take You Away (Lyrics on the screen)

  11. LOWmountain-Near Her Heart (Trip Edit)

  12. James Vincent McMorrow-If I had a Boat (Lyrics on the Screen)

  13. Broken Records-Lies (Lyrics on the Screen)

  14. Emiliana Torrini-Jungle Drum (Lyrics on the Screen)

  15. Mumford and Sons-White Blank Page (Lyrics on the Screen)

  16. Semisonic-Secret Smile (Lyrics on the Screen)

  17. Joshua Radin-Friend Like You (Lyrics on the Screen)

  18. Grant Lee Philips-Under The Milky Way (Lyrics on the Screen)

  19. William Fitzsimmons - Please Don't Go (Lyrics on the Screen)

  20. Foniko Aisthima Ft. Tragikos Eirwnas-Milas Gia Agapi (Lyrics on the Screen)

  21. Naki R.I.P ston paradeiso

  22. Florence and The Machine-You Got The Love

  23. pige treis-mixalis xatzigiannis live in halkidiki september 08

  24. mazi mou ela-giannis kotsiras-eleni tsaligopoulou live in halkidiki 08

  25. fovamai pws-giannis ploutarxos live in thessaloniki september 08

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  27. kotsiras tipota live in halkidiki august 2008

  28. to tsigaro kotsiras live in parapotamos thesprotias-1o by the river party

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