1. "Wait, So What's a 'Down'?" (Annoying Conversation #71)

  2. "Does Humble-Whoring For Shorty Awards Votes Make My Writer-Ass Look Big?"

  3. The Frenemy Says: "Ann Leary's New Book Has a Braggy Title!"

  4. "Does Panera's 'Soup Bread Bowl' Come With Bread?"

  5. I Started Doing The Colonoscopy-Prep Math (But Had to Go!)

  6. "I Have Massage Envy about Massage Envy!"

  7. "Doing The Gun, God, and Male Math = Peace on Earth."

  8. "DWIA" ("Driving While Intoxicated With Adele")

  9. "SHIPAA Means Never Having To Say How Much You Spent!"

  10. "I Can't Believe You Said That About Trader Joe's!"

  11. "That's Not a Porsche! It's a 1-Cup Coffee Maker!"

  12. "Hello 1-800-Butterball? My Turkey is Fine But My Family Is Killing Me!"

  13. "iPad Mini Math is the New Free!"

  14. "I Did The Lena Dunham Math (& Got 'Voldemort Lit')!"

  15. "I Did The 'Guacamole Math' Using 'Whole Foods Math'!"

  16. "What To Do Before Your Book Launch" Book Trailer (M.J. Rose & Randy Susan Meyers)

  17. "I Know It's Yom Kippur But I'm Not Sorry For Not Being Sorry!"

  18. "Did My Back-To-School Night Pasta Salad Have 'Potluck Cooties'?"

  19. "Even When Laura Lippman Was Good I Still Never Heard of Her!"

  20. "Fifty is The New Fail!" (By Which I Mean, I'm Sorry About Your Birthday!)

  21. "I'm SO SORRY About Your Silver Medal!"

  22. "How To Hurt Someone's Stupid Writer Feelings"

  23. "SPF Math For Dummies!" (Annoying Conversation #51)

  24. I Got You I Feel Good 1

  25. "Does This Mean You're Finally Going To Buy A Bathing Suit?"

  26. "Get Your Stupid Writer Feelings Hurt Contest!" (#49.5)

  27. "I'll Have The Men's Fiction! (Xtra Macho w/Genius On Top!)"

  28. As The Writer Turns! (A 'Stupid-Writer-Feelings' Soap Opera)

  29. Stupid Writer Feelings: "I Loved It! (But It Needs A Ton of Work!)"

  30. "Failure is The New Success!"

  31. "I'm So Grateful For My Greatness!" (A Humble-Brag Tutorial)

  32. "Stop Talking About Ashley Judd's Puffy Face!"

  33. "Support Women Writers! (But Not The Stupid Ones!)"

  34. "Dude, Where's My Charger?"

  35. "50 Shades of Grey Area!!" (By Which I Mean, FANFIC PAYS!")

  36. "I'm Giving a TED Talk! (In My Living Room!)"

  37. "I'm Making Cook's Illustrated Beef Stew! (PrepTime: 29 Hours!)" by Laura Zigman

  38. "I'm Going Food-Shopping" (At 5 Different Stores)!"

  39. Does Pimping For Shorty Votes Make My Writer-Ass Look Big?

  40. "Valentine's Day is SO Stupid!"

  41. "What's The Name of That IPA?"

  42. "Their Super Bowl Party is Vegan and Yogan?"

  43. "No Really! We'll Do The Sleepover Here!"

  44. "But Can I Get Extra Cheese With My Cheese?"

  45. "But Can You Monetize It?" (Because Otherwise, Why Bother?)

  46. "Let's Be Better Parents This Year" (Even Though We're Totally Great Already!)

  47. "The Dog Is Bored." (By Which You Mean, "I Want a Divorce.")

  48. "Video Game Math is The New Reading"

  49. "Basking in the Christmas Afterglow."

  50. "Time To Do Our Couples' Therapy Homework."

  51. "Shopping Math is The New Free!"

  52. "What Do You Want For Christmas?"

  53. "I Invented 'Artisanal (Cave-Aged) Books'"

  54. "You Should Apologize For Saying You Had Cancer"

  55. "Happy Global Stupid Hurt-Turkey-Feelings Day!"

  56. Conversation 21: "'We' Should Get Ready For Thanksgiving."

  57. The Conversation #20: "Pitch Me."

  58. "Driving Under the Influence of Adele (DUIA)"

  59. "Why Isn't Jennifer Weiner Complaining More?"

  60. Conversation 17: "I'm Angry That Your Prius Is So Quiet"

  61. Conversation 16 "You're Making The Face & Doing That Thing"

  62. The Conversation 15: "No NaNoWriMo For Me!"

  63. Happy Birthday Susan Orlean! (by Laura Zigman)

  64. The Monologue 2: "I'm Laura Zigman's Publicist Pimp"

  65. The Conversation 14: "What Bald Spot?"

  66. The Conversation 4: "Skateboard vs. Longboard"

  67. "Is That Dog Still Alive?"

  68. The Conversation 2: "I Need a New Helmet"

  69. The Conversation 1: "Did You Finish Your Homework?"

  70. "Happy Birthday (But Why Didn't More Facebook Friends Write on Your Wall?)"

  71. "The Long Island Medium Cold-Reads Dead Books"

  72. "I Self-Published Myself and You're Jealous."

  73. Conversation 11: "I'm Not That Kind Of Person But You Are."

  74. "It's Your Fault We Nominated Your Book By Accident!"

  75. The Conversation 9: "I Can't Believe You Still Have AOL!"

  76. The Conversation 8: "The Avenger"

  77. The Conversation 7: "So What Else Have You Written (That I've Never Heard Of)?"

  78. The Conversation: Comments of a Self-Promoting Frenemy

  79. The Conversation: The Potluck

  80. "So You're Jewish But You Have A Christmas Tree?"