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Talking York Regional Police (YRP) Charter Rights Violations with CFRB 1010's Jerry Agar

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Published on Oct 5, 2014

While pulled over in a parking lot to text, three York Region officers, Constable Orshansky, Constable Wu and Sargent Hogan arbitrarily detained me, held me without cause for over an hour, criminally intimidated me, performed an illegal search and seizure, denied me a lawyer despite asking for one *seven* times, and threatened me and threatened to go to my family if I continued to assert my right to remain silent.

Fearing for my safety, I turned on a recorder and the incident was caught on tape. Yet, despite clear evidence of the misconduct and charter rights violations, the Chief of Police put his name on the investigative report indicating that these types of charter rights violations are not to be taken seriously, and as such, the officers involved would not be formally disciplined.

It's amazing, isn't it? We send young Canadian kids all around the world to die fighting for the charter protected freedoms we are supposed to enjoy, yet when police in York Region stomp all over these basic human rights, the chief of police just sweeps it under the rug, indicating that these things aren't supposed to be taken seriously.

Really? Maybe Chief Eric Jollife should tell that to the men and women who died fighting for these freedoms. I have a feeling they just might disagree.


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