1. "One Movement for People and the Planet": Carolyn Drumsta at TEDxSIT

  2. "Sacred Manna" Part 1: Brattleboro Concert Choir at TEDxSIT

  3. "Sacred Manna" Part 2: Brattleboro Concert Choir at TEDxSIT

  4. "Alegrias": Nina Kunimoto at TEDxSIT

  5. Ellen McCulloch-Lovell - President of Marlboro College at TEDxSIT

  6. "Opening Blessing": Fidel Moreno at TEDxSIT

  7. "Cross Cultural Communication": Ngoima wa Mwaura at TEDxSIT

  8. Farm to Food Network: Hans Estrin-Windham at TEDxSIT

  9. The Cookie Harrist Dance Crew at TEDxSIT

  10. "Senegalese Drumming": Moutarou Diallo at TEDxSIT

  11. "Working for the Common Good": Patrick Moreland at TEDxSIT

  12. Brattleboro Union High School: Bill Holiday at TEDxSIT

  13. "Circle Mountain Farm": Amy Frost at TEDxSIT

  14. "The War Within: Transforming into a Warrior for Peace": Veterans of Consciousness at TEDxSIT

  15. The National Marionette Theater (Mariana and David Syrotiak) at TEDxSIT

  16. Sabine Ryne of the Brattleboro Food Co-op at TEDxSIT

  17. Dear Photograph: Taylor Jones at TEDxWaterloo

  18. Drawing Stories: Scott Chantler at TEDxWaterloo

  19. Megan's Lost Tango and Tired Old Street: Roberta Hunt at TEDxWaterloo

  20. Hidden awareness: Karin Diserens at TEDxCHUV

  21. Brainergy: Pierre Magistretti at TEDxCHUV

  22. Pioneira da dança contemporânea em Angola: Ana Clara Guerra Marques at TEDxLuanda

  23. Bosques ya!: Emiliano Ezcurra at TEDxUTN

  24. How music brings us together: Nic Harcourt at TEDxConejo 2012

  25. Winning Over Warlords: Dan Carol at TEDxLMSD

  26. The abolitionist movement and effecting change in modern times: Dr. Sulayman Clark at TEDxLMSD

  27. Art to Live: Todd Marrone at TEDxLMSD

  28. Open your eyes: Abri Bernstein at TEDxLMSD

  29. Starting a social business in college: A little naivete never hurt: Dave Spandorfer at TEDxLMSD

  30. It takes a school to raise a village: Sarah Lowe at TEDxLMSD

  31. Music for social innovation: Stanford Thompson at TEDxLMSD

  32. The courage to find our destiny: Yannis Smaragdis at TEDxThessaloniki

  33. Cómo optimizar el gasto en salud: Jorge Ríos at TEDxUTN

  34. Baca, Tulis, & Aksi: Agung Baskoro at TEDxUGM

  35. teatrInGestAzione: Giovanni Trono at TEDxNapoli

  36. How do you protect a bird from extinction?: Bayu Wirayudha at TEDxUbud

  37. Life is short, family is forever: Jane Carlson at TEDxConejo 2012

  38. Obsession: Durjoy Dutta at TEDxSonaCollege

  39. Modelando historias: Guillermo Castellanos at TEDxGuadalajara

  40. Out-of body experiences, consciousness, and cognitive neuroprosthetics: Olaf Blanke at TEDxCHUV

  41. La primera decisión: Horacio Elizondo at TEDxUTN

  42. Diseño contemporáneo a través del Arte Wixárika: Carlos Escobedo at TEDxGuadalajara

  43. Multiple sclerosis: the missing link: Renaud du Pasquier at TEDxCHUV

  44. Your brains on action games: Daphne Bavelier at TEDxCHUV

  45. Entender nuestros orígenes cósmicos con ALMA: Antonio Hales at TEDxUTN

  46. Images of dementia: Richard Frackowiak at TEDxCHUV

  47. Inspiring New Thinking to Restore Function after Spinal Cord Injury: Gregoire Courtine at TEDxCHUV

  48. Yes Man: Abdelrahman Salloum at TEDxOrubaSchool 2012

  49. Live at TEDxSonomaCounty: Pomplamoose at TEDxSonomaCounty

  50. La pasión de una lucha: Alejandro Barbosa at TEDxGuadalajara

  51. Doctors and people personalities: Salah Agamy at TEDxTantaU

  52. Small Band Publishing: Pomplamoose at TEDxSonomaCounty

  53. Aprendiendo de Japón al estilo mexicano: Adrián Flores at TEDxGuadalajara

  54. Souls of India: Niresh Gunasekaran at TEDxSonaCollege

  55. A Sense of Place: Dana Gioia at TEDxSonomaCounty

  56. GIS and Place: Wil Cowart at TEDxMacon

  57. Interdependence between software and industry: Rajan Ramachandran at TEDxSonaCollege

  58. 5 Lessons for Growth: Preeti Shenoy at TEDxSonaCollege

  59. Živeti brez denarja: Viljem Gogala at TEDxFDV

  60. Write What You Know: Matt Nix at TEDxSonomaCounty

  61. Finančna varnost ali kreativnost: Simona Lampe at TEDxFDV

  62. Kako računalniki razumejo besedilo: Marko Grobelnik at TEDxFDV

  63. Prostori intenzivne komunikacije: Sašo Jovanovič at TEDxFDV

  64. Seeds of Life: Moctar Sacande at TEDxLSE

  65. Tehtnica: pasivno ali odgovorno in aktivno državljanstvo: Mojca Markizeti at TEDxFDV

  66. Delati s srcem: Luka Stanovnik at TEDxFDV

  67. www.socialnadrzava.si: Črt Podlogar at TEDxFDV

  68. A Mantra, A Cause, A Pen: Ahmad Fuadi at TEDxMCU

  69. Dancing Gratitude: Dance in the Annex (DITA) at TEDxGrandRapids

  70. Oyunu Kim Kazanır?: Nasuh Mahruki at TEDxAlsancak

  71. Oyunu Kim Kazanır?: İsmail Şenol at TEDxAlsancak

  72. Performance: Rio Sidik at TEDxUbud

  73. How do you make inventions work?: Myshkin Ingawale at TEDxUbud

  74. From perpetual confusion to discovering my passion!: Kaustubh Katdare at TEDxSonaCollege

  75. Performance: Tim Freedman at TEDxSydney

  76. Performance: Sydney Children's Choir at TEDxSydney

  77. Performance: Stiff Gins at TEDxSydney

  78. Performance: Stiff Gins with Sydney Childrens Choir at TEDxSydney

  79. Performance: Satsuki Odamura & The Sydney Koto Ensemble at TEDxSydney

  80. Performance: Katie Noonan at TEDxSydney

  81. Performance: Grigoryan Brothers at TEDxSydney

  82. Tambourine Solo: Greg Sheehan at TEDxSydney

  83. Squeaky toy performance: Greg Sheehan at TEDxSydney

  84. Performance: Fourplay String Quartet at TEDxSydney

  85. Silent Comic Score: Fourplay & Roger Langridge at TEDxSydney

  86. Performance: Circle of Rhythm at TEDxSydney

  87. Performance: Circle of Rhythm & Grigoryan Brothers at TEDxSydney

  88. Modern citizenship: Tim Soutphommasane at TEDxSydney

  89. Solving the difficult matters from the technology: HurChan at TEDxUNIST

  90. Share more space: Tarsha Finney at TEDxSydney

  91. Being silly: Sam Simmons at TEDxSydney

  92. Quantum computation: Michelle Simmons at TEDxSydney

  93. Vision, robotics and bees: Mandyam Srinivasan at TEDxSydney

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  96. Euphemisms: Kate Burridge at TEDxSydney

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  98. Architecture: Gerard Reinmuth and Anthony Burke: TEDxSydney

  99. Be optimistic about the US and China: Geoffrey Garrett at TEDxSydney