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Uploaded on May 22, 2011

Super Marioworld theme (Nintendo) - SongeLeReveur & Trudbol
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Super Mario World theme from the Super Nintendo classic, performed by:
► SongeLeReveur (guitar): http://www.youtube.com/songelereveur
► Trudbol A Cappella: http://www.youtube.com/user/trudbol

Super Mario World, also formerly known by the subtitle "Super Mario Bros. 4" in Japan, is a platform video game developed and published by Nintendo as a pack-in launch title for the Super Famicom/Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), and is the fourth game in the Super Mario series.

The game centers on the quest of Mario and Luigi to save the Dinosaur Land and rescue Princess Toadstool from Bowser, the series' antagonist. The two brothers must travel across seven worlds to restore order to Dinosaur Land. It built on the gameplay of previous Mario games by introducing new power-ups that augment character abilities, and established conventions that were carried over to future games in the series.

The game was a critical and commercial success, gaining a legacy and selling over 20 million copies worldwide. It has been re-released three times, first as part of a combo with Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES in 1994. Secondly, it was released on the Game Boy Advance with modified gameplay, as the second part of the Super Mario Advance series. The third re-release was for the Wii's Virtual Console in North America in 2007; there were few changes from the original SNES version.

- Original theme by Koji Kondo
- Arranged by SongeLeReveur
- Audio editing by Trudbol and SongeLeReveur
- Video editing by Trudbol

More A Cappella videos on Trudbol's channel! A Cappella for the win!

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