1. Drawbore Pins Part1 - Theory and Preparation

  2. Drawbore Pins Part 2 - Execution.

  3. Fishtail Chisel Demonstration

  4. How to Sharpen Floats

  5. Inside Lie-Nielsen Toolworks - Come Visit

  6. Interview with Christopher Schwarz

  7. Q&A With Steve Latta

  8. Trailer for Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design: Moldings

  9. Preview of 17th Century New England Carving with Peter Follansbee

  10. Preview of Fundamentals of Inlay: Making Ornamental Bandings With Steve Latta

  11. How to Use Lie-Nielsen Drawer Lock Chisels

  12. Sharpening the Radius Cutter

  13. Sharpening the Straight Line Cutter

  14. Toothed Blade Demonstration

  15. Making a Chair Scraper with Aled Lewis

  16. Quick Tips Episode 4- Re-Establishing the Primary Bevel

  17. Honing Guide Modification

  18. LN Winter Open House - Impromptu Dovetail Competition

  19. Quick Tips Episode 5- Spokeshave Setup and Sharpening

  20. Inside the Toolworks: #51R Shoot Board Plane Start to Finish.

  21. The New Lie-Nielsen Workbench with Christopher Schwarz

  22. Inside Auriou Toolworks

  23. Sharpening the Radius Cutter with Steve Latta

  24. Sharpening the Straight Line Cutter, with Steve Latta

  25. Turning a Burr on the Thicknessing Gauge, with Steve Latta

  26. Chopping a Mortise: An Inside Look, with Peter Follansbee

  27. Roy Underhill's Bench Hooks

  28. Moldings in Practice with Matthew Bickford - Trailer

  29. Six Board Chest with Christopher Schwarz - Trailer