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  1. 1281

    Obama Says Bundlers Shouldn't Lobby Congress, Doesn't Mention His Own Bundlers And WH

  2. 1282

    Biden: "Our Energy Policy Is The Best It's Ever Been"

  3. 1283

    DNC Chair: I Expect Senate Democrats Will Take Up A Budget

  4. 1284

    WH Press Sec Gets Upset Because He Can't Answer Q About Dems Not Passing Budget

  5. 1285

    Barack Obama: The "If" President

  6. 1286

    House Democrat Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA): I Don't Approve Of Congress

  7. 1287

    Not The Radio Interview The DNC Chair Was Expecting This Morning

  8. 1288

    Top Obama Donor Accused Of Fraud

  9. 1289

    Former U.S. Space Program Worker: Obama "Lied" To Us In 2008

  10. 1290

    Biden Agrees That Obama "Flexibility" Comment Could Be Used To Raise 2013 Questions

  11. 1291

    Biden Dodges Question On Missile Defense "Flexibility" By Not Mentioning Missile Defense

  12. 1292

    Obama State Department Won't Say If Jerusalem Is The Capital Of Israel

  13. 1293

    Flashback: Obama: Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel, and it Must Remain Undivided

  14. 1294

    Biden: "We Want To Create What's Called A Global Minimum Tax"

  15. 1295

    Toobin: Hard To Imagine How Things Could Be Going Worse For Obama Administration

  16. 1296

    Arkansas GOP Chairman Doyle Webb on Jim Messina's Visit to Arkansas

  17. 1297

    Flashback: Obama Said Russia Under Putin Was Engaged In "Evil Behavior"

  18. 1298

    Obama: "I, for example, don't agree with a missile defense system."

  19. 1299

    Govt Stats Show Drilling Permits On Federal Land Down Under Obama

  20. 1300

    Hot Mic: President Obama Tells Russia to Wait on Missile Defense Until After the Election

  21. VIDEO: Obama Caught Telling Russian Leader To Wait Until After Election On Missile Defense

  22. 1302

    Former U.S. Comptroller David Walker: ObamaCare Does Not Actually Focus On Costs

  23. 1303

    NBC's David Gregory Exposes Obama Hypocrisy On Playing Politics With Gas Prices

  24. 1304

    NBC's David Gregory Fact Checks Plouffe's TPs On Energy

  25. 1305

    Plouffe's Keystone TPs Challenged With Fact Obama Has No Role In Southern Pipeline

  26. 1306

    Plouffe's Budget TPs Questioned

  27. 1307

    Plouffe Asked Why Not Blame Obama For Gas Prices Since He Blamed Bush In '08

  28. 1308

    CNBC On Report That Obama Bundler Jon Corzine Approved MF Global Customer Transfer

  29. 1309

    At Campaign Event Biden Introduced As "President Biden"

  30. 1310

    Former Obama Adviser Steve Rattner: "We Effectively Have No Energy Policy"

  31. 1311

    CNN: WH Can't Say Exactly How Obama Will Expedite Pipeline

  32. 1312

    Report: Obama Drops "Silver Bullet" Language From Stump Speech

  33. 1313

    Chuck Todd: We Know Why the President is Devoting So Much Time Attending Campaign Events

  34. 1314

    Axelrod Struggles When Confronted With Obama's Hypocrisy On Gas Prices

  35. 1315

    CNN's Burnett Challenges Axelrod's Hypocrisy Over Liberal Extreme Attacks On Women

  36. 1316

    Pres. Obama: "We Know There's No Silver Bullet"

  37. 1317

    MSNBC Daily Rundown: Obama Bundlers Given Access To WH Events

  38. 1318

    Fox News Reports On Biden's #Barackward Comments At Fundraiser

  39. 1319

    Obama: People Want To See The President Do Something About High Gas Prices

  40. 1320

    CBS Evening News: Obama Approval At New Low

  41. 1321

    Obama: "As Long As Gas Prices Are Going Up, People Are Going to Feel Like I'm Not Doing Enough"

  42. 1322

    FLASHBACK: Would Obama Repeat Same Cap-And-Trade Promise If He Was In Birmingham Today?

  43. 1323

    NJ's Major Garrett: Obama Strategy To Deflect On Gas Prices Not Working

  44. 1324

    Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) Confronted With Dem Hypocrisy On Bill Maher

  45. 1325

    On CNN, Harry Reid Says Obama Campaign Won't Be Pulling Out Checkbook Soon

  46. 1326

    Former Obama Adviser: We Have No Energy Policy

  47. 1327

    Barackward: CNN's Piers Morgan Mocks Obama "Documentary"

  48. 1328

    CNN Discusses Obama's Hypocrisy on Lobbyists

  49. 1329

    ABC News: Obama's Inconvenient Truth

  50. 1330

    Stimulus Money Used to Hire Foreign Workers Over Americans in Oregon

  51. 1331

    Obama: Having "Israel's Back" Has Nothing To Do With Iran

  52. 1332

    CNN's Jessica Yellin: Isn't Obama's Housing Program Somewhat Of A Failure?

  53. 1333

    CNN's Dana Bash: Obama Needs to Have the Enthusiasm and it is Not There

  54. 1334

    Pres. Obama Promises to Buy a Chevy Volt When He is Done Being President

  55. 1335

    Obama's "Few Years" To Figure Out Gas Prices Are Up

  56. 1336

    "We Can't Wait Until Gas Has Skyrocketed More" (Under My Watch)

  57. 1337

    Obama In '06: "Easiest Thing In the World" Is To Criticize Oil Companies"

  58. 1338

    Chuck Todd on President Obama's Iowa Slump

  59. 1339

    Obama Slips Up On "Jack"/Martin O'Malley's Name

  60. 1340

    Gas Prices Rise in Key Battleground States

  61. 1341

    Bloomberg Profiles Obama's Broken Promises On Energy

  62. 1342

    Former Obama Adviser: Build Keystone Because We Need Jobs And Oil

  63. 1343

    Obama: High Gas Prices are like a Tax

  64. 1344

    MSNBC's Chuck Todd: There Is No Issue That Has Been A "Bigger Bust" Than Energy Policy

  65. 1345

    Bloomberg Examines Obama's Unfulfilled Jobs Promises

  66. 1346

    CNBC: Obama Corporate Tax Plan A $250 Billion Tax Hike

  67. 1347

    Fox News Reports on Obama's Shifting Energy Policies

  68. 1348

    Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND): "Absolutely" Will Put Forth A Budget That Deals With Entitlements

  69. 1349

    Obama Makes Excuses For Failed Promise To Cut Deficit In Half

  70. 1350

    Obama: I Haven't Changed Washington But I Created A Website

  71. 1351

    Schumer: If Administration Considers $250,000 Rich, Why No Buffett Rule For Them

  72. 1352

    Defense Secretary: Huge Deficits And Debt Are National Security Threats

  73. 1353

    Tapper: Obama's Budget Represents A Broken Promise

  74. 1354

    12.8.09: Obama Pledges to Cut the Deficit in Half By the End of His First Term in Office

  75. 1355

    2.14.11: Obama Pledges to Cut the Deficit in Half By the End of His First Term in Office

  76. 1356

    5.26.09: Obama Pledges to Cut the Deficit in Half By the End of His First Term in Office

  77. 1357

    2.23.09: Obama Pledges to Cut the Deficit in Half By the End of His First Term in Office

  78. 1358

    2.24.09: Obama Pledges to Cut the Deficit in Half By the End of His First Term in Office

  79. 1359

    They Said It! Jim Cramer Says ObamaCare Is Hampering Job Creation And Could Derail The Economy

  80. 1360

    Bloomberg's Julianna Goldman: "This Is A Real Miss For The President"

  81. 1361

    Former U.S. Comptroller David Walker: Obama Budget Should Be More Specific And Substantive

  82. 1362

    WH COS: Obama Will Campaign On ObamaCare

  83. 1363

    Lew Pressed Yet Again On Harry Reid's Failure To Pass A Budget In Over 1,000 Days

  84. 1364

    Lew Tries To Dodge Answering For Obama's Failed Promise To Cut The Deficit In Half

  85. 1365

    CNN's Candy Crowley: Do You Think That Is Really A Tough Cut?

  86. 1366

    Lew: Now Is Not The Time To Cut Spending

  87. 1367

    WH COS Dodges Why Senate Dems Haven't Passed A Budget In Over 1,000 Days

  88. 1368

    Fox News: Multiple Federal Agencies Knew About Fast and Furious

  89. 1369

    Fox Phoenix: Numerous Federal Agencies Knew About Operation "Fast and Furious"

  90. 1370

    Harry Reid on First Amendment Concerns: "So Senseless"

  91. 1371

    Cardinal-Designate Timothy Dolan "Skeptical" Of Obama's Word

  92. 1372

    Sens. Rubio and Manchin: Bipartisan Opposition To Obama's First Amendment Overreach

  93. 1373

    Los Angeles CBS: Stimulus Money Spent On City Yacht For VIPs

  94. 1374

    Carney Finds Inclusion of White House Staffers In STOCK Act "Humorous"

  95. 1375

    WH: No Opinion On Whether Federal Government Should Operate On A Budget

  96. 1376

    How can Democrats like Bill Burton say Obama has not been "in charge of the car"

  97. 1377

    House Democrat Whip: I Don't Know Exactly What Obama's Super PAC Position Is

  98. 1378

    FLASHBACK '07: Obama In IA Says You Can't Be Against Outside Groups One Day And For Them The Next

  99. 1379

    John Heilemann: Obama At "Top Of The List Of People Who Messed Up Money And Politics"