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  1. Go surfing in exotic Maldives

  2. Amidst the waves in Barcelona

  3. Sarah-Jayne pampers herself in Goa

  4. Life's a beach in Dubai

  5. Karuna goes snorkeling in the Pacific Ocean

  6. Beach babe Karuna goes scuba diving in the Andamans

  7. Karuna soaks up the sun on Malvarossa beach

  8. Soaking up the sun in Barcelona

  9. Refreshing waters of the Mediterranean

  10. Exploring Savusavu, a hidden paradise in Fiji

  11. Amidst the blue waters of Israel

  12. A beach holiday in Marseilles

  13. Sarah-Jayne dives into Nasimi beach in Dubai

  14. Karuna goes fishing in Maldives

  15. White sands and blue waters of the Andamans

  16. Into the blue in Maldives

  17. Underwater adventure in Caesarea

  18. All about some Baga fun

  19. What makes Tioman Island so special

  20. Arlette goes snorkelling in Maldives

  21. Sun, sand and serene beaches of Saint-Tropez

  22. Sarah-Jayne goes snorkelling in Malaysia

  23. Partying it up in Pattaya

  24. Beach holiday at Langkawi

  25. Sarah-Jayne is ready to explore

  26. Beach babe Karuna heads to Natadola beach in Fiji

  27. The mesmerising beaches of Goa

  28. Sarah-Jayne lives a good life on the beach

  29. Exploring the good life around the beach

  30. Sarah-Jayne explores the unexplored beaches in Goa

  31. In the seaside town of Nice

  32. Sunny side up in Goa

  33. Karuna goes Kayaking in Tel Aviv

  34. Food and fun at Marbella beach

  35. Catch a tan on the beaches of Saint-Tropez

  36. Amidst the green waters of Langkawi

  37. By the seaside in Israel

  38. Sarah-Jayne is off to a secret beach

  39. Sarah-Jayne Bedford goes surfing in South Africa

  40. Hitting the roads of Goa

  41. Sarah goes green at Cherating beach in Malaysia

  42. Enjoy the cool breeze at Malvarrosa beach

  43. Lounging by the shores of Malaysia

  44. Beach babe Sarah-Jayne goes southside

  45. Hungry on the beach

  46. Sarah-Jayne's kodak moment

  47. Sun, sand, sea and Sarah-Jayne

  48. Soak up the sun with Sarah-Jayne

  49. Gorgeous divas get playful

  50. Sarah-Jayne does diving in Dubai

  51. Explore Goa's natural history

  52. Lost in Koh Sa Met islands

  53. Sarah-Jayne amidst the serene beaches of Mombasa

  54. What to wear on a vacation

  55. An exotic holiday in Kenya

  56. Magnificent Maldives and its serene beaches

  57. Living La Vida Goa With Sarah-Jayne

  58. Sarah-Jayne goes fishing

  59. Style tips for the beach babe