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Does Your Vote Really Count?

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Published on Jul 27, 2012

A couple of our interns took to the streets of New York City to find out whether people think their vote counts. People seem to sense something is wrong with our election system.

The next step? Solve the problem. How? By getting more states to sign an initiative that would elect our President with a national popular vote.


  1. 5

    FairVote Benefit in NYC: Rachael Fauss on Instant Runoff Voting in New York

  2. 6

    FairVote Benefit in NYC: Brian Kavanagh on NPV and IRV

  3. 7

    FairVote NYC Benefit: Krist Novoselic Talks Rock and Reform

  4. 8

    FairVote Benefit in NYC: Hendrik Hertzberg on National Popular Vote and FairVote Reforms

  5. 9

    FairVote Benefit in NYC: Tim Hayes on National Popular Vote

  6. 10

    FairVote Projects 2014 House Election Winners, Presents Reform Plan (Part 1)

  7. 11

    FairVote Projects 2014 House Election Winners, Presents Reform Plan (Part 2)

  8. 12

    A Constitutional Right to Vote: The Promise of HJ Res 44

  9. 13

    Krist Novoselic Covers the Beatles on the Accordion

  10. 14

    State Action (Part 2) and City Action: Congressional Voting Rights

  11. 15

    State Action: Organizing Against Voter Suppression (Part 1)

  12. 16

    Action and Ideas: Connecting Local Action to Electoral Reforms

  13. 17

    The Presidential Election Administration Commission and How to Help Communities Run Smart Elections

  14. 18

    FairVote: A Constitutional Right to Vote

  15. 19

    Fixing Congress with Fair Representation Voting

  16. 20

    Reform 2020

  17. 21

    Representation 2020: A Century from Suffrage to Parity

  18. 22

    Help Jumpstart Women's Representation in the US!

  19. 23

    Jerry Cowan Speaks in Support of Re-enfranchising People with Felony Convictions

  20. 24

    FairVote's Free Redistricting Tools.mov

  21. Does Your Vote Really Count?

  22. 26

    New Political Technologies

  23. 27

    Candidate Experience Under IRV

  24. 28

    Racial Minorities Adapted Well to IRV

  25. 29

    Worries About Switching to IRV Unfounded

  26. 30

    Why San Franciscans Support IRV

  27. 31

    Campaign Spending under IRV

  28. 32

    How Ethnic Communities Benefit from IRV

  29. 33

    Takoma Park 2011 Elections--Jessie Carpenter

  30. 34

    Choice Voting Video from New Zealand

  31. 35

    Ranked Choice Voting Explanation from New Zealand

  32. 36

    Mixed Member Proportional Representation in New Zealand

  33. 37

    San Francisco Board of Supervisors President Discusses Ranked Choice Voting

  34. 38

    San Francisco Mayoral Candidates Leland Yee & David Chiu on Ranked Choice Voting

  35. 39

    The Importance of First Choices in Instant Runoff Voting -- New America Forum (3/15)

  36. 40

    Instant Runoff Voting Enhances Civility in Campaigns -- New America Forum (2/15)

  37. 41

    The Instant Runoff Voting Experience in San Francisco -- New America Forum (1/15)

  38. 42

    BC STV

  39. 43

    A New Era of Electoral Reform - The 2010s and the 50-Year Cycle

  40. 44

    Choice Voting Explained

  41. 45

    FairVote explains IRV

  42. 46

    Steven Hill on PR

  43. 47

    FairVote Illinois

  44. 48

    Cleese on PR (full length)

  45. 49

    Howard Dean on IRV

  46. 50


  47. 51

    Upgrade Democracy Video Contest Winners

  48. 52

    FairVote Honors John B. Anderson

  49. 53

    Upgrade Democracy Video Contest Promo

  50. 54


  51. 55

    Instant Runoff Voting

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