1. The End of the World's Biggest Commercial

  2. Sir Emeka Offor Makes Gift at Rotary Convention

  3. Sir Emeka Offor Gives $1 Million for Polio Eradication

  4. Sir Emeka Offor on the Importance of Philanthropy

  5. Doing Good in Seattle

  6. Voices for Peace

  7. Doing Good in Japan

  8. Polio Ride Germany

  9. Doing Good in Ukraine

  10. Interact Video Contest 2012: Past, Present or Future?

  11. Personal Revolution- End Polio Now- Ziggy Marley

  12. Weltgrößte Video-Kampagne

  13. 세상에서 가장 큰 광고

  14. 世界最大のCM

  15. El comercial más grande del mundo

  16. Maior Comercial do Mundo

  17. Il più grande spot pubblicitario del mondo

  18. La plus grande pub du monde

  19. World's Biggest Commercial

  20. World's Biggest Commercial - Coming October 24!

  21. Rotary Lights Up the World

  22. Doing Good: Promoting Peace

  23. Doing Good: Saving Mothers and Children

  24. Doing Good: Providing Clean Water

  25. Doing Good: Fighting Disease

  26. Doing Good: Growing Local Economies

  27. Doing Good: Supporting Education

  28. Doing Good: Intro

  29. India is "This Close" to ending polio.

  30. Rotary Minute: How can Rotary stay relevant to its younger members?

  31. This Close_Caro_ES

  32. This Close_ZEYNAB FR

  33. ThisClose_Amitabh Bachchan

  34. ThisClose_Gates Version

  35. RYLA: Tomorrow's Leaders

  36. Rotary In Haiti

  37. Welcome to the world of Public Image

  38. You're Welcome

  39. How "America's Host Club" Responded to 9-11

  40. Third Annual Interact Video Contest

  41. Rotary Welcomes You to Bangkok 2012

  42. After Katrina: The Journeys of D.H. Short

  43. After Katrina: Mending the Safety Net

  44. After Katrina: Saving Warren Easton

  45. Rotary Minute: Is your club family friendly?

  46. Sustainable Giving

  47. So Nah

  48. Making of Rotary's "This Close" PSA

  49. Rotary International and Sanofi Pasteur Ring Trading Bells Across the Globe

  50. Kalyan Banerjee unveils the 2011-12 RI theme

  51. Make No Small Plans

  52. ROTARY PSA (3-04-11)

  53. This Close featuring James DePreist

  54. This Close featuring Itzhak Perlman

  55. Rotary Lights Up the World to End Polio

  56. Rotary PSA: Community Needs (Arabic)

  57. End Polio Now - News video

  58. This Close - Portuguese

  59. This Close - Korean

  60. This Close - Japanese

  61. This Close - Italian

  62. This Close - French

  63. This Close Spanish

  64. 로타리 클럽 공익 광고: "당신도 할 수 있다" (30초)

  65. So nah am Ziel -- eine Welt ohne Polio

  66. Rotary Minute: What will Rotary be in the future?

  67. This Close

  68. Interact - India

  69. Rotary Minute: How can Rotary attract new members?

  70. What advice do you have for club presidents?

  71. Banerjee Elected Rotary President for 2011-2012

  72. Rotary International's 2010 Interact Video Contest

  73. New Orleans Rotary Convention 2011

  74. Rerooted

  75. Kick Polio Out Of Africa

  76. Interactive - Bitone

  77. Rotary Interact: France

  78. Rotary Minute: As a Rotarian, how have you provided service?

  79. Rotary Interact: Olivia

  80. vancouver olympic dream: interactive

  81. Dolly_Parton_Rotary_International_2010_Convention

  82. Rotary Programs for Youth and Young Adults

  83. Rotary Club Grants Olympic Wish

  84. Rotary Minute: What is the best PR for Rotary?

  85. First Responder Mark Pearson on Haiti Relief Effort


  87. District governors-elect respond to 2010-11 RI Theme

  88. 2010 International Assembly Theme Speech - Ray Klinginsmith, RI President-elect

  89. Rotary Minute: How have you benefited from being a Rotarian?

  90. Itzhak Perlman wields violin as a weapon against polio

  91. Rotary's Push To End Polio Now

  92. Rotary Minute: What have you learned from being a Rotarian?

  93. Rotary Minute: How did you get started with Rotary?

  94. RVM Promo

  95. Interact video promo

  96. On World Polio Day, Rotary International Announces New Funding, Resources

  97. Rotary Minute: What Is Rotary?

  98. Why Rotary?