1. Pro Freestyle Skiing - The Documentary

  2. Temper Trap - Love Lost Music Video

  3. 1 year of FPV flying

  4. quick kart

  5. 2012 ski edit

  6. Drift Trike edit

  7. Champion Contest Entry (Read Description!)

  8. New fpv setup/ update

  9. some time lapse

  10. When Starlight Fills The Evening - Over Harpers ferry

  11. Go Karts and Rc Planes at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course

  12. Rc Plane Compilation

  13. Rc Plane Super Death Spiral

  14. New Jersey 3-27-11 Karting edit

  15. March 11-13 2011 Karting edit

  16. AXN Floater Jet with Go Pro - Whitetail Ski Resort

  17. Harpers Ferry

  18. Go Pro on AXN floater jet - Early Morning

  19. Snoweh

  20. Fast n Low

  21. Sneak Peek

  22. fpv setup

  23. go pro TEST published from sony vegas pro HD 9

  24. Wing Dragon Upgrades/Mods

  25. Wing Dragon weight test

  26. Wing Dragon Flight in snow

  27. Motor Saver Mount Idea

  28. RC Glider Stick Maiden

  29. Glider Stick build video

  30. Maiden Flight of My Glider cub V3 and The Mysterious Blue Dot!

  31. 1 Year of RC Flying (and other random bits)

  32. Home Make RC GliderCub V3

  33. First Flight in Cessna 172S, Detailed PreFlight

  34. Rc Plane Shot Down By Paint Ball Gun Round 2

  35. Martinsburg Air Show 2010

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  38. New Camera Test

  39. 40 Size Stinger Dusk Flight / Crash Aftermath

  40. Crashes This Week

  41. Adventure of The RC Flying Square!Lots of CRASHES!

  42. New Rc Boat, New Camera

  43. Poofy Cloud AV

  44. My New Old Gas Plane

  45. Dusk AV Flight With Glider Cub

  46. Glider Cub Sport Upgrade/ tree hits/ Wing Folding Up/ and More

  47. how to make a 2cell lipo battery

  48. Glider Cub Official Video

  49. Failed AV Attempt With Glider Cub

  50. Glider Cub Maiden Flight

  51. Glider Cub Build Vid Pt 2

  52. Update/Build Vid Prt 1

  53. 3D Flight With FoamTana

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  55. Duane's Rc Plane adventure!

  56. Repairing Rc Foamy Build/Fix Video

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  58. Fixing Rc Plane After Wing Folds Up!

  59. Dropping Styuff From My Slow Trainer and Crash!

  60. Rc Plane Flying In Snow Storm!

  61. Night Skiing at White Tail

  62. Aerial Footage From SuperStar EP Select In Snow

  63. Trick Skiing / boarding on Home Made Boxes / Rails

  64. Rc Plane Shot Down By PaintBall gun!

  65. Madian #2 of RC SuperStar EP Select

  66. Flying a Rc Slow Trainer Off a Frozen Pond

  67. Slow Flyer RC Plane With Mods/Update

  68. Snowy Days in Charles Town Wv

  69. RC Plane On-Board Camera

  70. Unboxing and Maidian of My New/Used Superstar ep

  71. Rc Planes in The Snow (Funny Crash!)

  72. Aerial Footage of Locust Hill Golf Course

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  76. Maiden/Review of the Beginair Rc plane

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