1. It's your turn to start the debate on GretaWire...send us your video!

  2. Guess where OTR is headed!

  3. Check out the new gadget Adam Housley gave me!

  4. Colorado

  5. VIDEO QUESTION: What should we do about the U.S. Olympic Team's Chinese-made uniform debacle?

  6. Video Question: Condoleezza Rice as Gov. Romney's VP - is it a smart political move?

  7. Plates and cups from GRETA HOME & ACADEMY in Haiti!

  8. First video on my new camera - a tour of my "office" in Cannon

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  10. Video Open Thread: Are Republicans losing the PR war over the tax cuts?

  11. Our first video open thread! Watch and answer...

  12. Today's dress code at OTR in DC? YELLOW!

  13. OTR this week and some news about my shoulder...

  14. Taking the "subway" on Capitol Hill

  15. My "offices" on Capitol Hill today

  16. Battle of the messiest office...Tweet me a pic of YOUR desk!

  17. Crowd reaction to the SCOTUS health care ruling

  18. Behind the scenes in the U.S. Capitol

  19. Supreme Court sprinklers drench our electronics!

  20. From Rep. Bachmann to belly dancers...sights and sounds from the Supreme Court today!

  21. Behind the scenes breakdown of the SCOTUS health care ruling

  22. VIDEO: A preview of tomorrow's Supreme Court ruling on health care

  23. Dogs

  24. Meeting my new puppy for the first time! Isn't she cute?

  25. Waiting (impatiently) for the new puppy to arrive!

  26. A wonderful birthday present from GretaWire blogger Mary!

  27. Check out the hats Reverend Franklin Graham sent me for my birthday!

  28. From the OTR Staff: Happy Birthday Greta!

  29. My Birthday Wish

  30. Sudanese Military

  31. cars

  32. BB King

  33. Tonight ON THE RECORD at 10pm/ET: The Legal Panel is BACK!

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  36. SPLM-N Secretary General Yasir Arman

  37. My First Project

  38. Starving woman

  39. General Azziz / SPLA North

  40. Reverend Franklin Graham


  42. Yida MidWife

  43. Yida Refugee Camp

  44. A little bit more about my upcoming trip to South Sudan...

  45. A busy day here at ON THE RECORD at 10pm/ET and a preview of tonight's show!

  46. Testing 1-2-3! New gadgets and tonight's ON THE RECORD at 10pm/ET!

  47. Fire alarms during OTR

  48. And the fire alarm keeps ringing!

  49. Tonight's ON THE RECORD at 10pm/ET...Donald Trump, Karl Rove & much more!

  50. Bill

  51. Behind the scenes: Gov. Mitt Romney in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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  53. Cherry Blossoms on Captiol Hill

  54. Griff Jenkins shows off his new OTR swag!

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  56. Happy Birthday to OTR's Cory Howard!

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  62. pets

  63. Puppy rescued from a roof in New Orleans

  64. The Tour we could not understand

  65. Trip to Thailand

  66. Donald Trump

  67. Insults of the day

  68. ON THE RECORD is going on the campaign trail with Speaker Gingrich!

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  75. BobNovak

  76. The Monkey in Aruba who assulted me - punched the camera

  77. At a diner in Manchester, New Hampshire

  78. The goat outside Huntsman event

  79. More behind the scenes in New Hampshire...locked in!

  80. New Hampshire

  81. A cleaner office? I'm not so sure...

  82. The messiest office at Fox News in DC (and no, it's not mine!)

  83. kids in Dominican Republic

  84. Netanyahu

  85. Congress strikes a deal...and OTR has a dilemma!

  86. OTR's Melissa Manuel singing Christmas carols!

  87. Behind the scenes at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre

  88. Behind the scenes at GWU Part 3: J. Todd Miller

  89. Behind the scenes at GWU Part 2 - "The Debi" Pose

  90. Behind the scenes at GWU Part 1

  91. Testing 1-2-3...AGAIN! Is this thing on?

  92. Testing 1-2-3...we have a new gadget!

  93. Can you believe this is the U.S. Capitol at 5:15pm and their work isn't done?

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  95. Behind the scenes in Greenville, South Carolina!

  96. Behind the scenes at "Two If By Tea"

  97. Eating lunch at Rush Limbaugh's studio (and explaining the power outage we caused)

  98. Behind the scenes from our "office" at the Russell Senate Office Building

  99. Tonight ON THE RECORD at 10pm/ET...Donald Trump, Karl Rove & more!