1. Visualizing the Invisible: Historic Representations of Matter

  2. Politics, chemistry and oxygen theory during the French Revolution

  3. Education for a New Generation: The Chemistry Set in History

  4. One of CHF's rarest paintings: Wijck's "Alchemist in his Studio"

  5. A Chemical Business: How sand becomes the microchips in your electronics

  6. "How Distillation Works" with Rob Cassell of Philadelphia Distilling

  7. Women in Chemistry: Kitty Hach-Darrow

  8. Women in Chemistry: Mary Lowe Good

  9. Women in Chemistry: Uma Chowdhry

  10. Women in Chemistry: Mildred Cohn

  11. Women in Chemistry: Nancy Chang

  12. Women in Chemistry: Paula Hammond

  13. Women in Chemistry: Stephanie Kwolek

  14. The Pitch-Drop Experiment

  15. A video tour of the Alchemical Quest Rare Books Exhibit (7 min.)

  16. A Distillations Explainer: Tears

  17. The Victorian-era Fairy Science Books - "Making Science Instructive and Amusing"

  18. Alchemical Quest Rare Books Exhibit Install: Two weeks in Two Minutes

  19. A Distillations Explainer: Sweat

  20. The History and Science of English Ales

  21. Sparks and Flashes: The invention of the world's first battery

  22. The Bakelite Breakthrough: How plastics came of age

  23. Feeding the World Keynote: Matt Ridley

  24. A Distillations Explainer: Hemoglobin

  25. The Chemistry of Tea with Jen and Gigi

  26. CHF and Night Kitchen Interactive develop digital book experience based on rare alchemical texts

  27. CHF acquires instrument that played a role in the development of carbon-14 dating.

  28. Question to Rick Miller: Talent and Education

  29. Nina Federoff: Regulation and Control

  30. Paul Rea: Helping Farmers on a One-on-One Basis

  31. Rick Miller: Collaboration Required

  32. Antonio Galindez: Technology - Phase I

  33. Nina Federoff: Urban Agriculture

  34. Jerome Levkov's Question to Gary Toenniessen: Organic Farming

  35. Nina Federoff: Food and Population

  36. Jay Vroom: Entrepreneurship Among Tanzanian Women

  37. Question to Gary Toenniessen: Agriculture and Sustainability

  38. Peter Kahn's Question to Calestous Juma: African R&D

  39. Prabhu Pingali: Support for Agriculture

  40. Gary Toenniessen: Infrastructure in Africa

  41. Gary Toenniessen: The Issue is Africa

  42. Gary Toenniessen: The Other Side of the Nutritional Challenge

  43. Jay Vroom: Rachel Carson and Modern Agriculture

  44. Jay Vroom: Age and City Dwelling

  45. Calestous Juma: Coordination Among Countries in Africa

  46. Calestous Juma: The Role of African Presidents

  47. Calestous Juma: Superabsorbent Polymers

  48. Calestous Juma: Genomics and Weeding

  49. Calestous Juma: Broadband Capability

  50. Calestous Juma: Africa is a Big Place

  51. Andy Revkin: Why We Need to Do Some Work

  52. Question #1 -- Women's Rights

  53. Graduate School

  54. Young People and Trust

  55. Sunshine Back to Sunshine

  56. Question #2 -- Justice in the Use of Energy

  57. Coming to America

  58. Introduction by Albert Chao

  59. Wrap-up -- Tom Tritton

  60. Solyndra Bankruptcy and the Nature of Risk -- Nate Lewis

  61. Impact of Action / Lack of Action -- Emil Jacobs

  62. Effect on Future Generations -- Yuan Lee

  63. Cost / Risk Balance (Nuclear Power)

  64. Coal & CO2 Capture -- Emil Jacobs & Nate Lewis

  65. Wrap-up -- Tom Tritton

  66. Why Algae?

  67. Venter -- Century of Biology

  68. Time Line for Alternative Energy -- Nate Lewis

  69. Solar Power & Batteries -- Nate Lewis & Emil Jacobs

  70. Reliance on Technology -- Yuan Lee and Emil Jacobs

  71. Nate Lewis on Walter Cronkite

  72. Looking for Obese Algae

  73. Life Cycle Analysis / Green Technology

  74. Introduction: Bob Kenworthy and Andrew Revkin

  75. Inspiration -- Yuan Lee: Conservation of Momentum

  76. Inspiration -- Nate Lewis

  77. Inspiration -- Emil Jacobs

  78. Government Money -- Emil Jacobs

  79. Global Issues / National Interest -- Yuan Lee

  80. ExxonMobil Criteria for Biofuel

  81. Environmental Concerns

  82. Efficiency and the Chlorophyll Max

  83. Corn vs. Algae

  84. Better Choices -- Nathan Lewis

  85. A Matter of Scale -- Emil Jacobs

  86. Albert Chao

  87. The Fairy Land of Chemistry: A Victorian Science Performance

  88. The Story Behind the Othmer Ceramic Christmas Cards

  89. TSCA: From Inception to Reform, a Public Dialogue

  90. History Live with Stephen Turner: Personalized Medicine as a Useful Technology

  91. History Live with Stephen Turner: DNA Sequencing and the Pace of Technology

  92. History Live with Stephen Turner: The Return on Government Funding

  93. Science and Technology Really Make a Difference in the World, George Whitesides

  94. The Courage to Go Off and Start New Things, George Whitesides at CHF

  95. Anticipating the Future of Science and Technology

  96. The City of Houston: A History of Innovation and Opportunity

  97. Seeking Innovations for Efficiency and Infrastructure

  98. The Promise, Payoff, and Ethics of Genomic Research

  99. Personalized Genomics and Healthcare (Panel Discussion)