1. Apples! CGP Grey Style

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  5. Human Sexuality is Complicated...

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  7. 21st Century Sherlock: A Sherlock / Doors Song

  8. What To Do With Your Life

  9. THE EYE OF LONDON: Thoughts from Northern Montana

  10. Do Businesses Need to Suck?

  11. You. Must. Vote.

  12. Existential Airport Anxiety

  13. 1000 VIDEOS!!!

  14. The Abandoned Ferris Wheel Spins Anyway

  15. Can You Really Light a Fart?

  16. The Five Worst Places to Vomit

  17. Why The Rich Pay Lower Taxes

  18. In Which the Candle Dies

  19. Six Reasons Neil Armstrong was a BADASS

  20. Happy Birthday John Green!

  21. Is College Worth It?

  22. Open Letter to the Wizards

  23. To Be Anything At All: Thoughts from Places, Chicago and LeakyCon 2012

  24. John and Rainn Wilson Talk Romance

  25. I Don't Have a Favorite Pony

  26. An Open Letter to Students Returning to School

  27. EXTRA! Thoughts from Tour

  28. I Don't Understand My Life

  29. Nerd Olympics

  30. Tumblr: The Musical

  31. The Treadmill Desk! Fitness for Nerds

  32. The Universe is Weird: A Song

  33. Hitler and Sex!

  34. An Army of Mindless Drones

  35. Feeling More Alive: Fahrenheit 451's The Hearth and the Salamander

  36. The Higgs Boson

  37. The Physics of Book Clubs and Vidcon

  38. Online Video about Online Video

  39. Insufficient Funds: A Story of Canada

  40. Hank is Maybe Crazy

  41. Solving Your Problems!

  42. Flinching in the Shower

  43. Chris Colfer, John Green, Mob Wives, and Jeffrey Eugenides: Thoughts from Places Book Expo

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  45. The Dangling Rope of Terror: It's Question Tuesday

  46. Adorable Squirrel and Table Topics

  47. Nerds at the Beach: A REUNION VIDEO!

  48. The Subway Where I Used To Go (Somebody That I Used To Know / Gotye Parody)

  49. You ARE The Product

  50. Religion and Gay Marriage

  51. Your Arguments Are Invalid: Gay Marriage

  52. Tiny Chickens Invade, But Still I Vote

  53. It's HANKO DE MAYO!!!!!

  54. Screaming Through VidCon

  55. Moon Farts: Being Charlie While Running Errands

  56. Hank Talks to Charlie McDonnell

  57. Beneath an Abandoned Hospital: Thoughts from Places

  58. Thoughts on Growing up

  59. Thoughts on Romance and Sex in an Airport

  60. This is How You Load a Dishwasher - A Song

  61. Introducing Lizzie Bennet

  62. A Surreal Descent into Madness: Reviewing Children's TV

  63. Can I be Space President?

  64. Idiotic Governance: How Our Political Discourse Hurts Our Economy

  65. Springtime Hunger Games Zit Bully Walk

  66. Wrong but Right: Thoughts from Places Amsterdam

  67. Disgusting Cookies - The 2012 Hungry Games

  68. Sharpie Face Question Tuesday

  69. Exiting the FRIENDZONE

  70. Actually Free Money! (Really.) The Bank of Nerdfighteria's Quarterly Report

  71. The Future of Manned Space Exploration

  72. Know Your News! Understanding the Syrian Revolution in Under 4 Minutes

  73. LEGO Millenium Falcon Fun

  74. On Cuties and Cooties


  76. Life is Weird. Also beautiful.

  77. World's Smallest Animals

  78. Things I Can Do

  79. How Big is the Universe?

  80. 10 Misconceptions Debunked!

  81. An Awful Lot of Touring

  82. How It Felt

  83. In 'N' Out-Erview

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  86. Thoughts from Places: The Tour

  87. TFiOS PARTY!

  88. The Fault in Our Stars

  89. Kill your TV

  90. Changes to Vlogbrothers

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  92. Goats Mating

  93. Project for Awesome and Truth or Fail

  94. There Will Be NO SPOILERS!!!

  95. 2011 Presidential Anagrams!!

  96. Sharpie Face and Little Hank: The Project for Awesome's Aftermath

  97. We Built a Well in Haiti

  98. Project for Awesome Logistics

  99. Greek Phallic Disco Golf Balls: A Free Association Game