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  12. What role do carbohydrates play in a diabetes meal plan

  13. What is the proper way to prepare your finger for a good blood sample

  14. What is the plate method of meal planning

  15. What is the importance of control solution testing

  16. What is low blood sugar

  17. What is diabetes

  18. What does it mean to have high blood sugar

  19. Basics of medications for a person with diabetes

  20. Basics of meal planning for a person with diabetes

  21. What are the appropriate food portion sizes for a person with diabetes

  22. Basics of Blood Glucose Management

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  26. Hurley Medical Center

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  35. Hurley Graduate Medical Education and MSU-CHM: John Molidor, PhD

  36. Hurley GME Academic Officer and DIO: James Buterakos, MSA

  37. Hurley Transitional Year Residency: Resident: Nikisha Q. Richards, MD

  38. Hurley Transitional Year Residency: Program Director: Ghassan Bachuwa, MD

  39. Hurley Pediatrics Residency: Resident: Barbara Sagoe, MD

  40. Hurley Geriatric Fellowship: Resident: Myriam Edwards-Miller, MD

  41. Hurley Internal Medicine Residency: Resident: Binay Kumar, MD

  42. Hurley Combined Internal Medicine / Pediatrics Residency: Resident: Olugbemiga E. Jegede, MD

  43. Hurley Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency: Program Director: John Hebert, III, MD

  44. Hurley Pediatrics Residency: Program Director: Melissa Hamp, MD

  45. Hurley Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency: Resident: Cecily Clark-Ganheart, MD

  46. Hurley Combined Internal Medicine / Pediatrics Residency: Program Director: Laura Carravallah, MD

  47. Hurley Internal Medicine Residency: Program Director: Ghassan Bachuwa, MD

  48. Hurley Geriatric Fellowship: Program Director: Ghassan Bachuwa, MD

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