1. EXTREME fret hand guitar work out build strength dexterity pull off madness lesson Rock Shred

  2. Paul McCartney & Wings inspired electric guitar lesson learn chromatic moves within chords

  3. Beginner acoustic guitar lesson Learn to create music and songs with BIG suspended chord sounds

  4. Learn how to play a Jazz style blues and comp chords with walking bass lines with tabs guitar lesson

  5. Learn The Who inspired British anthem rock cool sounds Won't Get Fooled Again style lesson

  6. Lead guitar lesson Chicago inspired soloing strategies 25 or 6 to 4 style jam on Gibson Les Paul

  7. Heavy Metal rhythms guitar lesson Pantera inspired learn how to create riffs from scales

  8. Blues lead guitar lesson Joe Bonamassa inspired soloing Blues Deluxe style on Gibson Les Paul

  9. Learn guitar Edgar Winter Group Free Ride inspired 70s rock rhythms and licks lesson on Strat

  10. Learn shred rock lead guitar mix sweep arpeggios with Pentatonic scales lesson with tablature

  11. Learn Jazz lead guitar lesson on bebop scale and licks used by Miles Davis Joe Pass John Coltrane

  12. Rock guitar lesson learn Ozzy Osbourne inspired power chords & Pentatonics rhythms licks riffs

  13. Acoustic guitar lesson Steve Winwood Blind Faith inspired Cant Find My Way Home style

  14. Learn to play electric blues guitar lesson BB KING inspired Why I Sing The Blues style song

  15. How to practice pentatonic scales 5 positions licks rhythms lead lines blues rock guitar lesson

  16. Charlie Parker inspired jazz bebop licks learn how to swing the notes jazzy guitar lesson

  17. Learn Jimmy Page inspired classic blues rock soloing lead guitar Led Zeppelin style lesson

  18. Learn and create funky Dave Matthews Band inspired licks using exotic scales electric guitar lesson

  19. How to play folk acoustic guitar Simon & Garfunkel inspired 1960s Mrs. Robinson style lesson

  20. Learn Sam & Dave Stax records inspired 1960s Memphis Soul R&B guitar lesson Soul Man style

  21. Learn John Petrucci inspired lead guitar soloing techniques Dream Theater guitarist style

  22. Learn Jeff Beck inspired lead rock guitar soloing lesson Cause We've Ended as Lovers style

  23. Learn Bossa Nova jazz fingerstyle guitar Antonio Carlos Jobim inspired Girl From Ipanema style

  24. Learn Earl Scruggs inspired Banjo rolls hybrid picked for Country Bluegrass guitar lesson

  25. Learn rock guitar licks and rhythms Rory Gallagher inspired electric guitar in style of lesson

  26. Learn guitar mid 1960s British Invasion Rock n Roll Them Van Morrison inspired Gloria style lesson

  27. Learn how to play rock rhythms power chords palm muting electric guitar lesson

  28. Learn fingerstyle acoustic guitar Louis Armstrong Satchmo inspired note and chord melody lesson

  29. Learn Beginner Surf electric guitar early 60's Southern California music Dick Dale inspired lesson

  30. Learn Beginner Bass Guitar lesson on string droning notes theory and techniques

  31. Learn guitar techniques inspired by Eddie Van Halen Steve Vai EVH tap harmonic scale licks

  32. Learn guitar Stevie Wonder inspired funk reggae groove lesson Boogie On Reggae Woman style song

  33. Learn Guitar West Coast Surf Guitar sounds Beach Boys Inspired Surfing USA Style Fun fun fun

  34. Learn how to play power chord rock Scorpions inspired guitar lesson classic mid 1980s sounds

  35. Shred rock guitar lesson Shawn Lane inspired picking techniques and exercises and killer licks

  36. Fingerstyle picking patterns acoustic guitar lesson Beatles inspired Dear Prudence style song

  37. Learn to play acoustic guitar John Denver inspired 70s country pop folk Country Road style song

  38. Guitar Lesson Rage Against The Machine inspired Bulls on Parade style song rhythm ideas

  39. Learn to play electric blues guitar Albert King inspired Born Under A Bad Sign style song

  40. Guitar lesson Jason Mraz inspired ukulele Hawaiian pop sounds with capo I'm Yours style song

  41. Electric Guitar lesson The Doors inspired cool bluesy rhythms Roadhouse Blues style song

  42. Learn soloing electric rock guitar lesson beginner lead techniques pt5 with bluesy jam track

  43. Beginner how to solo play lead guitar string bending 101 lesson learn to jam & improvise part 4

  44. Shred rock guitar soloing lesson six tone scale use and neck coverage exercises with Dave Nassie

  45. Avril Lavigne inspired beginner acoustic guitar strumming chords Wish You Were Here style lesson

  46. Learn metal breakdown riffs Slipknot Soulfly Sepultura inspired heavy guitar lesson

  47. Learn T-Bone Walker inspired Post war Electric Blues guitar chords n rhythms Stormy Monday style

  48. Acoustic guitar lesson Willie Nelson inspired chords licks Angel Flying Too Close Ground style song

  49. Electric Blues guitar licks lesson Albert King inspired I'll Play the Blues For You style song

  50. Lead guitar beginner techniques lesson part 3 soloing jam improvise skills with backing track

  51. Beginner rock blues lead electric guitar soloing techniques learn how to solo pt2

  52. Learn how to solo and improvise Beginner rock blues lead guitar lesson pt1 scale jam track licks

  53. Guitar lesson Allman Brothers inspired twin guitar harmony on one guitar using Major scales

  54. Learn Guitar Maroon 5 inspired pop rhythms lesson faux Bossa Nova She Will Be Loved style song

  55. Lead blues guitar lesson BB King inspired Let the Good Times Roll style song scale licks solo

  56. Guitar lesson Sam & Dave inspired 1960s R&B Soul Funk Stax Records Soul Man style song

  57. Learn how to play Easy and fun Blues guitar rhythms using hybrid picking technique lesson

  58. Learn Robin Trower inspired blues rock guitar lesson Bridge of Sighs style with flanger effect

  59. Learn ZZ Top inspired blues rock slide guitar Just Got Paid style song rhythms and lead licks

  60. Guitar lesson Joe Satriani inspired two handed song tapping ideas Midnight style lead rhythm

  61. Learn country acoustic guitar Willie Nelson inspired rhythm song On The Road Again style lesson

  62. Brian Setzer inspired Rockabilly Blues guitar lesson Jump Jive Wail style song on Gretsch hollowbody

  63. Learn EZ and fun blues rock rhythms and licks ZZ Top inspired guitar lesson

  64. Guitar practice exercises chord changing & strumming patterns both Beginner & Intermediate levels

  65. Learn electric Blues guitar soloing lesson on lead playing dynamics phrasing string bending

  66. Learn Steppenwolf inspired 60's anthem guitar ROCK rhythm sounds song Born To Be Wild style

  67. Make Music how to play Acoustic guitar cool new chords rhythms melody strum patterns lesson

  68. Learn Dubstep Skrillex inspired Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites style adapt for guitar lesson

  69. Electric guitar lesson Stevie Wonder inspired clavinet sounds song Superstition style sounds

  70. Dimebag Darrell Pantera style Diminished tonality fret hand strength dexterity builder guitar lesson

  71. Learn Blues guitar Black Keys inspired lesson song I Got Mine style rhythms and solo licks

  72. Lynch pin LICKS lead solo guitar lesson get out of Pentatonics with JAM TRACK arpeggios & TABS

  73. Learn Eagles inspired strumming rhythm patterns EZ acoustic guitar lesson song Peaceful style

  74. Learn Jack Johnson inspired chucking rhythms lesson for acoustic or electric guitar

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  79. Learn bluesy Leonard Cohen Jeff Buckley inspired electric guitar lesson Hallelujah style song

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  81. Learn Blues guitar licks song Stevie Ray Vaughan inspired lesson Riviera Paradise style SRV

  82. Quick licks Pretenders inspired 80s rock solo & rhythm song Back on the Chain Gang style lesson

  83. Summertime Blues rockabilly style guitar lesson Eddie Cochran inspired rhythm song

  84. Practice routine template for learning scales electric & acoustic guitar lesson learn to solo

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  88. Learn Elvis inspired blues rock n roll rockabilly guitar licks lesson song Little Sister style

  89. Learn heavy metal style riffing Pantera inspired guitar lesson song drop D tuning rhythms

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  91. Learn to play Beatles inspired fingerpicking acoustic guitar strumming song Blackbird style lesson

  92. Learn basic fingerstyle acoustic guitar Simon & Garfunkel inspired song The Boxer style lesson

  93. Learn bluesy rock lead guitar Santana inspired licks song Black Magic Woman style minor key lesson

  94. Rock guitar lesson Larry Mitchell teaches warm up arpeggio exercises and connecting scale licks

  95. How to play Red Hot Chilli Peppers inspired FUNK guitar song Love Rollercoaster style lesson

  96. Learn acoustic Blues Eric Clapton inspired guitar song Old Love style lesson on Taylor steel string

  97. Learn Lynyrd Skynyrd inspired guitar Southern rock song style lesson on Fender Stratocaster

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  99. Learn Jackson Browne inspired acoustic fingerstyle guitar song These Days style lesson