1. Gentle Yoga Pose to Strengthen and Align your foundational bones - Back, Hips, Knees and Ankles

  2. Gentle Yoga Poses for Endometriosis, PMS, Fybroids, Cramps and Menopausal Symptoms

  3. Learn the Body Mechanics of Forward Bending and Strengthen your Back

  4. Computer Worker Yoga Series 2 - Arthritis and Eye Strain Buster (Shoulders and Face too!)

  5. The Lighthouse - A Gentle Somatic Yoga Sequence to unlock back tension

  6. Do's and Don'ts for SI Joint issues - Gentle Yoga Therapy with Justine Shelton

  7. Computer Worker Yoga Series 1 - Perfect for Texters and Mouse Clickers!

  8. Go Ladies! "Luck be a Lady Tonight" Ice Skating Queens and Princesses at any Age!

  9. Yoga for Golfers: Essentials - Core and Low Back Strengtheners

  10. Energizing Chair Yoga is for Everyone! Beginners, Seniors and the Physically Challenged

  11. Yoga For Golfers: Essentials - Shoulders and Upper Body Yoga Stretches

  12. Advanced Gentle Yoga Teacher Training - CEU Weekend at the Shelton Firehouse

  13. Seniors Improve their Balance with Paula Montalvo, Gentle Chair Yoga Teacher

  14. Grandma-manasana - Gentle Yoga Kneeling Lunge

  15. A Miracle Moment with Hanna Somatics and James Knight

  16. Partridge in a Pear Tree - Gentle Yoga Balance and Hip Opening Pose

  17. Ho-Hum-Manasana - A Gentle Yoga Backbend

  18. Summer's Hope Media Library - Dedication to Yoga Vista Teacher, Summer Autio

  19. Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Teacher Training - CEU Weekend Spring 2012

  20. That's Why I Teach Gentle Yoga!

  21. Yoga for Life! No matter what age!

  22. Gentle Yoga in the Dental Office

  23. Gentle Yoga For Every Body with Marjorie Old

  24. Gentle Yoga - A Matter of the Heart

  25. Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference 2011 - Gentle Yoga Presentation

  26. Guided Imagery & Meditation with Julia

  27. Gentle Flow Yoga with Julia Tanner Ivanovna

  28. Gentle Yoga Basics DVD with Jade Butler and Sherry Zak Morris

  29. Nature Meditation with Music

  30. Chair Yoga with Jade Butler DVD

  31. Gentle Yoga through Somatic Exploration DVD with James Knight

  32. Svasana - Relaxing Meditation

  33. Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Low Back DVD with Justine Shelton

  34. Meditations for the Warrior - FREE mp3 Downloads

  35. Stretches for the Piriformis to relieve hips and low back pain

  36. Happy Birthday to Summer!

  37. Gentle Chair Yoga for Seniors and Midlifers - Look no hands!

  38. Gentle Chair Yoga - Seated Series DVD with 79-yr old Yoga Teacher

  39. Savasana - Relaxing Meditation

  40. Relaxation Meditation - relax all the muscles in your body

  41. Rainbow Meditation - Guided Imagery for healing what aches you

  42. Strength and Balance - Yoga Stretches by Mary Cavanaugh

  43. Feet and Legs - Yoga Stretches by Mary Cavanaugh

  44. Arms, Waist and Back - Yoga Stretches by Mary Cavanaugh

  45. Neck and Arms - Yoga Stretches by Mary Cavanaugh