1. An Autumn visit with Prince Leah, Lucky and the Girls.

  2. October 12th in Garden and Hoop House.

  3. Harvesting and eating Artichoke and Watermelon.

  4. Sky Lantern .

  5. Another look around in the Cabin

  6. Sunshine Winter Squash Time Lapse

  7. A look at the Artichokes, Watermelon and propagating Chillies.

  8. A glimpse of progress inside the cabin .

  9. A bit of this and a little of that

  10. Nine varieties of peppers and a melon up-date.

  11. Wok cooking with the Rocket Stove.

  12. Tsukemono Pickles

  13. Sugar Baby Melon Competition 2012 Update.

  14. The Cabin Project 2012.

  15. Mason Bee House Time Lapse .

  16. Mason Bee Up-date

  17. Mason Bees have moved into their new home.

  18. Beautiful Campobello Island N.B., Canada

  19. Sugar Baby Watermelon Competition 2012 Update

  20. Digging Spuds and looking at Squash

  21. August 6th in the Hoop House

  22. Follow-up to Pickled Radish

  23. Sugar Baby Melon Contest 2012

  24. Chinese Radish in the Japanese Pickle -Tsukemono Press

  25. Melons July 23, 2012

  26. My little berry pickers

  27. July 17, 2012 Chinese Radish or Turnip

  28. My New Rocket Stove

  29. July 11, 2012 Potatoes Irish Cobbler and Norland

  30. July 5th succession sowing and a visit to the hoop house.

  31. Evening quality time with the girls

  32. June 26th in the Rain !!

  33. June 21st in Hoop House and Garden

  34. Hens in the Strawberries

  35. June 14th in Coop and Hoop House

  36. June 4th in Hoop House and Gardens.

  37. Do you see what I see ?

  38. Fly control in the Hen Yard and Hoop House

  39. I've got company !!

  40. A year walking with the Pathfinder's.

  41. How To Raise Chickens - Mother/Broody Hens and Chick

  42. May 18th in Hoop House and Gardens

  43. Happy Mother's Day from the Coop

  44. Wet May 9th in the Hoop House

  45. Tulip Time-lapse

  46. Name the Chick Contest Winner

  47. May Day in the Hoop House

  48. VOTE NOW !! - Rule change for selecting the name of Matilda's baby Chick

  49. Chick Flick Name the Chick

  50. Matild's Baby Chick One Week Old

  51. April 20th in the Hoop House

  52. Matilda & Baby in the sunshine

  53. Matilda's Baby

  54. In the Hoop House April 10th

  55. Matilda's sitting eggs

  56. Up & Growing in the Hoop House

  57. Solving water & humidity problems in the Hoop House

  58. Record Breaking Weather

  59. Hoop House last day of Winter

  60. Spring cleaning in the Coop

  61. Top of the morning to you

  62. Tempus fugit - Time passes

  63. Hoop House in January & February

  64. Under The Lights

  65. Spring - Just around the corner

  66. Making Crumpets

  67. Ultreia !! Camino De Santiago Buen Camino

  68. Seedlings under lights, time lapse video and propagating Rosemary cuttings

  69. Special Thank You to Subscribers from The Keeping Chickens Newsletter

  70. Making Wild Bird Food Suet Cakes

  71. Artichoke Seed give away and some chat.

  72. Homemade Ice Cream

  73. Tag you're it.........

  74. Scotch Eggs - Vegetarian or with meat.

  75. Winter Entertainment in the Coop

  76. And the winner is .......

  77. My thank you for subscribing contest.

  78. Pizza di patate - Potato Pizza

  79. Winter Greens for my Chickens

  80. Tarte aux Pommes Mapie Traditional French Apple Tart

  81. Last Hoop House Harvest of 2011

  82. Gâteau au fromage de Montréal - Montreal Cheese Cake

  83. From Poolish to Dough Frogger

  84. 2011 Campobello Lobster Pot Christmas Tree

  85. Thank you Diane Mumm

  86. Pain de Campagne in the Dutch Oven

  87. Just another Chick Flick LOL

  88. Bird Table Timelapse

  89. Early December Hoop House and Garden

  90. The Ladies in the Snow - Chickens first snow storm.

  91. Hoop House Survives Minus 6 Degrees

  92. Mid November harvesting eggs in the Chicken Coop and Broccoli in the Hoop House

  93. Martha Lays an Egg - Silver Sebright Bantam

  94. Planting a Mediterranean Fig in the Hoop House

  95. The Bird Formerly Known as Princess Leah

  96. Late Autumn in the Hoop House

  97. Confessions of a Gageteer - Gadget Video # 2

  98. Video Response to Work With Nature - Lazy Garden Bed

  99. Winter preparations in Hoop House, Chicken Coop and Gardens