1. What islam say about "Shedding Blood"? Recognize the merciful of Islam and our prophet 4/4

  2. What islam say about "Shedding Blood"? Recognize the merciful of Islam and our prophet 3/4

  3. What islam say about "Shedding Blood"? Recognize the merciful of Islam and our prophet 2/4

  4. What islam say about "Shedding Blood"? Recognize the merciful of Islam and our prophet 1/4

  5. Is it allowed to keep birds in a house as pets?

  6. What is the importance of the fifteenth night the month of Sha'ban?

  7. How to repent from breaking many oaths?

  8. How to attain the acceptance of Allah to my 'duaa'

  9. Why there is no ransom for the lying oath?

  10. Practicing Islam through books containing weak or fabricated ahadith

  11. Asking about reciting surat Al-Baqara for protection from devil?

  12. What are the Prophetic supplication in the 'sujood' of night prayers?

  13. Is it allowed to shake hands with old women?

  14. Reciting the last three chapters of the Qur'an on the incense

  15. "In the day of judgment those who had white hair their hair will shine", means shouldn't color hair

  16. Her parents have died, is it allowed to sacrifice the same day in which they have passed every year?

  17. Washing the neck in ablution 'wodhoo'

  18. She was washed twice; one for the burial & one for the menses, is it correct?

  19. Using perfumes with alcohol

  20. Using cosmetic products with alcohol

  21. Vanilla extract & the use of alcohol

  22. Am I allowed to use an expensive golden pen?

  23. A muslim killed by a muslim, will any of them go to paradise?

  24. A new convert to Islam is asking about "Ghosts"

  25. A question about Islamic dresses, and is wearing neck ties & suits resembling the disbelievers?

  26. Some of my friends shape their eyebrows, how do I deal with them?

  27. Do aliens exist?

  28. Is he allowed to take his money by any means? " a man who should take his money upon certain work"

  29. Studying in faculty of Arts & reading novels of bad stories

  30. Who are Yagoog & Magoog (gogs & magogs)?

  31. Medical students, are they allowed to examine dead bodies?

  32. A sister is working as an engineer

  33. He found that if he is late in payment, he will have to pay interest for this payment

  34. A bank bought a house for me, is it allowed?

  35. Involved in money transaction with usury but she didn't know that this is not allowed until recently

  36. Renting a property to a bank

  37. Wearing accessories & showing them before non-'mahram'

  38. Having plastic surgery to beautify herself

  39. She wants to wear 'niqab' even though her parents don't will it and her school prevent it

  40. She is wearing 'niqab' & her parents want her to uncover her facewith their relatives at home

  41. Problems with monthly period

  42. Going to a male gyneogist

  43. Going to a male gyneogist (2)

  44. When to stop praying or fasting regarding the monthly period?

  45. The presence of male doctors or assistants during child birth

  46. He is married from a woman & she has a daughter. When she will reach puberty, what should he do?

  47. What to do if the delivery bleeding stops before 40 days after giving birth

  48. Adoption & the things that we need to know about it

  49. She will give birth in America, is she allowed to take the Medicare for her newborn?

  50. Child vaccination

  51. A wife giving her husband all his rights, but he is still deals with her as a peace of property

  52. Using medical tools to postpone having children

  53. The importance of having a 'waley' in marriage

  54. What is irreversible divorce?

  55. A woman divorced from a man (final divorce) & wants to return to him

  56. A sister is asking about marriage from a Hindu man?

  57. A woman married from a sinner who is not participating Islam, what to do?

  58. In India the bride gives the groom the dowry, Is it permissible to attend such wedding?

  59. Is a woman allowed to chat with men through Internet in order to get married?

  60. If a couple decided to get divorced, to whom the children will go?

  61. Using the drums in wedding

  62. Relationship with non-Muslims friends

  63. Is Muslim allowed to marry from a woman who is neither a Muslima nor from the people of the book?

  64. Eating with non-Muslims

  65. A question about the permissibility to have a christian friend?

  66. He is blaming himself for leaving his relatives in non-Muslim country after migrating

  67. She asks about a recommendable English 'tafseer' for the Qur'an

  68. Watching a program for a person wearing a cross

  69. Advice for teaching recitation etiquettes

  70. Her husband is preventing her from attending lessons to of a certain scholar

  71. A woman studying 'tajweed' & Islamic studies with males

  72. A question about following other countries in citing the moon

  73. Repeating 'omrah' by going to masjid Aesha may Allah be pleased with her

  74. Why using the word 'Ebad' (servants) in describing the believers in surat Al-Forqan?

  75. What is the best "I'tekaf" for a sister, going to mosque or doing so in her house?

  76. Following recitation from cassettes Vs Reading from Qur'an

  77. An old lady wants to stay at 'haram' (I'tekaf), can she do so or does she need a 'mahram'?

  78. Covering women feet in prayers in view of different schools of fiqh

  79. Smoking while in 'Ihram'

  80. Isn't it better to unify the four schools of fiqh for the unity of Muslim Ummah?

  81. Should we make "ablution" to recite the Qur'an?

  82. I did my first 'Hajj' while I was quite ignorant about Islam is it acceptable?

  83. Can we perform 'Hajj' unofficially without telling the government?