1. Tomaz who?!


  3. Guy singing "the boxer" in bath!

  4. Turning Back-An Original-Retake

  5. "Dad, Someone just walked past in a black cape!"

  6. DYNAMITE-Taio Cruz-Cover!

  7. Rihanna-Diamonds-I KNOW I CANT PLAY PIANO JS.

  8. My cousin doesn't like Sam Lawson aw sorry sam;)

  9. Original-'Scream It Out(Louder)-Song-

  10. the challenges

  11. Recent song i wrote~wasnt shore on it but put it on anyways~Called 'Put your hearts up'

  12. Pissed much? paahhaahah

  13. New~Untitled&unfinished shit song(a) i wrote(N)~

  14. let me love you~mario~Shit Coverr.

  15. bumper cars with gee was sooo funnyy!

  16. Keith Lemon Mouth Board ~LOOOL~

  17. Our Day/Night Out.(Y)

  18. Just put some videos together~The end video i have no make up on-.-

  19. Unfinished Song~'I Should've Knew'~

  20. Mine&morgans song~im singing:)

  21. Me and Charlotte in the pool again..in the pool.

  22. In Spain in the pool, ya knooww.

  23. Jumping in the pool like you dooo.

  24. BeatBullying.

  25. Savior-New Unfinished-Shit-Song-Made By Me..

  26. Just a few words from what it's been like to what it's coming out as..

  27. Few Months Old Song, Was Uncompleted, but now is completed and called; Payback!

  28. Dot Rotten-Overload-Cover By Jodie Dunn

  29. Old videos of the past-my memories


  31. Hero-Enrique Iglesias-Piano/Singing Cover

  32. me and frankie jumping in the pool in spain

  33. Dynamite-Taio Cruz-Cover By Jodie Dunn-Piano/Singing


  35. Jodie/Me and Sophie My cousin, Being wierd!

  36. My Song Called-The Pain; UNFINISHED.

  37. Me and Frankie In Music

  38. My Cousin On Christmas

  39. the power of headphones...

  40. Memory's Of The Past And Changes With Time..

  41. Just A Little Put Together

  42. We All Have Those Weird Moments In Life...

  43. Lana Del Rey- Born To Die Lyrics

  44. Singing Randomly

  45. Papa Roach- Scars(my version)

  46. Pranking my friend-skip to 3:40 and watch her face then the reflection in the window:- )

  47. Welcome To My Channel :-)

  48. me and my friend singing shrin-sky high heels =]

  49. randomness with my new equiptment =]

  50. Man Down-Rihanna

  51. me singing randomly to a beat

  52. me singing im alive-celine dion

  53. My made up song

  54. Jodie Helen Dunn Singing 'Unfaithful'-Rihanna

  55. JD singing No-one By Alicia Keys

  56. JD singing 'Sky High Heels-Shirin'

  57. Me singing snippits of songs