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    Kraft Foods funds ALEC, group associated with law protecting Trayvon Martin's killer

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    Steve Lonegan flips off reporter who broke story of his campaign fraud

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    Senator Warner doesnt want a bank tax as part of debt reductions

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    Asking Members of Congress about a lobbying ban

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    Congressman Holden defends vote to deregulate dangerous fracking

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    Credit Union lobbyists explain how they gain access to lawmakers

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    Congressman Scott Rigell (R-VA) denounces the revolving door, lobbyists

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    Congressman McKeon attacks Obama for not enforcing NDAA detainment law

  9. 59 Thumbnail

    Holden praises fracking industry's bid to drill in national forests

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    Issa claims he never called the Countrywide loan a "bribe"

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    GOP leadership denies knowledge of Vern Buchanan, McKeon scandals

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    Congressman Issa admits failure with all-male contraception hearing

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    Congressman Issa says Obama wants a South African constitution

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    Pat Robertson: Bankers who lied & crashed the economy should go to jail

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    Congressman Jim Cooper sings?

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    CPAC retired police officer explains how big money lobbyists keep pot illegal

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    The danger of Obama embracing Citizen United politics, Super PACs

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    WPPGroup CitizensUnited

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    Romney endorses scam for-profit colleges as higher ed plan

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    Newt Gingrich December 7 2010 health reform call w/ clients

  21. Thumbnail

    Newt Gingrich June 1 2010 health reform conf call w/ clients

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    gingrich siemenscall2

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    Congressman Smith (R) says GOP & Dems agree on speech rights

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    Rep. Grimm allegedly grabs his balls, says libertarians arent part of Tea Party

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    Pro-Internet censorship lobbyist Chris Dodd once opposed suppression of speech

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    Obama gets mic checked by Occupy activists in New Hampshire

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    Davis faculty member Nathan Brown calls for the chancellor to resign

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    UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi addresses 15,000 students, apologizes (better quality)

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    Exclusive Video: Chancellor Katehi faces students of UC Davis after pepper spray attack

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    UC Davis student pepper sprayed addressed General Assembly

  31. 81 Thumbnail

    Confirmed: Pepper spray cop Lt. John Pike placed on leave

  32. 82 Thumbnail

    Local Sacramento News Misrepresents UC Davis Students, Pwned By Student

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    Thom Hartmann show (Sam Sacks) covers K-12 privatization story in The Nation

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    UC Davis student hurt by pepper spray leads peaceful shaming of Chancellor

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    UC Davis Chancellor Katehi walks to her car (higher quality)

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    UC Davis Chancellor Katehi walks to her car

  37. 87 Thumbnail

    Pepper sprayed UC Davis student speaks out on incident

  38. 88 Thumbnail

    UC Davis Chancellor Linda PB Katehi dismisses calls for resignation

  39. 89 Thumbnail

    UC Davis police chief defends attack on students

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    Honest Chung from UC Berkeley explains protests

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    Police destroy Occupy Wall Street tents, emergency meeting called by protesters

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    Video of police preparing to conduct midnight raid on Zuccoti Park

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    ed conf call

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    Koch's Americans for Prosperity smears Lee Fang

  46. 96 Thumbnail

    Yahoo appears to be censoring Occupy Wall Street protest messages

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    sharpton challenges charles koch for interview

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    Gov. Perry's dangerous creamy creation peachy stuff agenda

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    Congresswoman Gabby Giffords makes triumphant return to House floor

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    super short segment

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    Speaking at the Campus Progress convention

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    Ed Show cites ThinkProgress research on Koch oil speculation

  53. 103 Thumbnail

    MSNBC covers ThinkProgress report on Koch oil speculation

  54. 104 Thumbnail

    Koch Industries and oil speculation

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    Jane Corwin shackles pregnant women, wants tax cuts for big corporations

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    Griff Jenkins feigns ignorance of Fox News "socialist" memos

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    Cenk on Issa

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    filibusters for sale

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    Thom Hartmann interview re memo

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    Thom Hartmann interview

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    MSNBC's Ed Schultz on Gingrey

  62. 112 Thumbnail

    MSNBC's Olbermann on David Koch

  63. 113 Thumbnail

    Olbermann segment on Shelby

  64. 114 Thumbnail

    Maddow cites ThinkProgress post on BP/FreedomWorks

  65. 115 Thumbnail

    Sen. George Allen dismisses my question

  66. 116 Thumbnail

    MSNBC's Matthews discusses Bachmann

  67. 117 Thumbnail

    MSNBC's Maddow plays TP clip

  68. 118 Thumbnail

    MSNBC's Olbermann mentions TP post on Rick Perry

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    Rep. Randy Neugebauer fundraising off of his "baby killer!" shriek in Congress

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    Brown in downtown Boston

  71. 121 Thumbnail

    Maddow on ThinkProgress' investigation of CMPI

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    Olbermann shoutout

  73. 123 Thumbnail

    Discussion of Oil Company Astroturfing

  74. 124 Thumbnail

    Steele supports war, flips on every issue

  75. 125 Thumbnail

    Ben Cardin & Barack Obama at Univ of Maryland