1. SBIRT in Peds: Teen Alcohol Use Case - Average Medical Resident example - PART I

  2. SBIRT: Sprained Ankle Case - Average Medical Resident example - PART I

  3. SBIRT: HTN Case - Average Medical Resident example - PART I

  4. SBIRT in Pediatrics: Teen Alcohol Use Case - Good Doctor example - PART II: Brief Intervention

  5. SBIRT in Pediatrics: Teen Alcohol Use Case - Bad Doctor example

  6. SBIRT in Pediatrics: Mother of Newborn & Secondhand Smoke Case - Good Doctor example

  7. Performing Arts and Humanities Building

  8. Dr. Janet Rutledge, Dean & Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Welcomes UMBC Graduate Students

  9. Educause Case Study Recording

  10. International Field Research: Kelly Mason

  11. International Field Research: Negar Ghaffari

  12. International Field Research: Juliana Venegas

  13. International Field Research: Brandy Kastchenbach

  14. International Field Research: Yasmin Teymourian

  15. UMBC Memorial Service for Dr. Judith Shinogle

  16. The Sushi Song

  17. The Peanut Butter & Jelly Song

  18. The Weather Song

  19. The Days of the Week Songs

  20. Erika Nesvold: The Life and Work of Nikola Tesla

  21. Virgil Storr: Community Recovery After Disaster: Almost Seven Years After Katrina

  22. Michelle Fine: Critical Psychology Confronts Racialized Crises

  23. Scott Farrow: Combining Technical Skills with Public Service: Confessions of a Political Economist

  24. Peter Wood: Near Andersonville: Winslow Homer's Civil War

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  27. Mrinalini Sinha: Totaram Sanadhya

  28. Advances in Metadata Usage with the Open Geospatial Consortium

  29. Bing Xia: Chinese Guzheng

  30. Ahmad Borhani: Iranian Santur, Tar and Setar

  31. Treasures For Your Exams

  32. Nate Silver: Forecasting the 2012 Election

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  34. Terry Bouton: 2012-2015 Presidential Teaching Award

  35. UMBC Presidential Faculty & Staff Awards Ceremony 2012

  36. Maryland Traditions: Approaching Authenticity

  37. FIRST LEGO Competition

  38. UMBC ISD Now Forum with Richard Byrne: "Making Your Curriculum Digital"

  39. Dilemmas of Longevity: Society, the Fourth Age & You

  40. Engineering the Census: Systems Engineering on the US 2010 Census Program Webinar at UMBC

  41. RSA Kick-off CyberTini

  42. Stephen Marc

  43. airplay

  44. Low-Tech Games That Teach

  45. Meyerhoff IMSD Graduate Fellows Program

  46. When Faculty Say___ to Grad Students, they mean___

  47. Korenman Lecture: Feminism as Traveling Theory

  48. UMBC ISD Now Forum with Richard Byrne: "Discovery, Discussion and Demonstration"

  49. Brian Grodsky: The Costs of Justice

  50. Dr. Martin Collcutt: Pacific Encounter: The Japanese Iwakura Embassy in America

  51. January 2012 Hybrid Workshop

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  55. Charlestown Digital Stories

  56. Nancy Abell

  57. Rochelle Sanders

  58. Jack Suess

  59. Mary Hess

  60. Karen Dowell

  61. Drema Wentz

  62. Jonathan Finkelstein

  63. Lynne Allen

  64. UMBC ISD Now Forum with Tom Kuhlmann: "Simplifying Interactive eLearning"

  65. Patterson Bowling Center

  66. Giving the Past Presence: Public History Experiments in NYC

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  68. UMBC In the Loop: Mimi Dietrich, Master Quilter

  69. Colman McCarthy: Teaching Peace and Nonviolent Social Change

  70. W.E.B. Du Bois's Intellectual Ancestors

  71. International Field Research: Klinik Valens

  72. UMBC In the Loop: Prim Raja Mahat

  73. UMBC In the Loop: Sustainability on Campus Part 2

  74. UMBC In the Loop: Sustainability on Campus Part 1

  75. Prem Raja Mahat

  76. David Shambaugh: China Goes Global

  77. Annual Webb Lecture 2011

  78. Engineering a Successful Mission: Lessons from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Webinar

  79. Lawrence Brody: Genetics & Personalized Medicine

  80. Technology enhanced teaching

  81. Ilan Stavans: Spanglish: The Making of a New American Language

  82. Where Cooperative Learning Works: Increasing Classroom Interaction &
 Integrating Skills

  83. Ambassador Demetrios Marantis: U.S. Trade Policy In The Asia-Pacific: The Path Forward

  84. If Walls Could Talk, Part 2: Walls for Classroom Management and Instruction

  85. If Walls Could Talk, Part 1: Walls for Motivation and Inspiration

  86. E-Teacher Professional Development Workshop

  87. Developing Calm, Confident Power at Work

  88. Erickson Hall

  89. Jane Junn: The Constitution and Civil Rights

  90. John Siegfried: Better Living Through Economics

  91. 2011 UMBC Convocation

  92. International Field Research: Exploring a Glacier!

  93. 2011 UMBC Fall Opening Meeting

  94. Earthquake Safety Advice from Dr. Marko Bulmer

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