1. Dynamics-Aware Target Following for USV Operating under COLREGS in Civilian Traffic

  2. Real-time Dynamics Simulation of Unmanned Sea Surface Vehicle for Virtual Environments

  3. Learning from Demonstration to Learn Waypoint Approach in the Presence of Active Blockers

  4. Open Source Stair Climbing Robot Function Demonstration

  5. Indirect Pushing Based Automated Micromanipulation of Biological Cells Using Optical Tweezers

  6. Open Source Stair Climbing Robot Assembly

  7. Instruction Visualization for Augmented Reality based Assembly Operations

  8. Motion Planning for Part Assembly and Tool Use: Version 2

  9. Automated Synthesis of Action Selection Policies for USVs Operating in Adverse Environments

  10. Trajectory Planning for Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) to Handle Sea Disturbances

  11. Safe Human Robot Interaction by using Exteroceptive Sensing based Human Modeling

  12. Automated Indirect Manipulation of Irregular Shaped Cells With Optical Tweezers

  13. TinyTeRPs - Tiny Terrestrial Robotic Platforms

  14. Underwater Autonomous Robotics

  15. Robotic Crocodile

  16. Ground and Aerial Robots

  17. Coordinated control and tracking of small robots

  18. Biology Inspired Robots

  19. A Quadruped Robot with On-Boarding Sensing and Parameterized Gait for Stair Climbing

  20. Target Following for Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) Operating in Cluttered Environments

  21. Open Source Robotic Crocodile Assembly Video

  22. Maryland Robotics Center Maryland Day robotics interview: WUSA-TV, Washington, DC

  23. Maryland Robotics Center Maryland Day teaser: WUSA-TV, Washington, DC

  24. Turn Around Behavior Generation and Execution for Unmanned Ground Vehicles

  25. Automated Indirect Transport of Biological Cells Using Planar Gripper Formations

  26. Follow Behavior for Unmanned Surface Vehicle

  27. MGA Exoskeleton

  28. Improved robot actuator motor for medical applications

  29. Improved robotic actuator motor for medical applications--with water bottle

  30. Follow Behavior for Unmanned Ground Vehicle

  31. CDCL Lego Mindstorm Robotics

  32. CDCL Sea Perch Robotics

  33. TinyTeRPsV1.m4v

  34. Amphibious Crocodile Platform: Walking and Swimming

  35. Bio-Inspired MAV

  36. Pneumatic Actuation of the Slave Robot

  37. 3-Axis MRI-Compatible Fiber-Optic Force Sensor

  38. Vision-Based Feedback Control of MINIR

  39. Discretely Actuated Steerable Cannula


  41. Semiautonomous Teleoperation

  42. Unstable with input output delay

  43. Stable with input output delay

  44. Track-Following Robot

  45. Real-Time Path Planning for Coordinated Transport of Multiple Particles Using Optical Tweezers

  46. Automatic Manipulation of Cells Inside Microfluidic Chamber Assisted by Optical Tweezers

  47. Automated Gripper Synthesis for Indirect Manipulation of Cells Using Optical Tweezers

  48. HurtleTurtle: A Turtle-Inspired Robot

  49. NaviGator - An Alligator-Inspired Robot

  50. Bio-Inspired Robots

  51. Motion Planning for Part Assembly and Tool Use

  52. Instruction Generation for Assembly Operations Performed by Humans

  53. UGV Attachment Manufacturing Using Automated Laser Cutting System

  54. Automated Manufacturing Analysis for Water-jet Cutting Machines

  55. Assembly Instruction Visualization in Tundra

  56. N-Point Turn: Planning and Executing

  57. Indoor Follow Behavior with Kinect

  58. High-Fidelity Simulation of Unmanned Ground Vehicle Operating in Rough Terrain

  59. Follow Behavior Demonstration

  60. Jumping Robot with Explosive Microrocket

  61. Jumping Robots: Resistor Kick at 600FPS

  62. Jumping Robots: Resistor Kick at 1200FPS

  63. Inchworm Mobile Robot

  64. Mobile crab robot multimaterial polymer prototype fabrication

  65. Multi-material polymer prototyping for sub-cm mobile robots

  66. Developing Reality-Based Soft-Tissue Models for Real-Time Surgical Simulation

  67. Minimally Invasive Neurosurgical Intracranial Robot

  68. Compliant Grasping Using Self-Sealing Suction Cup Arrays

  69. UMD Bird Acrobatics

  70. UMD Bird Folding Wings

  71. UMD Jumbo Bird Launch

  72. UMD Jumbo Bird Windy

  73. UMD Jumbo Bird

  74. UMD Big Bird

  75. Big Bird

  76. Small Bird

  77. Exploratory Bird

  78. CDCL