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  1. Length Retention Regimen for 4B 4C Hair

  2. 2nd Flexi Rod Set - I Think I'm in Love!

  3. John Legend - Tonight (Best You Ever Had) ft. Ludacris

  4. How to Make Sweet Green Machine Juice

  5. standing abs workout

  6. DoorhangerCompany- Hancock Park Pair

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  8. Moisturizing Straight Hair with No Reversion

  9. How to Grow Long Black Hair Pt. 1

  10. The most inspirational video you will ever see Nick Vujicic

  11. Natural Hair: My Nighttime Routine -The Pineapple

  12. Chime's Natural Hair Journey!

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  14. [Private Video]

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  16. Adele - Chasing Pavements

  17. Complete set

  18. issuu: creating an interactive PDF

  19. Painting my 'Vacation' by Karin Jurick

  20. The Banding Method n Length Check

  21. Natural Hair: Crochet Braid Protective style update

  22. Make Your Natural Hair Grow And Maintain Length

  23. EcoStyler Day by Day

  24. Closet Organization Tips/ My set up

  25. Very small NY apartment

  26. Ron Marvin's Smallest Coolest Apartment

  27. Our NYC Apartment Living Room

  28. [Private Video]

  29. Response Video- Hair Typing Meechee007

  30. Hair Acceptance

  31. "Natural Beauty" Thursdays- My Homemade Conditioning Gel


  33. 4B 4C define your curl part 2

  34. Afros & Hair Texture Discrimination

  35. A slight change of plans

  36. How to do a Blow-Out on Natural Hair

  37. #10 Regimen: Washing My Natural (4a/ 4b) Hair

  38. Kinky Curly Curling Custard Disaster

  39. 09 HAIRstory - MYproduct NO-NOs

  40. What to Expect When You Go Natural

  41. Transition from Relaxed to Natural

  42. The Natural Hair Journey Continues...

  43. Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise


  45. Defined curls w/Eco Styler clear gel with Olive Oil applied 1st Natural Hair 4a/4b Defined curls

  46. Uncle Funky's Daughter Extra Butter

  47. EcoStyler Gel with Olive Oil

  48. The NouriTress EdgeStick Pressing Comb

  49. [Private Video]

  50. # 37 Natural Hair :One tip to Retaining Hair Length

  51. #9: My "sort of" hair routine/regimen

  52. Vlog 1: How to colour sketches in Photoshop