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Trash The (NWO) And Start Rebuilding the Planet With A New Economy

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Published on Mar 13, 2012

The Zionist Rothschild financial Empire, centered in London, (The British Empire) controls the world by a Imperial Monetarist System.

This system is the cause of the global financial crisis of today. The global network of the Zionist Rothschild regime (criminal banking cartel -The Inter-Alpha Group of Banks, the IMF, World Bank and the likes of Wall Street and the FED in the U.S.) is preparing to introduce a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT SYSTEM under the Global Governance of a ONE WORLD BANK issuing a ONE WORLD CURRENCY for the NEW WORLD ORDER.

That One World Currency is a Digital Currency. The buying and selling is accomplished through a RFID Chip embedded in a person's body. (A Cashless Society)

The Zionist Controlled U.S Government has taken steps toward the RFID conception by making it mandatory for every citizen to carry a "REAL (National) ID CARD" as of May 11, 2011. Embedded on this REAL ID CARD is the RFID TECHNOLOGY.

Charting this effort is none other than Zionist Thug Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security.

Between now 3.11.2011 12.11.2011 They are working on the next 9/11 event on American soil. Evidence is surfacing that indicate that HAARP will be used to target The New Madrid Fault within the mid region of the U.S. to induce an Earthquake during the first week of May 2011. Military services in concert with FEMA are preparing exercise drills for such an event in this region. They will play this next card to disrupt the mass-strike that is erupting around the globe. An event of this magnitude would result in a National State of Emergency and a possible call for Martial Law. Remember 2012 is their deadline ... also, for Zionist 2012 is the year of Revelation.

If all goes well according to their plan ... Mid-2012 (July 4) they will come out of secret and proclaim their new world order. The crisis of events are unfolding exactly as they have planned. The Zionist will establish their World Bank in their "New Jerusalem" centered in London. The North American Union will also become their extended land for Israel for a growing Zionist population. America as a nation will cease to exist. The reduced population of Americans will become SLAVES to the Zioinist elite in this New World Order.

They know that Americans are too soft in the brain, unable to connect the dots, unable to organize, unable to see the facts, unable to defend themselves. They are on the verge of putting forth a policy that will kill two-hundred million Americans.

They did 9/11 and killed 1.8 million Iraqies without shedding a tear. How many American lives have perished as a result of 9/11? Guess what??? They can care-less!

Sounds, ludicrous, ridiculous? They did it in Stalin's time of power. They did it in Hitler's time in power. They are repeating history once again; they will do it again in Obama's time in power.

If you still think this is nonsense then you're an uneducated fool! They will kill you and your family. You are just a useless eater a piece of cattle worthy of death. They care about you like you care about a fly being smashed. That's a fact, and that is the truth of the matter.

The New World Order is a Luciferian Society of the Zionist elite ruling over the rest of humanity used like cattle for slavery.

LaRouche offers the solution to crushing the Zionist New World Order. It is a British/Zionist Empire that must be destroyed! If we don't destroy the Beast the Beast will destroy us all and civilization on this planet will slide into a new dark age from which it may never recover for centuries to come. We have an opportunity NOW to Stop the Worst from happening. The time to unite humanity is NOW!

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