1. Cosmic Inflation Explained

  2. For the Birds - 2 Minute Thesis

  3. Fusion Energy Explained

  4. A Real-Life Doctor WHO

  5. Neil Armstrong on Being a Nerd

  6. The Dead Sea Scrolls

  7. Jerusalem Explained

  8. Quantum Entanglement Animated

  9. A Brief Interview with Stephen Hawking

  10. The Fish Detective

  11. What is Aging?

  12. Should you get Vaccinated?

  13. Zombie Coral Reefs

  14. The JOYS of Teaching

  15. The Search for New Antibiotics

  16. Big Data + Old History

  17. Quantum Computers Animated

  18. Why Bees Are Important

  19. How Coffee Affects Your Brain

  20. How Plants Defend Themselves

  21. Doing The Impossible

  22. Tap Dancing Thesis

  23. Exoplanets Explained

  24. Crowdfunding in Science? A conversation with Jai Ranganathan

  25. Plasma! It's the future, as long as you fund it!

  26. Searching for Shakespeare

  27. Dogs vs. Hyenas

  28. Lightweight Champs - True Anomalies

  29. What would Batman say to his therapist?

  30. How to Build an Artificial Nose

  31. In Which a Weight Has Been Lifted

  32. The Power of Comics

  33. Your Brain is Amazing

  34. Mystery Tubes in the Stick Bug's Gut

  35. Arrr, Scurvy Knaves! - True Anomalies

  36. PHD vs. The Big Bang Theory

  37. The Science Gap: Jorge Cham at TEDxUCLA

  38. What Sherpa kids can teach us about language

  39. A Public Service Announcement from Your Professor

  40. Thanks, Guys! From all of us at PHDtv

  41. Les (really) Misérables - Ph.Detours London Preview

  42. The Fingerprint of Stars

  43. In Which an Earthquake Convicts Seismologists of Manslaughter

  44. The Secret Lives (and Deaths) of Stars

  45. Shock and Awe - True Anomalies

  46. The Physics of Surfing

  47. Open Access Explained!

  48. Whale Barf and Perfume

  49. The Telescopes of Mauna Kea

  50. How Intelligent Cars Can Improve Driver Safety - Two Minute Thesis

  51. Extra Dimensions Explained

  52. LAVA!!!

  53. Curiosity (the New Mars Rover) Explained

  54. The Higgs Boson Explained

  55. What is Dark Matter?

  56. The Making of The PHD Movie - 2 minute version

  57. The PHD Movie - Extended Trailer

  58. Soybeans and Symbiosis - A PHD Tales from the Road

  59. Chili Peppers! A PHD Tales from the Road

  60. CMU Robotics Institute - A PHD Tales from the Road