1. Pope's Angelus: Leave pride aside and embrace humbleness

  2. King of Spain will give an award to Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone

  3. Video game teaches Spanish and takes players down the famous Camino de Santiago

  4. Vatican calls for End to Nuclear Weapons and supports Non-proliferation at IAEA

  5. Benedict XVI explains stigmata of 'Father Pio'

  6. Pope's new book to be released by Christmas

  7. Benedict XVI to French Bishops: Defend marriage and life

  8. Cardinal Fortunato Baldelli passes away. Number of cardinal electors down to 116

  9. Who was Saint Matthew, according Benedict XVI

  10. Harvard Professor: Coptic Papyrus does not prove that Jesus was married

  11. Benedict XVI asks new bishops to be example of trust in God

  12. Religion Today: Film Festival dedicated to promoting peace between religions

  13. Brazilian ambassador expects at least 2 million youth in Rio de Janeiro for WYD

  14. From Rio to Rome...Brazilians cheer on the Pope during general audience

  15. Catholic Patriarch: UN resolution that outlaws religious defamation is needed

  16. Pope on trip to Lebanon: "They were days of example of coexistence"

  17. From Rome to Australia: Relic of St. Francis Xavier taken to Sydney

  18. Pope's reflects on recent trip to Lebanon during general audience

  19. Vatican to release documentary with previously unseen footage from Vatican II

  20. Vatican and Italian government team up provide medical aid to kids in Latin America

  21. Vatileaks: Trial hearing for Pope's butler set for September 29th

  22. The best images from Benedict XVI's visit to Lebanon

  23. Pope to Lebanon: Don't give into voices that want to destroy peace

  24. "Panis Angelicus" sung during Pope's Mass in Beirut

  25. Pope on his way back to Rome

  26. Pope ends three day visit to Lebanon

  27. Pope in Beirut: To build peace one must cease to see in the other an evil to be eliminated

  28. Pope calls on Christians to actively work toward peace in the Middle East

  29. Pope's appeal to Christians in the Middle East during Homily in Beirut

  30. Pope urges young Muslims and Christians in the Middle East to build peace together

  31. Pope to youth: Christians and Muslims in Lebanon are role models for the Middle East

  32. Pope to Middle East authorities: "Peace is achieved through education and defense of life"

  33. Pope in Lebanon: "If we defend the peace, we must defend life"

  34. Pope to Middle Eastern Christians: "Do not be afraid. Respond with forgiveness and not revenge"

  35. Ecclesia in Medio Oriente: Keys to understanding the new papal document

  36. Benedict XVI lands in Lebanon, calls for peaceful Middle East without fundamentalism

  37. Pope's Address to Middle Eastern Christians in Lebanon: "I know your sufferings and difficulties"

  38. Pope calls for end to sending arms to Syria

  39. Pope calls for peace in Middle East: "Reason must overcome one-sided passion"

  40. Pope arrives to Lebanon

  41. Pope heads toward Lebanon amid Mid-East Turmoil

  42. Pope departs for Lebanon

  43. Facebook en Español? U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops says 'si'

  44. How to watch Benedict XVI's visit to Lebanon live

  45. Association helps support journalists and experts on religious information

  46. Among the attractions of Rome, tourists flock to see the Pope every Wednesday

  47. The Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross according Benedict XVI

  48. A look inside a refugee camp in Lebanon

  49. Apostolic Exhortation of the Middle East: A road map for Christians in the region

  50. Card. Pedro Rubiano turns 80. Number of cardinal electors down to 117

  51. Pope calls for respect for the "legitimate religious differences" to build peace

  52. St. John Chrysostom: "golden mouthed" that also preached by example

  53. Apostolic Vicar in Tripoli condemns violence that killed US Ambassador to Libya and asks not to offe

  54. Pope invites to look at the world through the eyes of God to learn how to pray

  55. Challenges faced by Christians living in the Middle East

  56. Pope's general audience: The Book of Revelation and the Eucharist

  57. WYD 2013 Rio launches 70 products in preparation for next summer

  58. On Anniversary of violence, Christians, Muslims, Jews call for peace from Sarajevo

  59. Pope's coming visit to Lebanon: What's expected?

  60. The Pope to the Colombian bishops: Protect the family, youth and priests

  61. Pope weighs in on Colombia's peace process with FARC rebels

  62. Pope calls for theological reflection on Virgin Mary to drive Year of Faith

  63. A river cruise through the Eternal City

  64. Pope makes call for peace days before traveling to Lebanon

  65. 23rd International Marian Congress: From Apparitions, to the Second Vatican Council

  66. Ten cultural events, ten cities, ten Commandments

  67. Vatican working to half number of people without drinking water by 2015

  68. Vatican Radio introduces App for Android phones

  69. Pope reminds bishops in mission area that people need to hear about God

  70. Cathedral of Our Lady of Fatima located in former Gulag area of Kazakhstan

  71. Popes and Cars: It's not just about the 'Popemobile'

  72. Benedict XVI receives electric car

  73. New Ambassador from Lithuania presents credentials to the pope

  74. The Rome of Piranesi, as seen through his XVIII century sketches

  75. From Colombia to Turkey. Key orchestra welcomes young musicians

  76. Pope's general audience: Prayer is much more than just words and requests

  77. Vatican studies the life of Jacinto Vera, first possible saint from Uruguay

  78. Pope explains what the opening lines of the Apocalypse, can teach us about prayer

  79. Mariapia Fanfani, founder of 'Together for Peace' remembers Cardinal Martini

  80. 15 years since the death of Mother Teresa

  81. Searching for Noah's Ark.....literally

  82. Funeral of Cardinal Martini, presided by Angelo Scola, current Cardinal of Milan

  83. The Focolare Movement brings together more than 12,000 youths for 'GenFest' in Budapest

  84. Funeral services held in Milan for Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini

  85. Pope's Angelus: Don't live a false religion that lacks love

  86. Tourists try to survive in Rome's summer heat

  87. Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini passes away at age of 85

  88. Idente Missionaries exchange experiences on the New Evangelization, while visiting Rome

  89. The role of faith in the Paralympic Games

  90. The Vatican's modern day 'Court of the Gentiles' goes to Stockholm

  91. Health worsens for Carlo Maria Martini, former Archbishop of Milan

  92. Pope's September intentions: Politicians and Missionaries

  93. Maria Montessori: Physician and teacher honored by Google on anniversary of death

  94. Attorney for Pope's Butler Quits Defense

  95. Christians fleeing Mali as local leaders try to create peace

  96. Pope discusses relations between Anglicans, Protestants, and Catholics with former students

  97. John Paul II's former butler, helping Benedict XVI during summer vacation

  98. Pope to altar boys: Tell your friends about the happiness you receive from God

  99. Pope says to follow example set by Saint John the Baptist