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    Outstanding PA of the Year 2012: Cynthia Lord, MHS, PA-C

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    Quinnipiac University Honors Program Overview 2011

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    An Evening with Healthcare Executives: What's Facing the Industry?

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    Occupational Therapy: Experts in Life Function

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    Occupational Therapy & Health Professionals: What YOU Need to Know

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    "US Healthcare Reform: Implications in Quality of Care"

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    "Careers in Health Care Management: Perspectives from the Field"

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    How Will Health Care Reform Affect YOU, the Employer?

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    Quinnipiac University Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Level 1 Intro Video for Fieldwork Sites

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    Quinnipiac University 2010 Physical Therapy Graduation Ceremony

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    The 21st Century Healthcare Organization: "A Roadmap to High Performance"

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    Esperanza Lograble (Hope Within Reach)

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    Quinnipiac Mummy Experts Explore Barnum Museum's 4000 Year Old Mummy

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    Quinnipiac University Mummy Experts Hold Press Conference Before Examining Barnum Museum Mummy

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    Value in Healthcare: A Competitive Strategy for Healthcare Organizations

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    Quinnipiac students research antibiotic resistant bacteria in water

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    Quinnipiac University students volunteer at migrant farm worker clinics

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    Quinnipiac University Alumni Profile- Problem Solvers: Diagnostic Imaging Alumni

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    QU Career Day 2009: Landing the Job You Want

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    Sigma Xi, Mock Trial Honor Society Perform The Scopes Monkey Trial

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    Quinnipiac University Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Simulation Lab