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Cool-jams "Wicking Performance Sleepwear" and " Bedding For Better Sleep"

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Published on Aug 6, 2012

Cool-jams wicking sleep products "help with night sweats", hot climates and temperature regulation. Sleep better with Cool-jams Sleep Products because you'll stay cool, dry and comfortable all night. Never too hot or too cold, always just right.

Check out our products here:

Home Page: http://www.cool-jams.com

For Women: http://www.cool-jams.com/nightgowns.html

For Men: http://www.cool-jams.com/men.html

Bedding: http://www.cool-jams.com/coolingbeddi...

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CooljamsWick...

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cooljams

Cool Jams are great because you are all about reaching your goals, you constantly push forward to be your best and you love to explore new places but hot flashes, a restless bed partner, and sleepless nights are affecting your ability to perform at a your best. Millions of Americans suffer from thermal regulation disorders, like hot sweats, hot flashes, and increased bottom temperature and it's not always related to menopause.
Anxiety, diabetes, suntans, and even chemotherapy can all lead to thermal regulation disorders, which affect the bodies ability to stay cool and your ability to stay asleep.

But now there's Cool Jam's hi performance wicking pajamas designed to regulate your body temperature while you sleep. Cool Jams sleepwear is woven with a microfiber yarn that has advanced evaporation and heat regulating properties. This technology pulls moisture away from the body and speeds up the evaporation process which keeps your body cool during hot flashes and dry during hot sweats.

In fact, testing shows that our Cool-jams fabric wicks and dries 3 times faster than cotton or poly/cotton blend fabrics And unlike other wicking fabrics, the wicking ability of Cool-jams is scientifically woven into the fabric, so the wick never washes out. This feature translates to a cool comfortable sleep regardless of how warm you get.

When you're hot, Cool-jams help to cool and balance your body temperature. When you're cold, our sleepwear still keeps you comfortable. So whether you're active in sports, experiencing hot flashes, or if you just need relief from those hot summer nights, Cool Jams thermal regulating pajamas are the perfect solution.

And with our entire line of bedding and sleepwear for men and women, Cool Jams is prepared to keep you cool through even the hottest nights. With cool mattress pads, cooling sheets, cooling pillows, wicking pajamas and sleepwear.
For more information, please view our other videos or click on our website in the description box below this video. You can also hear success stories and learn more about our unique product by visiting with us on Facebook .

Don't let temperature regulation disorders stop you from being your best. You have an awesome life to lead and cool jams is here to help.

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