1. Fighting to Build Bridges

  2. Fighting for Equal Education

  3. Fighting to Protect the Sick

  4. Fighting to Cure Prostate Cancer

  5. Fighting for Our Hometown

  6. Fighting to Develop Great Leaders

  7. Fighting To Stop Tuberculosis

  8. Fighting For A More Generous World

  9. Fighting for Global Justice

  10. Fighting the Effects of Natural Disasters

  11. Fighting to Rebuild Communities

  12. Fighting To Protect Our Children

  13. We Are The Fighting Irish

  14. Fighting Disease

  15. Fighting Against the Odds

  16. Fighting to Inspire the Mind and Spirit

  17. Fighting On and Off the Field

  18. Fighting To Protect Our Players

  19. Fighting to Beat Breast Cancer

  20. Fighting for Peace Among Religions

  21. Fighting the Effects of Natural Disasters

  22. Fighting For Those Who Serve

  23. Fighting For Opportunity

  24. Fighting for the Future of Medicine

  25. Fighting to Restore Vision 2010

  26. Fighting For Human Rights

  27. Fighting to Bring Literacy to the World

  28. Fighting For Innovative Healthcare

  29. Fighting For Breakthroughs in the Treatment of Autism

  30. Fighting for Sustainable Energy

  31. Fighting to Restore Vision

  32. Fighting For Democracy

  33. Fighting for Ethical Leadership

  34. Fighting So The Weak May Be Nourished

  35. Fighting For Disease

  36. Fighting For Our Children

  37. Fighting for the Lives of Children

  38. Fighting for the Advancement of Medicine

  39. Fighting for a Voice

  40. Fighting For a Healthy Global Economy

  41. Fighting for Justice

  42. Fighting Disease

  43. Fighting to Improve Living Standards

  44. Fighting for Our Safety

  45. Fighting for the Environment

  46. Fighting Against the Odds

  47. Fighting for Human Dignity

  48. Fighting for Peace

  49. Fighting Disease (Haiti)

  50. Fighting for the Ethical Use of Technology

  51. Fighting to Protect Our Resources