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The Easy Way Out! (A Mindless4DoubleR One-Shot) Chp 1

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Published on Jun 10, 2012

Once again I started this a while again.... so i hope you like it and i have something to tell you guys later so watch out!!! Please Read, Comment, and LIKE!

Taylor's POV:
I walked into the empty school, it was about 7am and people wouldn't be coming for another hour or so. Olivia was with my mom right now, and I was already missing her. I was walking through the familiar, yet unfamiliar halls. I haven't been here for a year. I started home schooling two months before Olivia was born and continued it for a year while I took care for my new born baby. I was on the third floor looking for my homeroom and when I found it I saw my homeroom teacher Mr. Boxford, sitting at his desk, reading a book. I knocked on the door, and he looked up at me, with a smile on his face.

Mr. Boxford: Good morning, you must be Taylor.

I nodded my head; he began to look through a stack of papers on his desk.

Mr. Boxford: Well you missed a ton of lessons, here are some handouts that will help you catch up.

Taylor: Thank-you Sir.

He laughed, while shaking his head.

Mr. Boxford: Just call me Mr. B.

Taylor: Okay thank-you Mr. B.

I walked out of his classroom, asking myself how l was going to finish all the work with the baby at home. My mom sure helped a lot but l really needed as much help as possible. Olivia was a lot of work, we took turns taking care of her, and mom took care of her while l did my work. I appreciated her so much. I heard yelling coming from behind me.

Mr. B: Taylor you're going to have some girls tour you around the school, and get you to your classes on time. You will have to meet them in the office at 8 on the dot.

Taylor: Okay see you later Mr. B!

I went to my locker from there, and sat of the floor. I looked at the work.

Taylor: What is this math?

(Person): Close, its science.

I looked up and saw a girl. I was so focused on my work that I didn't even hear her walk up to me. I don't think I knew her, I mean I did go to this school just a year ago and I knew almost everyone. She was light skinned with long dark hair; she was pretty and looked about my age. She sat down next to me, and examined my work while it was still on my lap.

I cleared my throat and she looked up at me, then giggle.

(Person): Sorry, my name is Tamara. And you are?

Taylor: I'm Taylor.

Tamara: Taylor... oh you're the girl that (gco)

Taylor: You don't have to say.

How did she know I got pregnant, I mean where people talking about me while I was gone?

Tamara: What do you mean? I was just going to say that I was supposed to tour around the school.

Taylor: Oh then never mind.

Tamara: Okay then.

She quickly got onto her feet, and put her hand out.

Tamara: Come on; let's get a head start on this tour thingy, anyways the girls will be here any moment now.

I took her hand and she pulled me up. She put out her arm, as if she wanted me to link arms with her, so I did.

Tamara: Why are you here so early?

Taylor: I could be asking you the same thing.

Tamara laughed.

Tamara: Well, I always get picked up by my boyfriend and he had football practice this morning.

Taylor: Oh, I am here because it's my first day back and I wanted to get an early start.

Tamara: What do you mean by back?

Taylor: Um, no one told you what my situation was?

Tamara: No they just told me that I had to tour you around.

Taylor: Oh well, (gco)

These girls ran up to us while yelling Tamara's name. They got to us and stopped yelling, none of them looked familiar at all. Tamara and her friends must have come after I left. This would give me a fresh start. Tamara turned to me and smiled.

Tamara: Guys, this is Taylor. Taylor this is Adinah, Sephrah and Alexis.

She said while pointing at each of her friends.

Adinah: Oh you're the one that we were going to tour around the school.

Taylor: Yeah.

Our arms were still linked, and Tamara put out her other arm. Sephrah took it; Alexis linked arms with me and Adinah linked arms with her at the end. We all walked down the empty halls.

Taylor: Do you all have boyfriends on the football team?

They looked at each other and giggled.

Alexis: Yeah we do, and one of their friends is single.

Sephrah: Ouu we could hook you two up with each other!!

Girls: Roc...Yeah!!

Tamara: Oh yeah! Taylor what were you going to say before my wonderful friends interrupted?

I stopped dead in my tracks, they all looked at me.

Taylor: Okay if I tell you guys, you have to promise that you will still look at me the same way you did before.

Tamara looked deep into my eyes, and nodded her head, I looked at Sephrah who was doing the same, and so were Alexis and Adinah.

Taylor: One year and nine months ago I got... pregnant with my beautiful baby girl Olivia and I left this school, I lost all of my friends, and her father doesn't want anything to do with me or her.
What did you think????

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