1. Gillibrand Opening Statement at SASC Hearing on Military Sexual Assault

  2. Senator Gillibrand Speaks at 2013 AIPAC Conference Panel (Full Panel)

  3. Senator Gillibrand Speaks at 2013 AIPAC Conference

  4. Gillibrand Building Bipartisan Support for Gun Trafficking Bill

  5. Gillibrand Urges Army Corps to Protect NY Waterways

  6. Gillibrand Questions Hagel at Armed Services Confirmation Hearing

  7. Gillibrand Urges Congress to Pass Bipartisan Gun Trafficking Prevention Bill

  8. Gillibrand: It's Time for Congress to Come Together and Act on Superstorm Sandy Aid

  9. Gillibrand Introduces Analisa Torres as Nominee to US District Court

  10. Gillibrand Urges Congress to Act on Superstorm Sandy Aid

  11. Gillibrand Testimony to Commerce Committee on Superstorm Sandy

  12. Gillibrand Fights for Superstorm Sandy Recovery Funding

  13. Gillibrand Fights to Secure Care for Military Families with Autistic Children

  14. Gillibrand Emotional Appeal on Hurricane Sandy Recovery

  15. Gillibrand Fights for Autism Coverage for Military Families

  16. Gillibrand Combats Sexual Assault in the Military

  17. Gillibrand Passes Measure to Combat Sexual Assault in the Military

  18. Helping Small Business Grow: Senator Gillibrand's Floor Speech on Small Business Tax Extenders

  19. Gillibrand Renews Call for a Better Farm Bill

  20. Senator Gillibrand Wishes a Happy Birthday to the Army

  21. Standing Up For Hungry Kids Is The Right Thing to Do, And The Right Thing for Economy

  22. Gillibrand Fights To Protect New York Families

  23. Gillibrand Fights to Protect Low-Interest Student Loans

  24. Gillibrand on Farm Bill: Don't Turn Our Back on Struggling Farms, Families

  25. Gillibrand: Don't Delay on Violence Against Women Act

  26. Senate Confirms Ronnie Abrams -- First Gillibrand Recommended Federal Judge

  27. Congress Bans Insider Trading by Members -- Passes STOCK Act

  28. Gillibrand Urges Senate Confirmation of Exceptional Female Jurist to Federal Bench

  29. Gillibrand: Don't Miss Transit, Safety, Job Opportunities in Transportation Bill

  30. Gillibrand Fights Back Against Latest Republican Attack on Women's Health

  31. Gillibrand: More Women's Voices Needed

  32. Gillibrand: Standing Up for Women's Health

  33. Gillibrand: Restore Faith in Washington by Passing STOCK Act

  34. Gillibrand Calls for Up or Down Vote on STOCK Act

  35. Gillibrand: Pass STOCK Act to End Insider Trading in Congress Now

  36. Gillibrand Testimony at Senate Hearing Examining Insider Trading in Congress

  37. Improving Services for National Guard, Reserve Members

  38. Gillibrand Welcomes End of "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

  39. Gillibrand Calls For Tougher Sanctions on Syria

  40. Gillibrand Fights for Disaster Aid for Flooded NY Farms, Communities

  41. NY1: First Responders Need Seamless Communication

  42. FOX News: New Bill to Improve First Responders Comm Network

  43. Stop and Remember: 9/11 Moment of Remembrance

  44. Gillibrand: Time To Upgrade First Responder Communications

  45. U.S. Senators to LGBT Youth: It Gets Better

  46. Rev. Sharpton Addresses Gillibrand Summit of Faith-Based Community Leaders

  47. Gillibrand on Morning Joe: "America Never Gives Up"

  48. Senator Gillibrand Fights Back for Women's Health on the Senate Floor

  49. Senator Gillibrand Fights to Protect Women's Health In GOP Budget

  50. Senator Gillibrand Introduces Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook at Senate Confirmation Hearing

  51. Gillibrand: Repeal DOMA, Make Marriage Equal for All Americans

  52. Gillibrand: House GOP is Wrong to Slash Health for Women, Children, Families

  53. Protecting Women's Health

  54. Gillibrand and Team Announce Passage of 9/11 Health

  55. Gillibrand Sets Record Straight on 9/11 Health

  56. Rudy Giuliani Urges Passage of 9/11 Health Bill

  57. DADT Repeal & The DREAM Act Are Moral Imperatives

  58. Gillibrand Announces Federal Ban on Drop-Side Cribs

  59. On Pearl Harbor Day, Remember America's Duty to 9/11 Heroes

  60. Our Moral Obligation to Pass 9/11 Health Bill

  61. Time to Pass 9/11 Health Bill

  62. Open, Transparent, Accountable Government for New York

  63. Senator Gillibrand: Horrific Damage of 9/11 Did Not End When Buildings Fell

  64. Gillibrand Pushes for Better Resources for Children in Haiti

  65. Senator Gillibrand Announce Free Museum Admission for All Vets, Service Members Memorial Day Weekend

  66. Senator Gillibrand Thanks Former Intrepid Crewmembers for Their Service

  67. Senator Gillibrand Plays Game with Kids to Promote Healthy Eating.

  68. Gillibrand Visits Orphanage During Trip to Haiti

  69. Gillibrand Fights for Higher Food Safety Standards

  70. Gillibrand Introduces "Flight 3407 Memorial Act"

  71. Gillibrand Introduces Legislation to Repeal "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

  72. CNN: Gillibrand Makes the Case to Repeal DADT

  73. Senator Gillibrand Discussing Don't Ask Don't Tell on The Rachel Maddow Show

  74. Gillibrand Commemorates the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  75. Gillibrand: Misinformation Driving Stupak Measure

  76. Developing Balanced, Effective Regulatory Reform

  77. Improving Preventive Services for Women

  78. NBC 4: Gillibrand Pushing for Tougher Laws Against Illegal Gun Smugglers

  79. FOX 5: Gillibrand Urging Crackdown on Illegal Gun Traffickers

  80. ABC 7: Gillibrand Taking Action to Get Illegal Guns Off NYC Streets

  81. NY1: Gillibrand Fighting to Stop Illegal Gun Trafficking

  82. Gillibrand, McCarthy Announce Federal Measure to Crackdown on Illegal Guns

  83. Gillibrand Takes Action to Prevent Breast Cancer

  84. Gillibrand Works to Improve Childhood Nutrition, Health

  85. Gillibrand Battles Stupak Health Care Measure

  86. Ensuring America's Competitiveness, Creating High-Tech Jobs

  87. Delivering Emergency Economic Relief for Seniors

  88. Kirsten's Climate Change Conversation with Grist

  89. Working to Fix New York's Dairy Crisis

  90. Lt. Dan Choi Introduces Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

  91. Fighting for Blue Water Vets Harmed by Agent Orange

  92. Improving Food Safety

  93. What Health Care Reform Means for Women

  94. Rally for Comprehensive Climate Change Legislation

  95. Act Now To Fix Health Care

  96. Standing Up for Military Families Struggling with Autism

  97. Senator Gillibrand Co-Sponsors the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act

  98. Introducing Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayor

  99. Gillibrand, Boxer, Klobuchar Stand with Sotomayor