1. President Obama's Message to the Arab Forum on Asset Recovery

  2. 9/10/12: White House Press Briefing

  3. Weekly Address: Coming Together to Remember September 11th

  4. West Wing Week: 09/07/12 or "Engage!"

  5. Champions of Change: Educators

  6. President Obama Tours Areas Damaged by Hurricane Isaac

  7. The Official White House App

  8. Inside the White House: Beer Brewing

  9. Giving Thanks to Our Troops

  10. President Obama Speaks to Troops at Fort Bliss

  11. Youth Sustainability Challenge Twitter Town Hall

  12. Prenatal Exposure to Prescription Painkillers: Finding Solutions & Reducing Impact - Part 3

  13. Prenatal Exposure to Prescription Painkillers: Finding Solutions & Reducing Impact - Part 2

  14. Prenatal Exposure to Prescription Painkillers: Finding Solutions & Reducing Impact - Part 1

  15. Prenatal Exposure to Prescription Painkillers: Finding Solutions & Reducing Impact - Part 4

  16. West Wing Week: 8/31/12 or "It's Summer Mailbag Time!"

  17. 8/30/12: White House Press Briefing

  18. The Rhodes Ahead: Second Anniversary of the End of the Combat Mission in Iraq

  19. President Obama Speaks on Preparing for Tropical Storm Isaac

  20. Weekly Address: Preserving and Strengthening Medicare

  21. Announcing 125,000 Hires Through Joining Forces

  22. West Wing Week: 8/24/12 or, "The Historic, First-Ever Kids' State Dinner Edition!"

  23. Launch of the Presidential Innovation Fellows Program

  24. 8/23/12: White House Press Briefing

  25. President Obama Engages with Youth with Disabilities

  26. First Lady Michelle Obama Speaks at a Joining Forces Hiring Event

  27. Joining Forces: Providing Jobs for Military Families

  28. Champions of Change: School Turnaround Leaders

  29. 8/20/12: White House Press Briefing

  30. 2012 Kids' State Dinner

  31. The First Lady Speaks at the 2012 Kids' State Dinner

  32. Live from the 2012 Kids' State Dinner with Sam Kass

  33. President Obama Holds a News Conference

  34. Behind the Scenes: White House Chefs Prep the Kids' State Dinner

  35. Champions of Change: AmeriCorps Alumni

  36. Weekly Address: Congress Should Back Plan to Hire Teachers

  37. AmeriCorps Alumni Community Leaders Briefing

  38. White House Hangout: AmeriCorps Alumni

  39. 8/17/12: Press Briefing by Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest

  40. West Wing Week 08/17/12 or, "Dream Day"

  41. Preparing for the Kid's State Dinner: Picking Winners of the Healthy Lunchtime Challenge

  42. 8/16/12: White House Press Briefing

  43. Weekly Address All-Hands-On-Deck Response to the Drought

  44. President Obama Hosts an Iftar Dinner

  45. PTA Day at the White House: Community Leaders Briefing

  46. Champions of Change: PTA Leaders

  47. Open for Questions: PTA Day

  48. 8/10/12: White House Press Briefing

  49. West Wing Week 08/10/12 or "We Have A Moral, Sacred Duty"

  50. President Obama Discusses Drought Response Efforts

  51. 8/7/12: White House Press Briefing

  52. White House White Board - Benefits of Major Rules

  53. The White House Champions of Change Program

  54. Honoring America's Veterans and Caring for Camp Lejeune Families Act of 2012

  55. 8/6/12: White House Press Briefing

  56. Behind-the-Scenes Video: Twitter Q&A with President Obama

  57. Weekly Address: Celebrating the Summer Olympics and Paralympics

  58. Let's Move! London

  59. President Obama on Extending Middle-Class Tax Breaks

  60. Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) Winners

  61. West Wing Week 08/03/12 or "98 & 98"

  62. White House Transportation Innovators Champions of Change

  63. 7/31/12: White House Press Briefing

  64. A Conversation on Obama Administration sub-Saharan Africa Policy

  65. Press Briefing by Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest

  66. Weekly Address: The House of Representatives Must Act on Middle Class Tax Cut Extension

  67. Champions of Change: Connecting the Americas

  68. 7/27/12: White House Press Briefing

  69. President Obama Signs US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act

  70. West Wing Week 07/27/12 "A Brighter Day Is Going To Come"

  71. 7/26/12: White House Press Briefing

  72. President Obama on the Middle Class Tax Cuts

  73. Observing the Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act

  74. President Obama Holds a Cabinet Meeting

  75. My First Job: Alonzo Mourning

  76. President Obama Speaks at the National Urban League Convention

  77. Greening America's Hospitals Part 1

  78. Greening America's Hospitals Part 2

  79. How Far We've Come: Gayle Smith on HIV/AIDS

  80. President Obama Speaks to the 113th Convention of the Veterans of Foreign Wars

  81. How Far We've Come: Valerie Jarrett on HIV/AIDS

  82. How Far We've Come: Tina Tchen on HIV/AIDS

  83. How Far We've Come: John Berry on HIV/AIDS

  84. How Far We've Come: Grant Colfax on HIV/AIDS

  85. How Far We've Come: Cecilia Muñoz on HIV/AIDS

  86. How Far We've Come: Brad Kiley on HIV/AIDS

  87. President Obama Speaks After Visiting Aurora, Colorado Hospital

  88. NEH Green Architecture Forum

  89. AIDS 2012- Turning the Tide

  90. Weekly Address: Remembering the Victims of the Aurora, Colorado Shooting

  91. President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology Spectrum Report Release

  92. President Obama Speaks on the Shootings in Aurora, Colorado

  93. West Wing Week 07/20/12 "The Biennial Bring Back the Gold Edition"

  94. White House LGBT Pride Month Video Challenge Champions of Change

  95. Greening our Stadiums and Ballparks Part 1

  96. Greening our Stadiums and Ballparks Part 2

  97. Greening our Stadiums and Ballparks Part 3

  98. 7/18/12: White House Press Briefing

  99. President Obama Honors the Baylor Lady Bears