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  1. BP Gulf Oil Spill Leak Plume Gusher Disaster Video

  2. Rep. Greg Evers (R-FL-1) On BP Oil Disaster

  3. FL State Sen. Gaetz: Oil Disaster Is 'The Worst Of Times'

  4. Biloxi NAACP: Oil Disaster Compounds Environmental Injustice

  5. FL AG McCollum: 'We'll Consider Any Kind Of Damages'

  6. Landrieu: 'I'm Not A Handmaiden To The Oil Industry'

  7. Oilpocalypse Now: Scientists 'Shudder To Think' Of Potential Devastation

  8. The Gulf of Mexico is 'America's Sea'

  9. Melancon: Please Don't Say 'I Told You So'

  10. Bingaman: 'Accidents Happen' No Excuse For BP Oil Disaster

  11. FL GOP Coastal Rep. 'Not Comfortable With Any Drilling' Now

  12. 'The White Sands Are Our Way Of Life'

  13. Landrieu: 'I'm Not Trying To Be A Watchdog For BP'

  14. Gov. Riley: The Spill Is Getting Smaller As It Gets Bigger

  15. The Gulf Coast is a Rich Nursery for Marine Wildlife

  16. Oil Disaster Epicenter Is Tuna Spawning Ground

  17. Obama Stood By Drilling After Rig Exploded

  18. BP Exec: Offshore Drilling Is 'Safe And Protective Of The Environment'

  19. Brit Hume Mocks Oilpocalypse: 'Where's The Oil?'

  20. BP FAIL: Oil gusher dome does not work

  21. BP Oil Spill Gusher Leak Video: "Dispersant Ops"

  22. BP's Riser Gulf Oil Spill Plume Disaster, The Other Deepwater Horizon Gusher

  23. BP Is 'Very Optimistic That The Gulf Will Fully Recover'

  24. Scientist Debunks BP Propaganda About Oil Disaster

  25. Chris Matthews: Nationalize BP, Kill The CEOs

  26. Is BP Oil Catastrophe 'Unprecedented'? Hardly.

  27. Fox: 'We Can't Trust BP'

  28. Thad Allen Fail: 'I Trust Tony Hayward'

  29. BP Oilpocalypse Creates Underwater Nightmare

  30. Melancon: Fire Tony Hayward

  31. Dingell's Statement On BP Disaster And Drilling

  32. John Dingell Calls For Complete Drilling Moratorium Now

  33. BP CEO Tony Hayward: 'I'd Like My Life Back'

  34. Is BP Oil Catastrophe 'Unprecedented'? Hardly.

  35. Obama Looking To Kick Ass

  36. Allen: BP Needs To Improve Claims Process

  37. Hayward Lies: BP Has Paid 'Every Claim'

  38. BP is 'Very Pleased' by the Progress of its Destruction of the Gulf of Mexico

  39. Allen: BP Shouldn't Be 'Very Pleased' About Its Disaster