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Pokemon EV Training, Improved!!

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Uploaded on Jul 21, 2007

More Info Button says: Hit me might help ya!

Well, i have improved my last video of Ev's to D/P games enjoy!! Any question will be answered ;)

If you want to make a question after you have made one:
Make a new comment as I will be able to follow it and not start looking at the old ones! thx ^^

Does anyone watch the video nowaday?
Frecuently Asked Questions:

° Where can I get those Power Items or the Macho Brace?
- For the Power Items the only way to get them is in the Battle Tower with enough BPs
- For the Macho Brace there are two ways:
a) Pal Park it from your Older Games R/S/E
b) In Pastoria City you can show this little boy the 3 forms of burmy and get it!

° Where can I get PKRS?
It's pretty simple, 2 ways without hacking for it:
a) Trade for a poke that has pkrs, people out there have it already and you can make some deals to get it simple as that!
b) Go catch it yourself, by battling wild pokes you get the luck to obtain it, the porcentage of a poke having pkrs in the wild is 1 in 8193 if i remember correctly, HAVE FUN!! =D

° At what level should I start ev training?
- You can start since level 1 but in the video i recommend to start between 30-35 because at that level the poke can defend itself and you won't have to be switching all the time

° How can I level up to 30-35 without wasting or spreading my evs in all the stats? (just optional since you can ev train at any level except lv100)
- There are only 3 ways to do this:
a) Leave at the day care couple and use your bike until your fingers bleed
b) Use the exp. share or lucky egg and start killing pokes that give you the desired evs (this also can be counted as ev training since you are getting normal evs)
c) Use rare candies; this is by far the best way to do it since rare candies don't affect the poke's evs at all.

° Where can I get a lucky egg? and what does it do?
- The lucky egg can only be obtained via chansey holding it, to make it have more chances of getting it bring a poke with the ability compoundeyes and start catching or use the moves covet or thief :)
- It makes your poke get double the exp. when fainting a poke!
° I don't see any increases in my poke's stat, what's the problem?
This is because:
a) Your poke is still between lv.1 and 20 and you won't see major increases there since the points have to be "accomodated" depending on the level of the poke
b) Your poke's stat has already been max out or your poke has evs in different stats by mistake and you might want to lower them :)

The evs are still saved whether you see increases or not (depending on situation a or b ).

Check this video so you can see what im talking about:

°About Competitive IV Breeding (with AR only):
Breeding a lot of eggs to get a good poke is boring and exhausting, with the help of AR we can know the IVs of the poke before hatching it, so instead of hatching a lot of eggs, we just breed one with the desired moves, abilities and gender, all these are not modified once the egg is created (before obtaining it), and the ivs are still unknown until you get it, so instead of breeding a lot of eggs we just breed one and save infront of the Old Man, and start Soft Resetting for the IVs only (with the already things we want) until you get it. =)

°So where can I ev train for atk,spd,etc,etc:
Check this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Tt5VO...

°For those who want to know about even better competitive breeding you can go here:

°So how many stat points will i get at the end?, i heard you get 1 point every 4 evs so 63?:
Nobody else will tell you this so if you are seeing it anywhere else then it's a copy:
- To check Evs at the end (lv100)and see if they worked:
-before ev training rise your poke to 100 so you can check it's stats w/o evs
-after that do the following,add
+70 to the stat if it benefits the stat
+63 if it's neutral and
+57 if it lowers the stat for ex:
Adamant +atk (+70) -sp.atk (+57) HP (+63).

That way you will see after ev training how much the poke got and if you didn't miss any evs in the process!

The 63 points are the staple evs you'll get after maxing evs, but the nature somehow adds the points that i said above when leveling up, and yeah you can really check that at lv 100 :)

As the natures are blurry here are they:
For +Atk
Adamant -Sp.Atk
Lonely -Def
Naughty -Sp.Def
Brave -Spd

Impish -Sp.Atk
Bold -Atk
Lax -Sp.Def

Modest -Atk
Mild -Def
Rash -Sp.Def
Quiet -Spd

Careful -Sp.Atk
Calm -Atk
Gentle -Def
Sassy -Spd

Jolly -Sp.Atk
Timid -Atk
Hasty -Def
Naive -Sp.Def


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